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From: "Alejandro Colomar (man-pages)" <>
To: Greg Banks <>
Cc: Michael Kerrisk <>,
	"" <>,
	DJ Delorie <>,
	"" <>,
	"G. Branden Robinson" <>
Subject: Re: [patch] nscd.conf.5: describe reloading, clarifications
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2021 08:58:33 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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CC += Branden

Hi Greg,

On 8/4/21 3:40 PM, Greg Banks wrote:
> Hi Alejandro,
>  > Could you please use the same method you used for sending v1 to send 
> an v3? \
> I did but apparently the email stack at my end insists on adding some 
> randomness to its behavior.  I'm going to try and step outside this 
> email text damage drama and send a pull request separately.

Hmm, not good.

The worst part is that as your emails are not plain text, they don't 
reach the mailing list (only the first one did).  If you can't solve it 
(I suggest using git-send-email(1), to avoid that randomness), I suggest 
that you send the email anyway as good as you can (better send it both 
inline and as an attachment, so that it is more likely that one of them 
will apply), and if it applies to my tree, I'll apply it and also 
forward it to the list as plain text.

>> Also, please see some comments below.
> Applied, thanks.
>> >> +.PP
>> That's not correct.  Did you copy that from another place?  If so, 
>> please tell me because I should fix it.
> No, it's a habit left over from the last time I contributed to this 
> project (in 2008).  It seems the rules have changed.
>> We use that between paragraphs, but not before the first one nor after
>> the last one.
> Ok, sure, but in that case the description of .PP in man(7) is wrong
>         .PP      Begin a new paragraph and reset prevailing indent.

That's something that I had pending to address from Branden.  That page 
is a mix of things that should go into man-pages(7), groff_man_style(7), 
and groff_man(7), and then man(7) should be removed and replaced by a 
link page to groff_man(7).

For now,
You can read groff_man(7) (provided by the groff package), which tells 
us that .SH already does what .PP does (start a clean paragraph) (and it 
does more things, of course).  The thing is that if you add .PP after 
.SH you will have a blank line (and this an exercise of my mental groff, 
which I hope doesn't fail me this time), and it would be a bit weird to 
have a blank line after the section title.



Alejandro Colomar
Linux man-pages comaintainer;

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