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From: Chris Wilson <>
Subject: Remaining set of small patches for -rc1
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 10:31:25 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

A couple of patches to tidy the merge with atomic modesetting. 2 patches
to fix the offset page-flipping. A patch to workaround one common cause of
hangs after modesetting whilst page-flipping, it's not the full patch but
it should prevent the hang in 99% of cases [statistic made up on the
spot], and with the additional reset in hangcheck should prevent a fatal
hang on i915. A couple of trivial patches that should help with a couple
of bugs. And the most fun, the asynchronous fbdev init which has been
tested by Meego and a few other adventurous fast booters.

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2010-08-11  9:31 Chris Wilson [this message]
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 01/11] drm/i915: Avoid using msleep under kdb and wait_for() Chris Wilson
2010-08-11 15:20   ` Jesse Barnes
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 02/11] drm/i915: Include a generation number in the device info Chris Wilson
2010-08-11 15:22   ` Jesse Barnes
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 03/11] drm/i915: Fix offset page-flips on i965+ Chris Wilson
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 04/11] drm/i915: Clear scanline waits after disabling the pipe Chris Wilson
2010-08-11 15:23   ` Jesse Barnes
2010-08-11 16:12     ` Chris Wilson
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 05/11] drm/i915: Sanity check user framebuffer parameters on creation Chris Wilson
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 06/11] drm/i915: Re-use set_base_atomic to share setting of the display registers Chris Wilson
2010-08-11 15:25   ` Jesse Barnes
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 07/11] drm/i915/sdvo: Propagate error from switching control buses Chris Wilson
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 08/11] drm/i915: Add RING_WAIT reset to hangcheck Chris Wilson
2010-08-22  6:19   ` Eric Anholt
2010-08-22  8:50     ` [PATCH] drm/i915: Add ringbuffer wait " Chris Wilson
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 09/11] drm/i915/crt: Flush register prior to waiting for vblank Chris Wilson
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 10/11] drm/i915/dp: Boost timeout for enabling transcoder to 100ms Chris Wilson
2010-08-11  9:31 ` [PATCH 11/11] drm/i915: Perform initial configuration asynchronously Chris Wilson
2010-08-11  9:46 ` Remaining set of small patches for -rc1 shadi
2010-08-11 15:21   ` Alan W. Irwin

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