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From: Paolo Bonzini <>
To: Like Xu <>, Jun Nakajima <>
Cc: Sean Christopherson <>,
	Jim Mattson <>,
	Vitaly Kuznetsov <>,
	Wanpeng Li <>,
	Joerg Roedel <>,,
Subject: Re: [DROP][PATCH] KVM: x86: Fix the #GP(0) and #UD conditions for XSETBV emulation
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 10:17:55 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On 1/20/22 08:48, Like Xu wrote:
> In the testcase "executing XSETBV with CR4.XSAVE=0",
> - on the VMX, #UD delivery does not require vm-exit;

Not your fault, it would be nicer if the Intel manual told the truth;
it says: "The following instructions cause VM exits when they are
executed in VMX non-root operation: CPUID, GETSEC[1], INVD, and XSETBV."

Footnote [1] says "An execution of GETSEC causes an invalid-opcode
exception (#UD) if CR4.SMXE[Bit 14] = 0", and there is no such footnote
for XSETBV.  Nevertheless, when tracing xsave.flat, I see that there's
a #UD vmexit and not an XSETBV vmexit:

         qemu-kvm-1637698 [019] 758186.750321: kvm_entry:            vcpu 0, rip 0x4028b7
         qemu-kvm-1637698 [019] 758186.750322: kvm_exit:             vcpu 0 reason EXCEPTION_NMI rip 0x40048d info1 0x0000000000000000 info2 0x0000000000000000 intr_info 0x80000306 error_code 0x00000000
         qemu-kvm-1637698 [019] 758186.750324: kvm_emulate_insn:     0:40048d:0f 01 d1 (prot64)
         qemu-kvm-1637698 [019] 758186.750325: kvm_inj_exception:    #UD (0x0)

So while my gut feeling that #UD would not cause a vmexit was correct,
technically I was reading the SDM incorrectly.

Jun, can you have this fixed?


> - on the SVM, #UD is trapped but goes to the ud_interception() path;

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2022-01-17  7:24 [PATCH] KVM: x86: Fix the #GP(0) and #UD conditions for XSETBV emulation Like Xu
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2022-01-17  9:44   ` Like Xu
2022-01-17 11:18     ` Paolo Bonzini
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2022-01-20  9:31           ` Xiaoyao Li
2022-01-20  9:49             ` Paolo Bonzini

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