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* [PATCH 0/14] deb-pkg target improvements
@ 2009-04-22 22:34 Frans Pop
  2009-04-22 23:08 ` [PATCH 1/14] deb-pkg: minor general improvements in builddeb script Frans Pop
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From: Frans Pop @ 2009-04-22 22:34 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: linux-kbuild; +Cc: Sam Ravnborg, maximilian attems, Andres Salomon

Here's a new patch series with improvements for the deb-pkg target. It's a
compromise that includes both the patches from Maximilian Attems and myself,
with some changes because of comments, a few fixes, and further improvements.

The (new) second patch simplifies some of the later patches quite a bit.

Maximilian's patch to add a copyright file turned out to be incomplete: the
copyright file did not actually get included in the binary packages. This
is fixed in this series.

For patches that are essentially unchanged from Maximilian's earlier set
I've left his Signed-of-by. In cases where I made real changes (the
copyright patch) I've changed that to myself.

The patch series should still be OK for 2.6.30. I've done a fair bit of
testing and in the end the actual impact of the changes is relatively minor.

I still plan to write a doc explaining how the deb-pkg target works if
this patch series is accepted.

This *is* a compromise. I don't expect you to be completely happy (e.g.
the source package name), but neither am I (I still feel the script is
made more complex than needed for its purpose). I've honestly tried to
find a solution that's acceptable to us both.


 scripts/package/builddeb |  149 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 1 files changed, 102 insertions(+), 47 deletions(-)

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2009-04-22 22:34 [PATCH 0/14] deb-pkg target improvements Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:08 ` [PATCH 1/14] deb-pkg: minor general improvements in builddeb script Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:08 ` [PATCH 2/14] deb-pkg: refactor code to reduce duplication Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:09 ` [PATCH 3/14] deb-pkg: fix 'file not found' error when building .deb package for arm Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:09 ` [PATCH 4/14] deb-pkg: pass Debian maintainer script parameters to packaging hook scripts Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:09 ` [PATCH 5/14] deb-pkg: allow to specify a custom revision for .deb packages Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:10 ` [PATCH 6/14] deb-pkg: allow alternative hook scripts directory in " Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:10 ` [PATCH 7/14] dep-pkg: improve changelog entry and package descriptions Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:11 ` [PATCH 8/14] deb-pkg: generate debian/copyright file Frans Pop
2009-04-24 17:08   ` [PATCH 8/14 v2] " Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:11 ` [PATCH 9/14] deb-pkg: improve maintainer identification Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:11 ` [PATCH 10/14] deb-pkg: improve Source field Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:12 ` [PATCH 11/14] deb-pkg: fix generated package name Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:12 ` [PATCH 12/14] deb-pkg: fix Provides field Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:12 ` [PATCH 13/14] deb-pkg: fix Section field Frans Pop
2009-04-22 23:12 ` [PATCH 14/14] deb-pkg: bump standards version Frans Pop
2009-04-23  9:14 ` [PATCH 0/14] deb-pkg target improvements maximilian attems
2009-05-01 11:38   ` Sam Ravnborg
2009-05-04 15:17     ` maximilian attems
2009-05-04 15:25       ` Sam Ravnborg
2009-05-05  9:17         ` maximilian attems

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