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* [PATCH] drm/doc: Adding VKMS module description and use to "Testing and Validation"
@ 2019-11-01  4:27 ` Gabriela Bittencourt
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From: Gabriela Bittencourt @ 2019-11-01  4:27 UTC (permalink / raw)
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  Cc: Gabriela Bittencourt

Add a description on VKMS module and the cases in which it should be used.
There's a brief explanation on how to set it and use it in a VM, along with
an example of running an igt-test.

Signed-off-by: Gabriela Bittencourt <>


Hi DRM-community,
this is my first (of many, I hope)  patch in this subsystem. I hope to have
a lot of learning (and fun :)) working with you guys.
I'm starting by documenting the VKMS driver in "Userland interfaces", if I
have been inaccurate in my description or if I misunderstood some concept,
please let me know.
 Documentation/gpu/drm-uapi.rst | 38 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 38 insertions(+)

diff --git a/Documentation/gpu/drm-uapi.rst b/Documentation/gpu/drm-uapi.rst
index 94f90521f58c..7d6c86b7af76 100644
--- a/Documentation/gpu/drm-uapi.rst
+++ b/Documentation/gpu/drm-uapi.rst
@@ -285,6 +285,44 @@ is a wrapper around piglit that will execute the tests matching
 the -t options. A report in HTML format will be available in
 ./results/html/index.html. Results can be compared with piglit.
+Using VKMS to test DRM API
+VKMS is a software-only model of a KMS driver that is useful for testing
+and for running compositors. VKMS aims to enable a virtual display without
+the need for a hardware display capability. These characteristics made VKMS
+a perfect tool for validating the DRM core behavior and also support the
+compositor developer. VKMS helps us to test DRM core function in a virtual
+machine, which makes it easy to test some of the core changes.
+To Validate changes in DRM API with VKMS, start setting the kernel. The
+VKMS module is not enabled by defaut, so enable it in the menuconfig::
+	$ make menuconfig
+Compile the kernel with the VKMS enabled and install it in the target
+machine. VKMS can be run in a Virtual Machine (QEMU, virtme or similar).
+It's recommended the use of KVM with the minimum of 1GB of RAM and four
+It's possible to run the IGT-tests in a VM in two ways:
+1. Use IGT inside a VM
+2. Use IGT from the host machine and write the results in a shared directory.
+As follow, there is an example of using a VM with a shared directory with
+the host machine to run igt-tests. As example it's used virtme::
+	$ virtme-run --rwdir /path/for/shared_dir --kdir=path/for/kernel/directory --mods=auto
+Run the igt-tests, as example it's ran the 'kms_flip' tests::
+	$ /path/for/igt-gpu-tools/scripts/ -p -s -t "kms_flip.*" -v
+In this example instead of build the igt_runner it's used Piglit
+(-p option); it's created html summary of the tests results and it's saved
+in the folder "igt-gpu-tools/results"; it's executed only the igt-tests
+matching the -t option.
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