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Cc:, Abhishek Marathe <>,
	Akhil Goyal <>,
	Ali Alnubani <>,,
	David Christensen <>,,
	Hemant Agrawal <>,
	Ian Stokes <>,
	Jerin Jacob <>,
	John McNamara <>,
	Ju-Hyoung Lee <>,
	Kevin Traynor <>,
	Luca Boccassi <>, Pei Zhang <>,,,
	Raslan Darawsheh <>,
	Thomas Monjalon <>,,
Subject: [dpdk-dev] 19.11.10 patches review and test
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 16:53:52 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Hi all,

Here is a list of patches targeted for stable release 19.11.10.

The planned date for the final release is 1st September (two weeks from now).

Please help with testing and validation of your use cases and report
any issues/results with reply-all to this mail. For the final release
the fixes and reported validations will be added to the release notes.

A release candidate tarball can be found at:

These patches are located at branch 19.11 of dpdk-stable repo:


Christian Ehrhardt <>

Abhinandan Gujjar (1):
      test/crypto: fix mempool size for session-less

Ajit Khaparde (2):
      doc: fix default burst size in testpmd
      net/bnxt: fix Rx interrupt setting

Akhil Goyal (1):
      crypto/octeontx: fix freeing after device release

Anatoly Burakov (1):
      power: fix namespace for internal struct

Chengchang Tang (1):
      net/hns3: fix VLAN strip log

Chengwen Feng (1):
      net/hns3: fix filter parsing comment

Ciara Power (1):
      cryptodev: fix freeing after device release

Dana Vardi (5):
      crypto/mvsam: fix AES-GCM session parameters
      crypto/mvsam: fix session data reset
      crypto/mvsam: fix options parsing
      net/mvpp2: fix port speed overflow
      net/mvpp2: fix configured state dependency

Dapeng Yu (5):
      net/ixgbe: fix flow entry access after freeing
      net/softnic: fix connection memory leak
      net/softnic: fix memory leak as profile is freed
      net/i40e: fix multi-process shared data
      net/ice: fix default RSS key generation

David Hunt (1):
      distributor: fix 128-bit write alignment

David Marchand (4):
      drivers/net: fix memzone allocations for DMA memory
      ipc: stop mp control thread on cleanup
      net/ice: fix memzone leak when firmware is missing
      net/octeontx/base: fix debug build with clang

Dmitry Kozlyuk (3):
      doc: add limitation for ConnectX-4 with L2 in mlx5 guide
      net/mlx5: fix Rx/Tx queue checks
      bus: clarify log for non-NUMA-aware devices

Feifei Wang (2):
      crypto/qat: fix Arm build with special memcpy
      net/mlx5: fix incorrect r/w lock usage in DMA unmap

Ferruh Yigit (3):
      kni: fix crash on userspace VA for segmented packets
      app/testpmd: fix help string for port reset
      doc: announce common prefix for ethdev

Ghalem Boudour (1):
      net/ena: enable multi-segment in Tx offload flags

Gregory Etelson (3):
      app/testpmd: fix Tx checksum calculation for tunnel
      app/testpmd: fix IPv4 checksum
      net/mlx5: fix representor interrupt handler

Guoyang Zhou (2):
      net/hinic: increase protection of the VLAN
      net/hinic/base: fix LRO

Haiyue Wang (1):
      net/iavf: fix RSS key access out of bound

Hemant Agrawal (1):
      bus/dpaa: fix freeing in FMAN interface destructor

Henry Nadeau (1):
      doc: fix spelling

Hongbo Zheng (1):
      net/hns3: increase VF reset retry maximum

Huisong Li (3):
      net/hns3: fix delay for waiting to stop Rx/Tx
      app/testpmd: change port link speed without stopping all
      net/hns3: fix Tx prepare after stop

Ivan Ilchenko (7):
      bitmap: fix buffer overrun in bitmap init
      net/sfc: fix MAC stats lock in xstats query by ID
      net/sfc: fix reading adapter state without locking
      net/sfc: fix xstats query by ID according to ethdev
      net/sfc: fix xstats query by unsorted list of IDs
      net/sfc: fix MAC stats update for stopped device
      net/virtio: report maximum MTU in device info

Jan Viktorin (1):
      ethdev: fix doc of flow action

Jiawei Wang (1):
      net/mlx5: fix RSS flow item expansion for GRE key

Joyce Kong (1):
      net/i40e: fix descriptor scan on Arm

Juraj Linkeš (1):
      net/virtio: fix aarch32 build

Kai Ji (1):
      app/crypto-perf: fix out-of-place mempool allocation

Kalesh AP (14):
      net/bnxt: fix error messages in VNIC prepare
      net/bnxt: set flow error when free filter not available
      net/bnxt: remove unnecessary code
      net/bnxt: fix error handling in VNIC prepare
      net/bnxt: set flow error after tunnel redirection free
      net/bnxt: use common function to free VNIC resource
      net/bnxt: fix check for PTP support in FW
      net/bnxt: improve probing log message
      net/bnxt: cleanup code
      net/bnxt: fix typo in log message
      net/bnxt: fix auto-negotiation on Whitney+
      net/bnxt: remove unnecessary comment
      net/bnxt: invoke device removal event on recovery failure
      net/bnxt: clear cached statistics

Lance Richardson (6):
      app/test: fix IPv6 header initialization
      net/bnxt: fix Tx descriptor status implementation
      net/bnxt: fix scalar Tx completion handling
      net/bnxt: fix Rx burst size constraint
      net/bnxt: fix ring and context memory allocation
      net/bnxt: fix missing barriers in completion handling

Lior Margalit (1):
      net/mlx5: fix IPIP multi-tunnel validation

Martin Havlik (2):
      net/bonding: fix error message on flow verify
      net/bonding: check flow setting

Marvin Liu (1):
      net/virtio: fix refill order in packed ring datapath

Maxime Coquelin (3):
      vhost: fix missing memory table NUMA realloc
      vhost: fix missing guest pages table NUMA realloc
      vhost: fix crash on reconnect

Michael Baum (1):
      net/mlx5: fix overflow in mempool argument

Michael Shamis (1):
      crypto/mvsam: fix capabilities

Michal Krawczyk (1):
      net/ena: trigger reset on Tx prepare failure

Naga Harish K S V (1):
      eventdev: fix event port setup in tx adapter

Nithin Dabilpuram (1):
      net/octeontx2: use runtime LSO format indices

Olivier Matz (1):
      test/mbuf: fix virtual address conversion

Owen Hilyard (3):
      flow_classify: fix leaking rules on delete
      rib: fix max depth IPv6 lookup
      tests/eal: fix memory leak

Pavan Nikhilesh (1):
      mempool/octeontx2: fix shift calculation

Rebecca Troy (2):
      test/crypto: fix typo in AES case
      test/crypto: fix typo in ESN case

Ruifeng Wang (1):
      net/mlx5: remove redundant operations in NEON Rx

Sarosh Arif (1):
      net/mlx5: fix typo in vectorized Rx comments

Satheesh Paul (2):
      net/octeontx2: fix flow creation limit on CN98xx
      net/octeontx2: fix default MCAM allocation size

Somnath Kotur (2):
      net/bnxt: detect bad opaque in Rx completion
      net/bnxt: workaround spurious zero stats in Thor

Suanming Mou (2):
      net/mlx5: limit implicit MPLS RSS expansion over GRE
      net/mlx5: workaround drop action with old kernel

Thierry Herbelot (4):
      net/bnxt: check access to possible null pointer
      vhost/crypto: check request pointer before dereference
      net/pfe: remove unnecessary null check
      test/crypto: fix mbuf reset after null check

Thomas Monjalon (1):
      devtools: fix file listing in maintainers check

Viacheslav Ovsiienko (6):
      common/mlx5: fix Netlink port name padding in probing
      app/testpmd: fix offloads for newly attached port
      common/mlx5: fix compatibility with OFED port query API
      net/mlx5: fix switchdev mode recognition
      net/mlx5: fix RoCE LAG bond device probing
      common/mlx5: use new port query API if available

Weifeng Li (1):
      net/bnxt: fix nested lock during bonding

Wenjun Wu (2):
      net/ice/base: fix first profile mask
      net/ice/base: revert change of first profile mask

Xiaoyu Min (4):
      net/mlx5: fix match MPLS over GRE with key
      net/mlx5: remove unsupported flow item MPLS over IP
      net/mlx5: fix MPLS RSS expansion
      net/mlx5: limit inner RSS expansion for MPLS

Xiaoyun Li (1):
      net/iavf: fix Tx threshold check

Yunjian Wang (1):
      kni: fix mbuf allocation for kernel side use

Yuying Zhang (1):
      app/testpmd: fix MAC address after port reset

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