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* [PATCH net,v3] wifi: mac80211: fix general-protection-fault in ieee80211_subif_start_xmit()
@ 2022-10-26  6:39 Zhengchao Shao
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From: Zhengchao Shao @ 2022-10-26  6:39 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: linux-wireless, netdev, johannes, davem, edumazet, kuba, pabeni
  Cc: toke, alexander, nbd, weiyongjun1, yuehaibing, shaozhengchao

When device is running and the interface status is changed, the gpf issue
is triggered. The problem triggering process is as follows:
Thread A:                           Thread B
ieee80211_runtime_change_iftype()   process_one_work()
    ...                                 ...
    ieee80211_do_stop()                 ...
    ...                                 ...
        sdata->bss = NULL               ...
        ...                             ieee80211_subif_start_xmit()
                                      cause gpf issue

When the interface status is changed, the sending queue continues to send
packets. After the bss is set to NULL, the bss is accessed. As a result,
this causes a general-protection-fault issue.

The following is the stack information:
general protection fault, probably for non-canonical address
0xdffffc000000002f: 0000 [#1] PREEMPT SMP KASAN
KASAN: null-ptr-deref in range [0x0000000000000178-0x000000000000017f]
Workqueue: mld mld_ifc_work
RIP: 0010:ieee80211_subif_start_xmit+0x25b/0x1310
Call Trace:

Fixes: f856373e2f31 ("wifi: mac80211: do not wake queues on a vif that is being stopped")
Signed-off-by: Zhengchao Shao <>
v3: revise format
v2: replace the netif call with test_bit()
 net/mac80211/tx.c | 5 +++++
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+)

diff --git a/net/mac80211/tx.c b/net/mac80211/tx.c
index a364148149f9..874f2a4d831d 100644
--- a/net/mac80211/tx.c
+++ b/net/mac80211/tx.c
@@ -4418,6 +4418,11 @@ netdev_tx_t ieee80211_subif_start_xmit(struct sk_buff *skb,
 	if (likely(!is_multicast_ether_addr(eth->h_dest)))
 		goto normal;
+	if (unlikely(!ieee80211_sdata_running(sdata))) {
+		kfree_skb(skb);
+		return NETDEV_TX_OK;
+	}
 	if (unlikely(ieee80211_multicast_to_unicast(skb, dev))) {
 		struct sk_buff_head queue;

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2022-10-26  6:39 [PATCH net,v3] wifi: mac80211: fix general-protection-fault in ieee80211_subif_start_xmit() Zhengchao Shao

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