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From: Ralph Boehme <>
To: Namjae Jeon <>
Cc: Steve French <>, Tom Talpey <>,
	Jeremy Allison <>, CIFS <>,
	Ronnie Sahlberg <>,
	Hyunchul Lee <>,
	Sergey Senozhatsky <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 0/5] ksmbd: a bunch of patches
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 09:57:08 +0200	[thread overview]
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Am 30.09.21 um 02:32 schrieb Namjae Jeon:
> 2021-09-30 2:18 GMT+09:00, Ralph Boehme <>:
>> as said before: just don't do the merge there, just the review. That's
>> the way Samba has been doing it for years. Are you actually aware of the
>> current Samba workflow?
> Is it friendly to new developers?

yes. It's just a different tooling you have to wrap your head around. In 
the case of Samba it has the added benefit, that every interested 
contributor can make use of the full Samba CI. This works by using a 
shared repo on gitlab where every registered developer (so you have to 
ask to be added, but this is freely granted) where you push your 
patchset to a branch name prefixed with your username (to avoid stepping 
on someone else's branch). That triggers an automated *full* CI run, so 
new contributors can be sure not to waste time of other developers 
before asking for review.

> I know samba workflow now too. New
> developers can do everything easily by simply subscribing to the
> mailing list. 

Sure, instead of pushing the resulting patchset from the review of your 
patchset to a github branch, I could send my patchset to the ML.

Having now used a more a different workflow for a few years, I 
appreciate how much more natural it feels to share, work on and review 
code with a tooling that is much more intergrated to git.

So what I'd like to propose for now is let's stick to the ML for now, 
next time I will send my patchset to the ML instead, but let's also 
consider and maybe test different possible toolings.

> And do we review only the SMB protocol on github? If we
> review and discuss kernel common code usage and touching, it should be
> visible to the component kernel maintainers as well.
> And is the review history likely to be discarded on github?

I don't think so, I'm not 100% sure on this though. But as it's NOT 
discarded on gitlab, I guess github will match feature wise.

> Doesn't it
> get thrown away the moment you change or update a patch? Also, review
> discussions left on each individual's github cannot be easily searched
> like mailing list.

Yeah, but does that really matter? So far this was not missed in the 
Samba gitlab tooling.


Ralph Boehme, Samba Team       
SerNet Samba Team Lead

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