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From: Ivan Shapovalov <>
Subject: [6.7 regression] [BISECTED] 28270e25c69a causes overallocation of metadata space
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2024 07:04:06 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Hi all,

Starting from v6.7 I've noticed severe overallocation of metadata space
on both of my btrfs root filesystems (both NVMe SSDs, both use

# mount | grep -w /

# btrfs fi usage /

Data,single: Size:550.00GiB, Used:497.12GiB (90.39%)
   /dev/mapper/root      550.00GiB

Metadata,DUP: Size:72.00GiB, Used:8.38GiB (11.64%)
   /dev/mapper/root      144.00GiB


Running a full metadata balance (`btrfs balance start -m /`) or a
"staged" balance
(e. g. `for u in {0..90..5}; do btrfs balance start -musage=$u /`)
does not help / makes the overallocation worse.

Bisect log:
# bad: [0dd3ee31125508cd67f7e7172247f05b7fd1753a] Linux 6.7
# good: [ffc253263a1375a65fa6c9f62a893e9767fbebfa] Linux 6.6
git bisect start 'v6.7' 'v6.6'
# bad: [deefd5024f0772cf56052ace9a8c347dc70bcaf3] Merge tag 'vfio-v6.7-rc1' of
git bisect bad deefd5024f0772cf56052ace9a8c347dc70bcaf3
# bad: [5a6a09e97199d6600d31383055f9d43fbbcbe86f] Merge tag 'cgroup-for-6.7' of git://
git bisect bad 5a6a09e97199d6600d31383055f9d43fbbcbe86f
# good: [17047fbced563cf5abe5aa546f6a92af48900b69] bcachefs: Fix incorrectly freeing btree_path in alloc path
git bisect good 17047fbced563cf5abe5aa546f6a92af48900b69
# good: [b827ac419721a106ae2fccaa40576b0594edad92] exportfs: Change bcachefs fid_type enum to avoid conflicts
git bisect good b827ac419721a106ae2fccaa40576b0594edad92
# bad: [9ab021a1b57007a22761f6f41d91eb4aae10d145] Merge tag 'x86_cache_for_6.7_rc1' of git://
git bisect bad 9ab021a1b57007a22761f6f41d91eb4aae10d145
# good: [8b16da681eb0c9b9cb2f9abd0dade67559cfb48d] Merge tag 'nfsd-6.7' of git://
git bisect good 8b16da681eb0c9b9cb2f9abd0dade67559cfb48d
# bad: [07a274a8862dba86a270ced2a4c5ff3f7a01b66a] btrfs: remove redundant root argument from btrfs_update_inode_item()
git bisect bad 07a274a8862dba86a270ced2a4c5ff3f7a01b66a
# good: [3ee56a58ad8921cb43c49d56347a8e270871844c] btrfs: reserve space for delayed refs on a per ref basis
git bisect good 3ee56a58ad8921cb43c49d56347a8e270871844c
# bad: [9f9918a8017b7925da2fad16b4ccf6a14630f03e] btrfs: sysfs: announce presence of raid-stripe-tree
git bisect bad 9f9918a8017b7925da2fad16b4ccf6a14630f03e
# bad: [87463f7e0250d471fac41e7c9c45ae21d83b5f85] btrfs: zoned: factor out DUP bg handling from btrfs_load_block_group_zone_info
git bisect bad 87463f7e0250d471fac41e7c9c45ae21d83b5f85
# bad: [50564b651d01c19ce732819c5b3c3fd60707188e] btrfs: abort transaction on generation mismatch when marking eb as dirty
git bisect bad 50564b651d01c19ce732819c5b3c3fd60707188e
# bad: [28270e25c69a2c76ea1ed0922095bffb9b9a4f98] btrfs: always reserve space for delayed refs when starting transaction
git bisect bad 28270e25c69a2c76ea1ed0922095bffb9b9a4f98
# good: [adb86dbe426f9a54843d70092819deca220a224d] btrfs: stop doing excessive space reservation for csum deletion
git bisect good adb86dbe426f9a54843d70092819deca220a224d
# first bad commit: [28270e25c69a2c76ea1ed0922095bffb9b9a4f98] btrfs: always reserve space for delayed refs when starting transaction

Ivan Shapovalov / intelfx /

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