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From: Tamas K Lengyel <>
To: Jan Beulich <>
Cc: Xen-devel <>,
	"Marek Marczykowski-Górecki" <>
Subject: Re: Console output stops on dbgp=xhci
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 10:16:00 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

On Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 10:10 AM Jan Beulich <> wrote:
> On 15.09.2022 16:05, Tamas K Lengyel wrote:
> > On Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 3:56 AM Jan Beulich <> wrote:
> >>
> >> On 15.09.2022 02:41, Tamas K Lengyel wrote:
> >>>>> Do you have any idea what might be going on and preventing the output
> >>>>> from showing over USB3 afterwards? The /dev/ttyUSB0 device is still
> >>>>> present on the receiving side, just nothing is being received over it.
> >>>>
> >>>> There are few more patches in the series that are de facto required.
> >>>> Especially those about IOMMU, otherwise it can only possibly work with
> >>>> iommu=0 (which I'm not sure if even is enough).
> >>>
> >>> Unfortunately with iommu=0 Xen doesn't boot at all for me. I see this
> >>> on the console:
> >>>
> >>> (XEN) Panic on CPU 0:
> >>> (XEN) [error_code=0011]
> >>> (XEN) Faulting linear address: 00000000328b3a54
> >>
> >> Perhaps in another thread, could you post details about this? I guess
> >> we want to address this independent of your XHCI issue. That's an
> >> attempt to execute code outside of the Xen image - the only reason I
> >> can think of for this would be an EFI boot services or runtime
> >> services call, with (possibly but not necessarily) quirky EFI firmware.
> >> Any other context this is appearing in would quite certainly require a
> >> fix in Xen, and I don't see how "iommu=0" could affect the set of EFI
> >> calls we make.
> >
> > This was indeed observed with a xen.efi booted directly from UEFI.
> > Beside the limited boot log I get through xhci I don't have more
> > insight but happy to send that (and anything else you think would be
> > useful).
> And with "iommu=0" but no use of XHCI it doesn't crash? Or there you have
> no way to collect the log then?
> In any event, from your description the interesting part might be the
> EFI memory map. That ought to be pretty stable between boots, so you may
> be able to collect that in full via "xl dmesg" in a run without "iommu=0".

I see the same crash with no xhci debug use. The EFI map is:

(XEN) EFI memory map:

(XEN)  0000000000000-000000009bfff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000000009c000-000000009dfff type=2 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000000009e000-000000009efff type=0 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000000009f000-000000009ffff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000000100000-00000175a6fff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  00000175a7000-00000175e6fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  00000175e7000-0000021e9efff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000021e9f000-0000028587fff type=2 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000028588000-000002ab79fff type=1 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002ab7a000-000002bcd7fff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002bcd8000-000002c6cafff type=2 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002c6cb000-000002cd8cfff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002cd8d000-000002cdcefff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002cdcf000-000002ce77fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002ce78000-000002ced4fff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002ced5000-000002ced7fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002ced8000-000002cedafff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002cedb000-000002cedcfff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002cedd000-000002ceddfff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002cede000-000002e179fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e17a000-000002e194fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e195000-000002e1bffff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e1c0000-000002e1c9fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e1ca000-000002e1e3fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e1e4000-000002e1edfff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e1ee000-000002e1f2fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e1f3000-000002e20dfff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e20e000-000002e22cfff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e22d000-000002e22efff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e22f000-000002e233fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e234000-000002e236fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e237000-000002e23dfff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e23e000-000002e23ffff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e240000-000002e245fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e246000-000002e246fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e247000-000002e24bfff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e24c000-000002e250fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e251000-000002e26afff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e26b000-000002e29dfff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e29e000-000002e2d4fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e2d5000-000002e2d5fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e2d6000-000002e2e6fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e2e7000-000002e2e7fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e2e8000-000002e2f8fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e2f9000-000002e2fbfff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e2fc000-000002e30efff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e30f000-000002e30ffff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e310000-000002e320fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e321000-000002e340fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e341000-000002e341fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e342000-000002e352fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e353000-000002e3edfff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e3ee000-000002e3f4fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e3f5000-000002e40bfff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e40c000-000002e417fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e418000-000002e42efff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e42f000-000002e42ffff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e430000-000002e440fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e441000-000002e444fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002e445000-000002f56cfff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002f56d000-000002f588fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000002f589000-0000031ca5fff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000031ca6000-0000031f71fff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000031f72000-0000032a95fff type=3 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000032a96000-0000034f95fff type=0 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000034f96000-0000035215fff type=9 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000035216000-0000035323fff type=10 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000035324000-0000035efefff type=6 attr=800000000000000f

(XEN)  0000035eff000-0000035ffefff type=5 attr=800000000000000f

(XEN)  0000035fff000-0000035ffffff type=4 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  0000100000000-00008c07fffff type=7 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  00000000a0000-00000000fffff type=0 attr=0000000000000000

(XEN)  0000036000000-0000039ffffff type=0 attr=000000000000000f

(XEN)  000003a000000-000003affffff type=0 attr=0000000000000009

(XEN)  000003b000000-000003f7fffff type=0 attr=0000000000000000

(XEN)  00000e0000000-00000efffffff type=11 attr=8000000000000001

(XEN)  00000fc000000-00000fc01ffff type=11 attr=800000000000100d

(XEN)  00000fe000000-00000fe010fff type=11 attr=8000000000000001

(XEN)  00000fec00000-00000fec00fff type=11 attr=8000000000000001

(XEN)  00000fed00000-00000fed00fff type=11 attr=8000000000000001

(XEN)  00000fed20000-00000fed7ffff type=0 attr=0000000000000000

(XEN)  00000fee00000-00000fee00fff type=11 attr=8000000000000001

(XEN)  00000ff000000-00000ffffffff type=11 attr=800000000000100d

(XEN) alt table ffff82d0406953b0 -> ffff82d040697686

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