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From: ZheNing Hu <>
To: Junio C Hamano <>
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Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/2] [GSOC] cherry-pick: fix bug when used with GIT_CHERRY_PICK_HELP
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 22:15:36 +0800	[thread overview]
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Junio C Hamano <> 于2021年7月30日周五 上午4:56写道:
> The patch is a bit hard to read, but I do not think this improves
> the root cause of the issue at all, which is that "do we need to
> delete the pseudoref?" decision is tied to and based on the presense
> of the custom message in the environment variable.

My original idea was to distinguish between cherry-pick calls by machines
( and cherry-pick calls by people through
an additional option "rebase-preserve-merges-mode".

> The original issue was that we declared (erroneously) that the
> presence of a custom message _means_ the caller is not a human but a
> sequencing machinery that wants to deal with what is done via the
> CHERRY_PICK_HEAD pseudoref itself, and your original issue was that
> when a human user has the custom message envirnoment (either on
> purpose or by mistake), the logic _misidentifies_ the call as if it
> is made from a sequencing machinery and we lose the CHERRY_PICK_HEAD
> pseudoref.  The root cause is mistaking the correlation (sequencing
> machinery uses the environment and it also does not want pseudoref)
> as the causation (presense of the environment means we should remove
> pseudoref).

Ok... Now I guess what you mean is to provide an option for git cherry-pick
to specifically delete "CHERRY_PICK_HEAD", and this options is "hidden",
it is not provided to users, it is only reserved for sequencing
machinery. In this
way, we separate print_advice() from deleting "CHERRY_PICK_HEAD".
Then in the future, GIT_CHERRY_PICK_HELP will be deleted.

ZheNing Hu

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2021-07-29 20:56   ` Junio C Hamano
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2021-07-31  7:01 [PATCH 0/2] [GSOC] cherry-pick: fix bug when used with GIT_CHERRY_PICK_HELP ZheNing Hu via GitGitGadget
2021-07-31  7:01 ` [PATCH 1/2] " ZheNing Hu via GitGitGadget
2021-08-01 10:09   ` Phillip Wood
2021-08-02 13:34     ` ZheNing Hu

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