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From: Jeremy Sowden <>
Cc: Jan Engelhardt <>,
	Netfilter Devel <>
Subject: Re: [xtables-addons] xt_ipp2p: add ipv6 module alias
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2021 20:08:05 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On 2021-09-16, at 14:25:00 +0200, wrote:
> How can I check where iptables/ip6tables searches for plugins/modules
> please?
> Actually the problem is not with iptables but with ip6tables. I can
> use IPP2P module on the same Debian with no problems with iptables,
> but ip6tables give this error (still the same):
> ip6tables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -m ipp2p --dc -j ACCEPT
> ip6tables v1.8.4 (legacy): Couldn't load match `ipp2p':No such file or
> directory
> Try `ip6tables -h' or 'ip6tables --help' for more information.
> BTW I`m using legacy (not nf_tables) iptables and ip6tables (changed
> with update-alternatives --config iptables, update-alternatives
> --config ip6tables).

xtables-addons installs the following kernel modules:


and the following user-space libraries:


Make sure you're not using the xt_ipp2p.ko kernel module:

  $ sudo ip6tables-legacy -F -t mangle
  $ sudo iptables-legacy -F -t mangle

Make sure you don't have xt_ipp2p.ko loaded:

  $ sudo modprobe -r xt_ipp2p

Make sure the files don't exists on your box:

  $ sudo rm /lib/modules/4.19.0-17-amd64/extra/xt_ipp2p.ko
  $ sudo rm /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/xtables/

Run depmod:

  $ sudo depmod -av | awk '$1 ~ /xt_ipp2p/'

Make sure you've got the latest source checked out and pristine:

  $ git clean -d -f -x
  $ git reset --hard master
  HEAD is now at f144c2e xt_ipp2p: replace redundant ipp2p_addr
  $ git pull --rebase origin master
   * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
  Already up to date.
  Current branch master is up to date.
  $ git log -1
  commit f144c2ebba17aa4c6b8d402623d53b655945be76 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
  Author: Jan Engelhardt <>
  Date:   Tue Sep 14 17:07:58 2021 +0200

      xt_ipp2p: replace redundant ipp2p_addr

Build and install it:

  $ ./
  $ ./configure
  $ make -j3
  $ sudo make install

Run depmod:

  $ sudo depmod -av | awk '$1 ~ /xt_ipp2p/'
  /lib/modules/4.19.0-17-amd64/extra/xt_ipp2p.ko needs "xt_unregister_matches": /lib/modules/4.19.0-17-amd64/kernel/net/netfilter/x_tables.ko
  /lib/modules/4.19.0-17-amd64/extra/xt_ipp2p.ko needs "HX_memmem": /lib/modules/4.19.0-17-amd64/extra/compat_xtables.ko

Use the extension:

  $ sudo ip6tables-legacy -t mangle -A PREROUTING -m ipp2p --dc -j ACCEPT
  $ sudo ip6tables-legacy -t mangle -L PREROUTING
  Chain PREROUTING (policy ACCEPT)
  target     prot opt source               destination
  ACCEPT     all      anywhere             anywhere             -m ipp2p  --dc


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