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From: "Mickaël Salaün" <>
To: "Casey Schaufler" <>,
	"Günther Noack" <>
Cc: Xiu Jianfeng <>,,,,,,,,,
Subject: Re: [PATCH -next 0/5] landlock: add chmod and chown support
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2022 19:10:52 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On 22/08/2022 23:53, Casey Schaufler wrote:
> On 8/22/2022 2:21 PM, Mickaël Salaün wrote:
>> On 22/08/2022 23:18, Günther Noack wrote:
>>> On Mon, Aug 22, 2022 at 12:35:18PM -0700, Casey Schaufler wrote:
>>>> On 8/22/2022 12:17 PM, Günther Noack wrote:
>>>>> Hi!
>>>>> Very exciting to see! Thank you for sending this! :)
>>>>> I'm just throwing in some comments based on the very similar truncate
>>>>> patch set, in the hope that it helps. (But obviously, Mickaël Salaün
>>>>> has the last word on this code.)
>>>>> Slightly higher level question: Should we start to group the
>>>>> functionality of multiple LSM hooks under one Landlock flag? (Will it
>>>>> be harder to change the LSM hook interface in the future if we
>>>>> continue to add one flag per hook? Or is this structure already
>>>>> exposed to userspace by other LSMs?)
>>>> I'm not a landlock expert. The question is nonsensical, yet somewhat
>>>> frightening nonetheless. Could you put just a touch more context into
>>>> what you're asking for?
>>> By "Landlock flags", I meant the integer that Landlock uses to
>>> represent the set of possible operations on a file hierarchy:
>>> Landlock's file system access rights (access_mode_t on the kernel
>>> side) are defined with an integer with flags (LANDLOCK_ACCESS_FS_*)
>>> for different operations that one might do with files. They get used
>>> from userspace to control what is permitted on which parts of the file
>>> system. (Docs:
>>> Currently most of the available Landlock flags map pretty closely to
>>> one of the file- and path-related LSM hooks. (See various hook
>>> implementations in security/landlock/fs.c)
>>> The file system operations that Landlock doesn't cover yet (as of
>>> kernel 5.19) are listed below, and there are potentially a few more
>>> that might be missing. I suspect/hope that there will be more patches
>>> in the style of the truncate/chmod/chown patches, which will add that
>>> coverage.
>>> The question is basically:
>>> When these patches get added, how should the userspace-exposed
>>> Landlock file system access rights map to the LSM hooks for these
>>> upcoming Landlock features? Should each of the newly covered
>>> operations have its own flag, or is it better to group them?
>>> (It's well possible that the right answer is "one flag per feature",
>>> but I feel it still makes sense to ask this before all these patches
>>> get written?)
>> Landlock is not strictly tied to the current LSM hooks, but they fit
>> well (because they are designed to be flexible enough to be use by
>> multiple access control systems). In fact, Landlock already uses
>> orthogonal access rights such as LANDLOCK_ACCESS_FS_REFER (using the
>> path_link or path_rename hooks), LANDLOCK_ACCESS_FS_MAKE_* (using the
>> path_mknod and path_mkdir hooks)…
>> Anyway, the LSM framework is evolving, we can add new hooks and modify
>> others (e.g. see the security_path_rename hook modification for
>> FS_REFER) as long as mainline access control systems don't break and
>> subsystem maintainers are OK with such changes. Like any kernel API,
>> the LSM API is not stable, but this is not an issue for mainline code.
>> Landlock's goal is to find the sweet spot between flexibility for
>> different sandboxing use cases and an understandable/simple-enough
>> access control system. The access rights should then be meaningful for
>> users, which are already familiar with the UAPI/syscalls, hence the
>> current Landlock access rights (which are not very original, and that
>> is a good thing). This is why I'm wondering if it is worth it to
>> differentiate between chmod and chgrp (and add a dedicated access
>> right per action or only one for both).
> The lesson from capabilities is that differentiating between chmod, chown and chgrp is
> pointless, and CAP_DAC_CHMOD, CAP_DAC_CHOWN and CAP_DAC_CHGRP should have just been
> CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE. On the other hand, those who argue that SELinux proves the value of
> fine granularity would likely have you go with separate rights. What's important is
> that you don't tie your rights too tightly to the underlying implementation. That has
> the potential to expose details of how the code work that user-space has no business
> basing decisions on.

Indeed, for a sandboxing feature like Landlock, it may not be useful to 
duplicate other access rights. From a user point of view, I think it 
would make sense to split the file metadata modification into 
potentially-security related or not. That would means three access rights:
- modify user/informative metadata (e.g. dates, user.* xattr);
- modify security-related metadata (e.g. chown, chmod, chgrp, any other 
- read any metadata.

This require some LSM hook changes to handle paths instead of inodes 
(e.g. security_inode_setattr, security_inode_setxattr…).

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2022-08-22 21:25   ` Mickaël Salaün
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2022-08-22 19:35   ` Casey Schaufler
2022-08-22 21:18     ` Günther Noack
2022-08-22 21:21       ` Mickaël Salaün
2022-08-22 21:53         ` Casey Schaufler
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