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From: Takashi Iwai <>
To: Andrew Burgess <>
Subject: Re: snd-usb-audio hacking
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 17:03:13 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

At Fri, 18 Jul 2003 11:43:17 -0700,
Andrew Burgess wrote:
> Takashi said:
> >> I have a Griffin USB iMic that hard hangs 2.4.21ac just by running arecord and
> >> then ^C. I got no response here a few weeks ago...
> >does this happen still with the latest cvs?
> Yes. I just tried alsa 9.2, 9.4, 9.5 and cvs all with 2.4.22-pre6
> I'm running:
>   arecord -D imic --rate 44100 -f S16_LE - | aplay -
> and then press ^C
> I have gotten sound from this thing at one point. If I run arecord with
> the -d <delay> and let it exit by itself it does not oops!!!!!
> 0.9.2 gives an error immediately, something about invalid sync pipe.
> No oops but also no sound.
> Others seem to give the same oops (always BUG in spinlock.h anyway) and then a hard lockup. 
> >From my handwritten notes:
> BUG ...include/asm/spinlock.h:86
> process: aplay
> I type in the backtrace by hand to ksymoops (this for alsa-cvs):
>   >>EIP; c011b14f <__wake_up+8f/d0>   <=====
>   Trace; e0972d8e <[usb-ohci]dl_del_list+4ce/520>
>   Trace; c01e312f <scrup+14f/160>
>   Trace; e09741e7 <[usb-ohci]hc_interrupt+1c7/350>
>   Trace; c0109509 <handle_IRQ_event+69/a0>
>   Trace; c01097fa <do_IRQ+ea/190>
>   Trace; c0117149 <smp_apic_timer_interrupt+129/130>
>   Trace; c010c718 <call_do_IRQ+5/d>
>   Trace; e0bb15f2 <[snd-timer]snd_timer_open+192/1f0>
>   Trace; e0bb25ac <[snd-timer]snd_timer_interrupt+34c/3f0>
>   Trace; e0bb2a71 <[snd-timer]snd_timer_dev_register+1a1/1b0>
>   Trace; c014c257 <fput+167/190>
>   Trace; c0131734 <zap_page_range+1c4/1d0>
>   Trace; c0134992 <unmap_fixup+1f2/200>
>   Trace; c0134cce <do_munmap+27e/300>
>   Trace; c0149f69 <filp_close+b9/120>
>   Trace; c0134d93 <sys_munmap+43/70>
>   Trace; c0107b0f <system_call+33/38>

snd_timer_xxx()...  hopefully this was fixed recently.
is timer.c cvs rev. 1.44?


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