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From: Dave Marchevsky <davemarchevsky@fb.com>
To: Andrii Nakryiko <andrii@kernel.org>, <bpf@vger.kernel.org>,
	<ast@kernel.org>, <daniel@iogearbox.net>
Cc: <kernel-team@fb.com>
Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 bpf-next 8/9] libbpf: add opt-in strict BPF program section name handling logic
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:43:47 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <0ce9822b-0e49-284e-e999-9b473ebc86b9@fb.com> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <20210922234113.1965663-9-andrii@kernel.org>

On 9/22/21 7:41 PM, Andrii Nakryiko wrote:   
> Implement strict ELF section name handling for BPF programs. It utilizes
> `libbpf_set_strict_mode()` framework and adds new flag: LIBBPF_STRICT_SEC_NAME.
> If this flag is set, libbpf will enforce exact section name matching for
> a lot of program types that previously allowed just partial prefix
> match. E.g., if previously SEC("xdp_whatever_i_want") was allowed, now
> in strict mode only SEC("xdp") will be accepted, which makes SEC("")
> definitions cleaner and more structured. SEC() now won't be used as yet
> another way to uniquely encode BPF program identifier (for that
> C function name is better and is guaranteed to be unique within
> bpf_object). Now SEC() is strictly BPF program type and, depending on
> program type, extra load/attach parameter specification.
> Libbpf completely supports multiple BPF programs in the same ELF
> section, so multiple BPF programs of the same type/specification easily
> co-exist together within the same bpf_object scope.
> Additionally, a new (for now internal) convention is introduced: section
> name that can be a stand-alone exact BPF program type specificator, but
> also could have extra parameters after '/' delimiter. An example of such
> section is "struct_ops", which can be specified by itself, but also
> allows to specify the intended operation to be attached to, e.g.,
> "struct_ops/dctcp_init". Note, that "struct_ops_some_op" is not allowed.
> Such section definition is specified as "struct_ops+".
> This change is part of libbpf 1.0 effort ([0], [1]).
>   [0] Closes: https://github.com/libbpf/libbpf/issues/271
>   [1] https://github.com/libbpf/libbpf/wiki/Libbpf:-the-road-to-v1.0#stricter-and-more-uniform-bpf-program-section-name-sec-handling
> Signed-off-by: Andrii Nakryiko <andrii@kernel.org>
> ---

Acked-by: Dave Marchevsky <davemarchevsky@fb.com>

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2021-09-22 23:41 [PATCH v3 bpf-next 0/9] libbpf: stricter BPF program section name handling Andrii Nakryiko
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2021-09-22 23:41 ` [PATCH v3 bpf-next 2/9] selftests/bpf: normalize SEC("classifier") usage Andrii Nakryiko
2021-09-23 16:52   ` Dave Marchevsky
2021-09-27 15:14   ` Daniel Borkmann
2021-09-27 16:12     ` Alexei Starovoitov
2021-09-28  1:53       ` Andrii Nakryiko
2021-09-22 23:41 ` [PATCH v3 bpf-next 3/9] selftests/bpf: normalize all the rest SEC() uses Andrii Nakryiko
2021-09-22 23:41 ` [PATCH v3 bpf-next 4/9] libbpf: refactor internal sec_def handling to enable pluggability Andrii Nakryiko
2021-09-22 23:41 ` [PATCH v3 bpf-next 5/9] libbpf: reduce reliance of attach_fns on sec_def internals Andrii Nakryiko
2021-09-22 23:41 ` [PATCH v3 bpf-next 6/9] libbpf: refactor ELF section handler definitions Andrii Nakryiko
2021-09-23 17:21   ` Dave Marchevsky
2021-09-22 23:41 ` [PATCH v3 bpf-next 7/9] libbpf: complete SEC() table unification for BPF_APROG_SEC/BPF_EAPROG_SEC Andrii Nakryiko
2021-09-23 20:41   ` Dave Marchevsky
2021-09-22 23:41 ` [PATCH v3 bpf-next 8/9] libbpf: add opt-in strict BPF program section name handling logic Andrii Nakryiko
2021-09-23 16:43   ` Dave Marchevsky [this message]
2021-09-22 23:41 ` [PATCH v3 bpf-next 9/9] selftests/bpf: switch sk_lookup selftests to strict SEC("sk_lookup") use Andrii Nakryiko

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