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From: Rafael David Tinoco <rafaeldtinoco@ubuntu.com>
To: Andrii Nakryiko <andrii.nakryiko@gmail.com>
Cc: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme@redhat.com>,
	Vamsi Kodavanty <vamsi@araalinetworks.com>,
	bpf <bpf@vger.kernel.org>
Subject: Fwd: [BPF CO-RE clarification] Use CO-RE on older kernel versions.
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2021 03:00:55 -0300	[thread overview]
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> On 5 Mar 2021, at 03:32, Rafael David Tinoco <rafaeldtinoco@ubuntu.com> wrote:
>>> Specially the attach_kprobe_legacy() function:
>>> https://github.com/rafaeldtinoco/portablebpf/blob/master/mine.c#L31
>>> I wanted to reply here in case others also face this.
>> Great, glad it worked out. It would be great if you could contribute
>> legacy kprobe support for libbpf as a proper patch, since it probably
>> would be useful for a bunch of other people stuck with old kernels.

(sending this again in proper format for the list)

I’m sorry to come back to this but I’d like to clarify something, if you allow me.

If I recompile old kernels (4.x.y) with the “scripts/link-vmlinux.sh" patch (setting $btf_vmlinux_bin_o and gen_btf()) I’m able to use "pahole -J" to generate the .BTF ELF section from a vmlinux file (out of the debugging package, for example) using its DWARF data.

Using objcopy, I’m also able to extract only the .BTF ELF section from it and use the generated file (smaller) as a base BTF file for libbpf (since old kernels don’t have /sys/kernel/btf/vmlinux interface).

So, in my case, with this, I can get an ~30MB ELF file (from a an almost 600MB vmlinux) with BTF data that can feed libbpf to do needed relocations for my BPF object. Execution works perfectly and I can have the same libbpf based code to run in a 4.15 and a 5.8 kernel, smooth.

What is not entirely clear to me yet is … why can’t I use a “vmlinux” file from a previous compiled kernel (that has not been compiled with a changed link-vmlinux.sh file) and do the same: generate the BTF section from its DWARF data with pahole and use generated file (or the BTF section extract only) as input to libbpf.

I mean, I can do, but it does not work… Assumption: it only works for the ones I build with patched link-vmlinux.sh (not the ones already built and provided as packages). The code execution output (debug=1 on libbpf) is at : https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/bx6tygY8p2/

The difference for a new 4.x.y kernel and the existing ones (older packaged kernels) is the vmlinux_link() function linking the BTF object file in each of the 3 tmp_kallsyms steps.

Is there a way I can get the already existing kernels to work with only pahole DWARF to BTF conversion data ?

Thank you!


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