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From: Jeff Layton <jlayton@kernel.org>
To: ceph-devel@vger.kernel.org, idryomov@gmail.com, dhowells@redhat.com
Cc: willy@infradead.org, linux-fsdevel@vger.kernel.org,
	linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org, linux-cachefs@redhat.com
Subject: [PATCH 0/6] ceph: convert to new netfs read helpers
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2021 08:40:57 -0500	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20210126134103.240031-1-jlayton@kernel.org> (raw)

This patchset converts ceph to use the new netfs readpage, write_begin,
and readahead helpers to handle buffered reads. This is a substantial
reduction in code in ceph, but shouldn't really affect functionality in
any way.

Ilya, if you don't have any objections, I'll plan to let David pull this
series into his tree to be merged with the netfs API patches themselves.
I don't see any conflicts with what's currently in the testing or master
branches. Alternately, we could pull his patches into the ceph master
branch and then put these on top. Let me know what you'd prefer.


Jeff Layton (6):
  ceph: disable old fscache readpage handling
  ceph: rework PageFsCache handling
  ceph: fix fscache invalidation
  ceph: convert readpage to fscache read helper
  ceph: plug write_begin into read helper
  ceph: convert ceph_readpages to ceph_readahead

 fs/ceph/Kconfig |   1 +
 fs/ceph/addr.c  | 535 +++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
 fs/ceph/cache.c | 123 -----------
 fs/ceph/cache.h | 101 +++------
 fs/ceph/caps.c  |  10 +-
 fs/ceph/inode.c |   1 +
 6 files changed, 236 insertions(+), 535 deletions(-)


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2021-01-26 13:40 Jeff Layton [this message]
2021-01-26 13:40 ` [PATCH 1/6] ceph: disable old fscache readpage handling Jeff Layton
2021-01-26 13:40 ` [PATCH 2/6] ceph: rework PageFsCache handling Jeff Layton
2021-01-26 13:41 ` [PATCH 3/6] ceph: fix fscache invalidation Jeff Layton
2021-01-26 13:41 ` [PATCH 4/6] ceph: convert readpage to fscache read helper Jeff Layton
2021-01-26 13:41 ` [PATCH 5/6] ceph: plug write_begin into " Jeff Layton
2021-01-26 13:41 ` [PATCH 6/6] ceph: convert ceph_readpages to ceph_readahead Jeff Layton
2021-01-27 22:50 ` [PATCH 0/6] ceph: convert to new netfs read helpers Ilya Dryomov
2021-01-28 12:52   ` Jeff Layton
2021-01-28 20:48     ` Ilya Dryomov
2021-02-01 15:25     ` David Howells

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