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From: Adam Endrodi <adam.endrodi@nokia.com>
To: dash@vger.kernel.org
Subject: "case" bug in dash
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 22:09:14 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20160302210914.GC1056@timmy> (raw)


The following program prints "boo" incorrectly (I'm trying to match


case "111" in
	echo boo;;

File expansion seems to be affected too:

/tmp/dash/src $ touch 111
/tmp/dash/src $ ./dash -c 'echo *[^0-9]*'
111 dash.1
/tmp/dash/src $ bash -c 'echo *[^0-9]*' 
alias.c alias.h alias.o arith_yacc.c arith_yacc.h arith_yacc.o arith_yylex.c arith_yylex.o bltin builtins.c builtins.def builtins.def.in builtins.h builtins.o cd.c cd.h cd.o dash dash.1 error.c error.h error.o eval.c eval.h eval.o exec.c exec.h exec.o expand.c expand.h expand.o funcs histedit.c histedit.o init.c init.h init.o input.c input.h input.o jobs.c jobs.h jobs.o machdep.h mail.c mail.h mail.o main.c main.h main.o Makefile Makefile.am Makefile.in memalloc.c memalloc.h memalloc.o miscbltin.c miscbltin.h miscbltin.o mkbuiltins mkinit mkinit.c mknodes mknodes.c mksignames mksignames.c mksyntax mksyntax.c mktokens myhistedit.h mystring.c mystring.h mystring.o nodes.c nodes.c.pat nodes.h nodes.o nodetypes options.c options.h options.o output.c output.h output.o parser.c parser.h parser.o
  printf.o redir.c redir.h redir.o shell.h show.c show.h show.o signames.c signames.o syntax.c syntax.h syntax.o system.c system.h system.o test.o times.o token.h token_vars.h TOUR trap.c trap.h trap.o var.c var.h var.o

Tried with 2e5842258bd5b252ffdaa630db09c9a19a9717ca (current git master)
both with --enable-glob and --disable-glob.


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2016-03-02 21:09 Adam Endrodi [this message]
2016-03-02 21:18 ` "case" bug in dash Martijn Dekker

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