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Subject: Re: Bizarre interaction bug involving bash w/ lastpipe + Almquist 'wait'
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2020 21:59:37 +0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <f2a928d6-4feb-d123-23b4-17c8edfeda2f@gigawatt.nl> (raw)
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On 18/02/2020 16:46, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 8, 2020 at 7:41 PM Harald van Dijk <harald@gigawatt.nl> wrote:
>> If NetBSD sh
>> manages to avoid this pattern, and assuming NetBSD sh is not still
>> susceptible to one of those race conditions
> Please let us know what you discovered.

Okay, please take a look. I hope I managed to avoid race conditions in 
the test shell script.


   while test "$i" -lt 100000
     printf "%d\r" "$i"
     "$@" test2.sh
     i=$((i + 1))


   trap 'kill $!; exit 0' TERM
   { kill $$; exec sleep 1000; } &
   wait $!

To run:

   sh test1.sh $shell

For instance:

   sh test1.sh busybox ash

test1.sh will repeatedly run test2.sh and increment and print a counter 
variable to display progress.

test2.sh will immediately exit, in a complicated way, if all goes well. 
It may sleep for 1000s or fail to clean up its background process if 
something goes wrong.

On my system, I see:

   bash 5.0.11        - sleeps after a while
   bosh 2019-11-11    - sleeps after a while
   busybox 1.31.1 ash - ok
   dash      - ok
   dash (current)     - sleeps immediately
   fbsh 12.1          - ok *
   gwsh (current)     - leaves subprocesses
   ksh 93v            - sleeps after a while
   ksh 2020.0.0       - sleeps after a while
   mksh 57            - sleeps after a while
   nbsh (current)     - sleeps after a while *
   pdksh 5.2.14       - leaves subprocesses + sleeps after a while
   posh 0.13.1        - ok
   yash               - ok
   zsh                - sleeps after a while

* Because of the way I was running FreeBSD sh and NetBSD sh on qemu, I 
could not easily check what happens to the subprocesses.

I think that confirms that NetBSD sh does have a problem with a race 
condition, but that many shells have that same problem. It also tells me 
that there is another different problem in my shell that I should look at.

Harald van Dijk

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