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From: Michael Tretter <>
Subject: dmaengine: zynqmp_dma: lockdep warning
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 15:01:08 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)


I get a lockdep warning in the zynqmp dma driver and I am not entirely sure
how to fix it.

The code in drivers/dma/xilinx/zynqmp_dma.c looks as follows:

604 static void zynqmp_dma_chan_desc_cleanup(struct zynqmp_dma_chan *chan)
605 {
612	callback = desc->async_tx.callback;
613	callback_param = desc->async_tx.callback_param;
614	if (callback) {
615		spin_unlock(&chan->lock);
616		callback(callback_param);
617		spin_lock(&chan->lock);
618	}
626 }
747 static void zynqmp_dma_do_tasklet(struct tasklet_struct *t)
748 {
753	spin_lock_irqsave(&chan->lock, irqflags);
763	while (count) {
764		zynqmp_dma_complete_descriptor(chan);
765		zynqmp_dma_chan_desc_cleanup(chan);
766		count--;
767	}
773	spin_unlock_irqrestore(&chan->lock, irqflags);
774 }

Lockdep reports that in line 617 spin_lock() is called from a non-hardirq
context, while the same lock is used from a hardirq context. During runtime,
the sequence is as follows:

line 753: acquire lock and disable interrupts
line 615: release lock without enabling interrupts
line 617: re-acquire lock with still disabled interrupts
line 773: released lock and re-enable interrupts

Is this a false positive of lockdep, because it does not know that the irqs
are still disabled in line 617? Is it actually OK to leave interrupts disabled
over a spin_unlock() -> spin_lock() sequence or is this a problem?

Additionally, the lock is held for the entire tasklet that handles the
finished dma transfer. This is conflict to the rule that spin locks should be
held only for a short time. Is it necessary to hold the lock that long? I
understand that the lock is only used to protect the descriptor lists and it
would be better to only get the lock when descriptors are moved between lists.

Any guidance would be helpful.


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