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From: Peter Ujfalusi <>
To: Laurent Pinchart <>,
	Vinod Koul <>
Cc: <>,
	Michal Simek <>,
	Hyun Kwon <>,
	Tejas Upadhyay <>,
	Satish Kumar Nagireddy <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 2/6] dmaengine: Add interleaved cyclic transaction type
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 12:00:02 +0200
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Hi Laurent, Vinod,

On 14/02/2020 18.22, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
>>> It does, but I really wonder why we need a new terminate operation that
>>> would terminate a single transfer. If we call issue_pending at step B.3,
>>> when the new txn submitted, we can terminate the current transfer at the
>>> point. It changes the semantics of issue_pending, but only for cyclic
>>> transfers (this whole discussions it only about cyclic transfers). As a
>>> cyclic transfer will be repeated forever until terminated, there's no
>>> use case for issuing a new transfer without terminating the one in
>>> progress. I thus don't think we need a new terminate operation: the only
>>> thing that makes sense to do when submitting a new cyclic transfer is to
>>> terminate the current one and switch to the new one, and we already have
>>> all the APIs we need to enable this behaviour.
>> The issue_pending() is a NOP when engine is already running.
> That's not totally right. issue_pending() still moves submitted but not
> issued transactions from the submitted queue to the issued queue. The
> DMA engine only considers the issued queue, so issue_pending()
> essentially tells the DMA engine to consider the submitted transaction
> for processing after the already issued transactions complete (in the
> non-cyclic case).

Vinod's point is for the cyclic case at the current state. It is NOP
essentially as we don't have way to not kill the whole channel.

Just a sidenote: it is not even that clean cut for slave transfers
either as the slave_config must _not_ change between the issued
transfers. Iow, you can not switch between 16bit and 32bit word lengths
with some DMA. EDMA, sDMA can do that, but UDMA can not for example...

>> The design of APIs is that we submit a txn to pending_list and then the
>> pending_list is started when issue_pending() is called.
>> Or if the engine is already running, it will take next txn from
>> pending_list() when current txn completes.
>> The only consideration here in this case is that the cyclic txn never
>> completes. Do we really treat a new txn submission as an 'indication' of
>> completeness? That is indeed a point to ponder upon.
> The reason why I think we should is two-fold:
> 1. I believe it's semantically aligned with the existing behaviour of
> issue_pending(). As explained above, the operation tells the DMA engine
> to consider submitted transactions for processing when the current (and
> other issued) transactions complete. If we extend the definition of
> complete to cover cyclic transactions, I think it's a good match.

We will end up with different behavior between cyclic and non cyclic
transfers and the new behavior should be somehow supported by existing
Yes, issue_pending is moving the submitted tx to the issued queue to be
executed on HW when the current transfer finished.
We only needed this for non cyclic uses so far. Some DMA hw can replace
the current transfer with a new one (re-trigger to fetch the new
configuration, like your's), but some can not (none of the system DMAs
on TI platforms can).
If we say that this is the behavior the DMA drivers must follow then we
will have non compliant DMA drivers. You can not move simply to other
DMA or can not create generic DMA code shared by drivers.

> 2. There's really nothing else we could do with cyclic transactions.
> They never complete today and have to be terminated manually with
> terminate_all(). Using issue_pending() to move to a next cyclic
> transaction doesn't change the existing behaviour by replacing a useful
> (and used) feature, as issue_pending() is currently a no-op for cyclic
> transactions. The newly issued transaction is never considered, and
> calling terminate_all() will cancel the issued transactions. By
> extending the behaviour of issue_pending(), we're making a new use case
> possible, without restricting any other feature, and without "stealing"
> issue_pending() and preventing it from implementing another useful
> behaviour.

But at the same time we make existing drivers non compliant...

Imo a new callback to 'kill' / 'terminate' / 'replace' / 'abort' an
issued cookie would be cleaner.

cookie1 = dmaengine_issue_pending();
// will start the transfer
cookie2 = dmaengine_issue_pending();
// cookie1 still runs, cookie2 is waiting to be executed
// will kill cookie1 and executes cookie2

dmaengine_abort_tx() could take a cookie as parameter if we wish, so you
can say selectively which issued tx you want to remove, if it is the
running one, then stop it and move to the next one.
In place of the cookie parameter a 0 could imply that I don't know the
cookie, but kill the running one.

We would preserve what issue_pending does atm and would give us a
generic flow of how other drivers should handle such cases.

Note that this is not only useful for cyclic cases. Any driver which
currently uses brute-force termination can be upgraded.
Prime example is UART RX. We issue an RX buffer to receive data, but it
is not guarantied that the remote will send data which would fill the
buffer and we hit a timeout waiting. We could issue the next buffer and
kill the stale transfer to reclaim the received data.

I think this can be even implemented for DMAs which can not do the same
thing as your DMA can.

> In a nutshell, an important reason why I like using issue_pending() for
> this purpose is because it makes cyclic and non-cyclic transactions
> behave more similarly, which I think is good from an API consistency
> point of view.
>> Also, we need to keep in mind that the dmaengine wont stop a cyclic
>> txn. It would be running and start next transfer (in this case do
>> from start) while it also gives you an interrupt. Here we would be
>> required to stop it and then start a new one...
> We wouldn't be required to stop it in the middle, the expected behaviour
> is for the DMA engine to complete the cyclic transaction until the end
> of the cycle and then replace it by the new one. That's exactly what
> happens for non-cyclic transactions when you call issue_pending(), which
> makes me like this solution.

Right, so we have two different use cases. Replace the current transfers
with the next issued one and abort the current transfer now and arm the
next issued one.
dmaengine_abort_tx(chan, cookie, forced) ?
forced == false: replace it at cyclic boundary
forced == true: right away (as HW allows), do not wait for cyclic round

>> Or perhaps remove the cyclic setting from the txn when a new one
>> arrives and that behaviour IMO is controller dependent, not sure if
>> all controllers support it..
> At the very least I would assume controllers to be able to stop a cyclic
> transaction forcefully, otherwise terminate_all() could never be
> implemented. This may not lead to a gracefully switch from one cyclic
> transaction to another one if the hardware doesn't allow doing so. In
> that case I think tx_submit() could return an error, or we could turn
> issue_pending() into an int operation to signal the error. Note that
> there's no need to mass-patch drivers here, if a DMA engine client
> issues a second cyclic transaction while one is in progress, the second
> transaction won't be considered today. Signalling an error is in my
> opinion a useful feature, but not doing so in DMA engine drivers can't
> be a regression. We could also add a flag to tell whether this mode of
> operation is supported.

My problems is that it is changing the behavior of issue_pending() for
cyclic. If we document this than all existing DMA drivers are broken
(not complaint with the API documentation) as they don't do this.

>>>> That would be a clean way to handle it. We were missing this API for a
>>>> long time to be able to cancel the ongoing transfer (whether it is
>>>> cyclic or slave_sg, or memcpy) and move to the next one if there is one
>>>> pending.
>>> Note that this new terminate API wouldn't terminate the ongoing transfer
>>> immediately, it would complete first, until the end of the cycle for
>>> cyclic transfers, and until the end of the whole transfer otherwise.
>>> This new operation would thus essentially be a no-op for non-cyclic
>>> transfers. I don't see how it would help :-) Do you have any particular
>>> use case in mind ?
>> Yeah that is something more to think about. Do we really abort here or
>> wait for the txn to complete. I think Peter needs the former and your
>> falls in the latter category
> I definitely need the latter, otherwise the display will flicker (or
> completely misoperate) every time a new frame is displayed, which isn't
> a good idea :-)

Sure, and it is a great feature.

> I'm not sure about Peter's use cases, but it seems to me
> that aborting a transaction immediately is racy in most cases, unless
> the DMA engine supports byte-level residue reporting.

Sort of yes. With EDMA, sDMA I can just kill the channel and set up a
new one right away.
UDMA on the other hand is not that forgiving... I would need to kill the
channel, wait for the termination to complete, reconfigure the channel
and execute the new transfer.

But with a separate callback API at least there will be an entry point
when this can be initiated and handled.
Fwiw, I think it should be simple to add this functionality to them, the
code is kind of handling it in other parts, but implementing it in the
issue_pending() is not really a clean solution.

In a channel you can run slave_sg transfers followed by cyclic if you
wish. A slave channel is what it is, slave channel which can be capable
to execute slave_sg and/or cyclic (and/or interleaved).
If issue_pending() is to take care then we need to check if the current
transfer is cyclic or not and decide based on that.

With a separate callback we in the DMA driver just need to do what the
client is asking for and no need to think.

> One non-intrusive
> option would be to add a flag to signal that a newly issued transaction
> should interrupt the current transaction immediately.

- Péter

Texas Instruments Finland Oy, Porkkalankatu 22, 00180 Helsinki.
Y-tunnus/Business ID: 0615521-4. Kotipaikka/Domicile: Helsinki

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