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From: Elijah Newren <>
To: Git Mailing List <>
Subject: Two RFC/WIP series for facilitating merge conflict resolution
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2018 15:44:02 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Hi everyone,

Last week, Duy posted an interesting RFC patch for improving merge
conflict resolution by coloring the "CONFLICT' messages that are
output during a merge. I have two more ideas (complementary to his)
for improving merge conflict resolution experience.  My two ideas are
mostly independent of each other but with a couple important ties;
I'll shortly respond with a short RFC/WIP series for each.

Some notes applicable to both:
  - Each has a very long cover letter, due to trying to anticipate
questions/surprises and responding to each.  It may be simpler to skip
the cover letter (or just read the up-front summary) and see if the
patches make sense,
  - I am planning to imminently start looking into my merge-recursive
rewrite[1].  One possibility is just doing these changes as part of
the new strategy...thoughts?


[1] See part E from;
also the two RFCs I'm about to post are part C from that email.

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2018-08-06 22:44 Elijah Newren [this message]
2018-08-06 22:45 ` [RFC/WIP PATCH 0/1] Simplify handling of directory/file conflicts Elijah Newren
2018-08-06 22:45   ` [RFC/WIP PATCH 1/1] merge-recursive: make file/directory conflicts easier to resolve Elijah Newren
2018-08-09 17:36     ` Junio C Hamano
2018-08-09 19:26       ` Elijah Newren
2018-08-09 20:54         ` Junio C Hamano
2018-08-09 21:27           ` Elijah Newren
2018-08-06 22:47 ` [RFC/WIP PATCH 0/3] Modifications to handling of non-textual file merge conflicts Elijah Newren
2018-08-06 22:47   ` [RFC/WIP PATCH 1/3] rerere: avoid buffer overrun Elijah Newren
2018-08-06 22:47   ` [RFC/WIP PATCH 2/3] merge-recursive: fix handling of submodules in modify/delete conflicts Elijah Newren
2018-08-06 22:47   ` [RFC/WIP PATCH 3/3] merge-recursive: provide more conflict hints for non-textual conflicts Elijah Newren
2018-08-09 17:52   ` [RFC/WIP PATCH 0/3] Modifications to handling of non-textual file merge conflicts Junio C Hamano
2018-08-09 18:51     ` Elijah Newren

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