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From: Johannes Schindelin <>
To: Tao Klerks <>
Subject: Re: Question about fsmonitor and --untracked-files=all
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 12:40:09 +0200 (CEST)	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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Hi Tao,

On Tue, 22 Sep 2020, Tao Klerks wrote:

> I've got a couple questions about the "fsmonitor" functionality,
> untracked files, and multithreading.
> Background:
> In a repo with:
>  * A couple hundred thousand tracked files, and a couple hundred
> thousand .gitignored files, across a few thousand directories
>  * The --untracked-cache setting, tested and working
>  * core.fsmonitor set up with watchman (with the sample integration
> script from january)
>  * Git version
> "git status" takes about 2s
> "git status --untracked-files=all" takes about 20s
> When I turn off "core.fsmonitor", the numbers change to something like:
> "git status": 8s
> "git status --untracked-files=all": 9s
> Using windows' "procmon" to observe git.exe's behavior from outside, I
> think I've understood a couple things that surprise me:
> 1. when you specify "--untracked-files=all", git scans the entire
> folder tree regardless of the "fsmonitor" hook
> 2. when you specify the "fsmonitor" hook, git does any
> filesystem-scanning in a single-threaded fashion (as opposed to
> multi-threaded without "fsmonitor" / normally)
> These two things combine so that with "fsmonitor" set, normal
> command-line git status performance is great, but the performance in
> tools that eagerly look for untracked files (like "Git Extensions" on
> windows) actually suffers - it takes twice as long to run the 'git -c
> diff.ignoreSubModules=none status --porcelain=2 -z
> --untracked-files=all' command that this UI wants (and blocks on, when
> you go to a commit dialog).
> Questions:
> 1. Is there a reason "--untracked-files=all" causes a full directory
> tree scan even with the "fsmonitor" hook active, or is this
> accidental?

I have a hunch that this might be related to a performance hack we have in
Git for Windows: did you enable FSCache perchance?

If so, I _suspect_ that turning it off would accelerate `git status


> 2. Assuming that the full directory tree scan is indeed necessary even
> with "fsmonitor" (when requesting all untracked files), could it be
> made multithreaded?
> (my apologies for the simplistic "outside-in" observations; I don't
> feel qualified to attempt to understand the git source code)
> Thanks for any help understanding the optimization opportunities here!
> Tao Klerks

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