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From: Junio C Hamano <>
To: Daniel Lezcano <>
Subject: Re: Adding a line after the signed-off git am -s
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 10:03:54 +0900	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <> (Daniel Lezcano's message of "Fri, 11 Oct 2019 16:43:45 +0200")

Daniel Lezcano <> writes:

> I would like to do something:
> git am -s -l "Link:<msgid>"
> Which will give:
> blabla
> Signed-off-by:
> Signed-off-by:
> Link:<msgid>
> This way it is compatible with patchwork, git-pw, etc...

There is the post-applypatch hook you can define after the patch
gets applied and produces a commit.

I use it to maintain the amlog notes in my repository (iow, I do not
amend the commit, but add notes to the resulting commit so that I
can tell, given a commit, which message resulted in it).  

If you want to amend the resulting commit instead, the place to do
so would be where I call "git notes --ref amlog" in the sample

-- >8 -- post-applypatch hook example -- >8 --


prec=4 &&
this=$(cat 2>/dev/null "$dotest/next") &&
msgnum=$(printf "%0${prec}d" $this) &&
test -f "$dotest/$msgnum" &&
message_id=$(sed -ne '
	/^[ 	]/{
		# Append continuation line to hold space
		# Swap hold and pattern
		# Remove the LF, making it a single line
		# Swap hold and pattern back
		# Discard the pattern and go on
	# Hold this new line, and look at what is in the hold space
	# Is it the Message-ID line?  If so, spit it out and finish.
	/^[Mm][Ee][Ss][Ss][Aa][Gg][Ee]-[Ii][Dd]:[ 	]*/{
	# Otherwise, check if this new line is empty
	# Is it?  Then we are done with the header
	/^$/b end
	# Otherwise we need to hold onto this header line
	# And start the next cycle
: end
	# ??? do we want to check if we held onto the last message-id line
	# and process it here if we did???
' "$dotest/$msgnum") &&

if	test -n "$message_id" &&
	head=$(git rev-parse --verify HEAD 2>/dev/null)
	echo "$head $message_id" >>"$GIT_DIR"/am.log &&
	git notes --ref amlog add -f -m "Message-Id: $message_id" "$head"

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