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From: "Sarvela, Tomi P" <>
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Subject: Re: [Intel-gfx] Public i915 CI shardruns are disabled
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2021 08:31:40 +0000	[thread overview]
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It seems that the chops to be built has been re-defined several times in pipelines. Fixed.


From: Sarvela, Tomi P
Sent: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 7:27 PM
To: '' <>
Cc: Szwichtenberg, Radoslaw <>
Subject: RE: Public i915 CI shardruns are disabled

The regression has been identified; Chris Wilson found commits touching
swapfile.c, and reverting them the issue couldn't be reproduced any more.

This revert will be applied to core-for-CI branch. When new CI_DRM has
been built, shard-testing will be enabled again.


Tomi Sarvela

From: Sarvela, Tomi P
More information (excuse my top-posting):

- Issue happens in igt@gem_tiled_swapping@non-threaded Mlocking
phase, before "starting subtest" appears.

- Filesystem trashed is the one containing swapfile

- If swap is partition, it seems that the swap signature is correct even
after running the test, so for now I'm assuming that the issue has to do
with swapfile

- Bisection between 20210129 and 20210215 proved to be challenging,
because the kernels have pre-init hang, don't leave dmesg and I don't
have console on testing host. Petri's suggestion to bisect between
CI_DRM_9817 and 9818 might work better


Tomi Sarvela

From: Sarvela, Tomi P

The linux i915 CI shardruns have been disabled. This is due to the unfortunate
filesystem-corrupting bug first seen in linux-next 20210215, which now has
been merged to linus 5.12-rc1 and further on to DRM-Tip, first instance seen
in CI_DRM_9818. Last changes coming in were:

fb3b93df7979 drm-tip: 2021y-03m-01d-09h-36m-57s UTC integration manifest
3b3c4086295b drm-tip: 2021y-03m-01d-08h-49m-06s UTC integration manifest
fe07bfda2fb9 Linux 5.12-rc1

More information can be seen at:

I've seen this bug happen regularly with (but not limited to) IGT test:

The range for bisection is linux-next 20210215 to 20210129 because the kernels
in-between taint the kernel and our i915 testing was not done. Hitting the bug
corrupts the underlying filesystem very thoroughly, wiping out large amount of
data from the beginning of the partition which leaves fsck sad with thousands of
items lost. Bisection of the IGT testlist was done with two root filesystems, where
testable kernel booted from 2. partition, and copy of the 2. partition was stored
on 1. partition and could be restored at will.

I'll continue bisecting this bug on the linux-next tree again. If someone has more
information where this issue originates from, help would be appreciated.


Tomi Sarvela

Intel Finland Oy - BIC 0357606-4 - Westendinkatu 7, 02160 Espoo

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