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From: Jens Axboe <>
To: Xiaoguang Wang <>,
Subject: Re: [PATCH] io_uring: fix poll_list race for SETUP_IOPOLL|SETUP_SQPOLL
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 09:13:59 -0800
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On 2/14/20 6:11 AM, Xiaoguang Wang wrote:
> After making ext4 support iopoll method:
>   let ext4_file_operations's iopoll method be iomap_dio_iopoll(),
> we found fio can easily hang in fio_ioring_getevents() with below fio
> job:
>     rm -f testfile; sync;
>     sudo fio -name=fiotest -filename=testfile -iodepth=128 -thread
> -rw=write -ioengine=io_uring  -hipri=1 -sqthread_poll=1 -direct=1
> -bs=4k -size=10G -numjobs=8 -runtime=2000 -group_reporting
> There are two issues that results in this hang, one reason is that
> does not use io_uring_enter to get completed events, it relies on
> kernel io_sq_thread to poll for completed events.
> Another reason is that there is a race: when io_submit_sqes() in
> io_sq_thread() submits a batch of sqes, variable 'inflight' will
> record the number of submitted reqs, then io_sq_thread will poll for
> reqs which have been added to poll_list. But note, if some previous
> reqs have been punted to io worker, these reqs will won't be in
> poll_list timely. io_sq_thread() will only poll for a part of previous
> submitted reqs, and then find poll_list is empty, reset variable
> 'inflight' to be zero. If app just waits these deferred reqs and does
> not wake up io_sq_thread again, then hang happens.
> For app that entirely relies on io_sq_thread to poll completed requests,
> let io_iopoll_req_issued() wake up io_sq_thread properly when adding new
> element to poll_list.

I think your analysis is correct, but the various conditional locking
and unlocking in io_sq_thread() is not easy to follow. When I see
things like:

@@ -5101,16 +5095,22 @@ static int io_sq_thread(void *data)
 			if (!to_submit || ret == -EBUSY) {
 				if (kthread_should_park()) {
 					finish_wait(&ctx->sqo_wait, &wait);
+					if (iopoll)
+						mutex_unlock(&ctx->uring_lock);
 				if (signal_pending(current))
+				if (iopoll)
+					mutex_unlock(&ctx->uring_lock);
 				finish_wait(&ctx->sqo_wait, &wait);
 				ctx->rings->sq_flags &= ~IORING_SQ_NEED_WAKEUP;
+			if (iopoll)
+				mutex_unlock(&ctx->uring_lock);
 			finish_wait(&ctx->sqo_wait, &wait);
 			ctx->rings->sq_flags &= ~IORING_SQ_NEED_WAKEUP;

it triggers the taste senses a bit. Any chance you could take another
look at that part and see if we can clean it up a bit?

Even if that isn't possible, then I think it'd help to rename 'iopoll'
to something related to the lock, and have a comment when you first do:

	/* If we're doing polled IO, we need to bla bla */
	if (ctx->flags & IORING_SETUP_IOPOLL)
		needs_uring_lock = true;

Jens Axboe

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