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From: Xiaoguang Wang <>
To: Yu Jian Wu <>,, "" <>,
	joseph qi <>,,
Subject: Re: Should io_sq_thread belongs to specific cpu, not io_uring instance
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2020 20:18:24 +0800	[thread overview]
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> On 4/14/20 9:08 AM, Xiaoguang Wang wrote:
>> hi,
>> Currently we can create multiple io_uring instances which all have SQPOLL
>> enabled and make them run in the same cpu core by setting sq_thread_cpu
>> argument, but I think this behaviour maybe not efficient. Say we create two
>> io_uring instances, which both have sq_thread_cpu set to 1 and sq_thread_idle
>> set to 1000 milliseconds, there maybe such scene below:
>>    For example, in 0-1s time interval, io_uring instance0 has neither sqes
>> nor cqes, so it just busy waits for new sqes in 0-1s time interval, but
>> io_uring instance1 have work to do, submitting sqes or polling issued requests,
>> then io_uring instance0 will impact io_uring instance1. Of cource io_uring
>> instance1 may impact iouring instance0 as well, which is not efficient. I think
>> the complete disorder of multiple io_uring instances running in same cpu core is
>> not good.
>> How about we create one io_sq_thread for user specified cpu for multiple io_uring
>> instances which try to share this cpu core, that means this io_sq_thread does not
>> belong to specific io_uring instance, it belongs to specific cpu and will
>> handle requests from mulpile io_uring instance, see simple running flow:
>>    1, for cpu 1, now there are no io_uring instances bind to it, so do not create io_sq_thread
>>    2, io_uring instance1 is created and bind to cpu 1, then create cpu1's io_sq_thread
>>    3, io_sq_thread will handle io_uring instance1's requests
>>    4, io_uring instance2 is created and bind to cpu 1, since there are already an
>>       io_sq_thread for cpu 1, will not create an io_sq_thread for cpu1.
>>    5. now io_sq_thread in cpu1 will handle both io_uring instances' requests.
>> What do you think about it? Thanks.
>> Regards,
>> Xiaoguang Wang
> Hi Xiaoguang,
> We (a group of researchers at Utah and Columbia) are currently trying that right now.
Cool, thanks, let me explain more why we need this feature :)
Cpu is a much more important resource. Say a physical machine has 96 cores,
if we run many io_uring instances which all have sqpoll enabled, indeed we
can only allocate a small number of cpus to io_sq_thread, so sharing cpu to
poll is valuable.

> We have an initial prototype going, and we are assessing the performance impact now to see if we can see gains. Basically, have a rcu-list of io_uring_ctx and then traverse the list and do work in a shared io_sq_thread. We are starting experiments on a machine with fast SSDs where we hope to see some performance benefits.
You can try this test case to assessing the performance :)
   1. create two io_uring instances, which both have sqpoll enabled, set
sq_thread_idle to 1000ms and bind to same cpu core.
   2. one io_uring instance just sends one io request per 500ms, which will
make this instance's io_sq_thead always contend for the cpu.
   3. another io_uring instance issues io requests continually, so this
instance's io_sq_thread will also contend for the cpu.
In current io_uring implementation, I think the second io_uring instance will
be impacted by the first io_uring instance.

> We will send the list of patches soon, once we are sure the approach works and we finish cleaning it up. (There is a subtlety of what to do with the timeouts and resched() when not pinning.)
> We'll keep you in the loop on any updates. Feel free to contact any of us.
OK, thanks.

Xiaoguang Wang
> Thanks,
> Yu Jian Wu

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