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Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH v2 00/13] virtio/vsock: introduce SOCK_SEQPACKET support.
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 12:59:30 +0300	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <2fd6fc75-c534-7f70-c116-50b1c804b594@yandex.ru> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <20210115053553.1454517-1-arseny.krasnov@kaspersky.com>

15.01.2021 08:35, Arseny Krasnov пишет:
> 	This patchset impelements support of SOCK_SEQPACKET for virtio
> transport.
> 	As SOCK_SEQPACKET guarantees to save record boundaries, so to
> do it, new packet operation was added: it marks start of record (with
> record length in header), such packet doesn't carry any data.  To send
> record, packet with start marker is sent first, then all data is sent
> as usual 'RW' packets. On receiver's side, length of record is known
> from packet with start record marker. Now as  packets of one socket
> are not reordered neither on vsock nor on vhost transport layers, such
> marker allows to restore original record on receiver's side. If user's
> buffer is smaller that


>   record length, when


>   v1 -> v2:
>   - patches reordered: af_vsock.c changes now before virtio vsock
>   - patches reorganized: more small patches, where +/- are not mixed

If you did this because I asked, then this
is not what I asked. :)
You can't just add some static func in a
separate patch, as it will just produce the
compilation warning of an unused function.
I only asked to separate the refactoring from
the new code. I.e. if you move some code
block to a separate function, you shouldn't
split that into 2 patches, one that adds a
code block and another one that removes it.
It should be in one patch, so that it is clear
what was moved, and no new warnings are
What I asked to separate, is the old code
moves with the new code additions. Such
things can definitely go in a separate patches.

NB: just trying to help, as I already played
with your code a bit. I am neither a
maintainer nor a contributor here, but
it would be cool to have the vsock SEQPACKET

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2021-01-15  5:35 [RFC PATCH v2 00/13] virtio/vsock: introduce SOCK_SEQPACKET support Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-15  5:40 ` [RFC PATCH v2 01/13] af_vsock: implement 'vsock_wait_data()' Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-18 14:51   ` Stefano Garzarella
2021-01-15  5:40 ` [RFC PATCH v2 02/13] af_vsock: separate rx loops for STREAM/SEQPACKET Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-18 15:04   ` Stefano Garzarella
2021-01-15  5:41 ` [RFC PATCH v2 03/13] af_vsock: implement rx loops entry point Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-15  5:41 ` [RFC PATCH v2 04/13] af_vsock: replace previous stream rx loop Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-15  5:42 ` [RFC PATCH v2 05/13] af_vsock: implement send logic for SOCK_SEQPACKET Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-15  5:42 ` [RFC PATCH v2 06/13] af_vsock: general support of SOCK_SEQPACKET type Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-18 15:12   ` Stefano Garzarella
2021-01-15  5:42 ` [RFC PATCH v2 07/13] af_vsock: update comments for stream sockets Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-15  5:43 ` [RFC PATCH v2 08/13] virtio/vsock: dequeue callback for SOCK_SEQPACKET Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-18 15:14   ` Stefano Garzarella
2021-01-15  5:43 ` [RFC PATCH v2 09/13] virtio/vsock: implement fetch of record length Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-15  5:44 ` [RFC PATCH v2 10/13] virtio/vsock: update receive logic Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-18 15:15   ` Stefano Garzarella
2021-01-15  5:44 ` [RFC PATCH v2 11/13] virtio/vsock: rest of SOCK_SEQPACKET support Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-18 15:15   ` Stefano Garzarella
2021-01-15  5:45 ` [RFC PATCH v2 12/13] vhost/vsock: support for SOCK_SEQPACKET socket Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-15  5:45 ` [RFC PATCH v2 13/13] vsock_test: add SOCK_SEQPACKET tests Arseny Krasnov
2021-01-15  9:59 ` stsp [this message]
2021-01-18 15:16   ` [RFC PATCH v2 00/13] virtio/vsock: introduce SOCK_SEQPACKET support Stefano Garzarella

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