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[PATCH v4 00/66] KVM: arm64: ARMv8.3/8.4 Nested Virtualization support
 2021-05-10 16:59 UTC  (29+ messages)
` [PATCH v4 01/66] arm64: Add ARM64_HAS_NESTED_VIRT cpufeature
` [PATCH v4 02/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Introduce nested virtualization VCPU feature
` [PATCH v4 03/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Reset VCPU to EL2 registers if VCPU nested virt is set
` [PATCH v4 04/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Allow userspace to set PSR_MODE_EL2x
` [PATCH v4 05/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Add EL2 system registers to vcpu context
` [PATCH v4 06/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Add nested virt VCPU primitives for vEL2 VCPU state
` [PATCH v4 07/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Handle HCR_EL2.NV system register traps
` [PATCH v4 08/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Reset VMPIDR_EL2 and VPIDR_EL2 to sane values
` [PATCH v4 09/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Support virtual EL2 exceptions
` [PATCH v4 10/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Inject HVC exceptions to the virtual EL2
` [PATCH v4 11/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Handle trapped ERET from "
` [PATCH v4 12/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Add non-VHE-EL2->EL1 translation helpers
` [PATCH v4 13/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Handle virtual EL2 registers in vcpu_read/write_sys_reg()
` [PATCH v4 21/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Handle PSCI call via smc from the guest
` [PATCH v4 26/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Respect the virtual HCR_EL2.NV1 bit setting
` [PATCH v4 27/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Emulate EL12 register accesses from the virtual EL2
` [PATCH v4 29/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Configure HCR_EL2 for nested virtualization
` [PATCH v4 30/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Only toggle cache for virtual EL2 when SCTLR_EL2 changes
` [PATCH v4 32/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Hide RAS from nested guests
` [PATCH v4 36/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Restrict S2 RD/WR permissions to match the guest's
` [PATCH v4 39/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Set a handler for the system instruction traps
` [PATCH v4 41/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Trap and emulate TLBI instructions from virtual EL2
` [PATCH v4 51/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Add nested GICv3 tracepoints
` [PATCH v4 52/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Allow userspace to request KVM_ARM_VCPU_NESTED_VIRT
` [PATCH v4 53/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Add handling of ARMv8.4-TTL TLB invalidation
` [PATCH v4 57/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Add include containing the VNCR_EL2 offsets
` [PATCH v4 62/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Sync nested timer state with ARMv8.4
` [PATCH v4 63/66] KVM: arm64: nv: Allocate VNCR page when required

[PATCH] KVM: selftests: Print a message if /dev/kvm is missing
 2021-05-10 17:23 UTC  (5+ messages)

[PATCH 00/15] KVM: x86: RDPID/RDTSCP fixes and uret MSR cleanups
 2021-05-10 17:20 UTC  (43+ messages)
` [PATCH 01/15] KVM: VMX: Do not adverise RDPID if ENABLE_RDTSCP control is unsupported
` [PATCH 02/15] KVM: x86: Emulate RDPID only if RDTSCP is supported
` [PATCH 03/15] KVM: SVM: Inject #UD on RDTSCP when it should be disabled in the guest
` [PATCH 04/15] KVM: x86: Move RDPID emulation intercept to its own enum
` [PATCH 05/15] KVM: VMX: Disable preemption when probing user return MSRs
` [PATCH 06/15] KVM: SVM: Probe and load MSR_TSC_AUX regardless of RDTSCP support in host
` [PATCH 07/15] KVM: x86: Add support for RDPID without RDTSCP
` [PATCH 08/15] KVM: VMX: Configure list of user return MSRs at module init
` [PATCH 09/15] KVM: VMX: Use flag to indicate "active" uret MSRs instead of sorting list
` [PATCH 10/15] KVM: VMX: Use common x86's uret MSR list as the one true list
` [PATCH 11/15] KVM: VMX: Disable loading of TSX_CTRL MSR the more conventional way
` [PATCH 12/15] KVM: x86: Export the number of uret MSRs to vendor modules
` [PATCH 13/15] KVM: x86: Move uret MSR slot management to common x86
` [PATCH 14/15] KVM: x86: Tie Intel and AMD behavior for MSR_TSC_AUX to guest CPU model
` [PATCH 15/15] KVM: x86: Hide RDTSCP and RDPID if MSR_TSC_AUX probing failed

[PATCH v16 00/14] s390/vfio-ap: dynamic configuration support
 2021-05-10 16:44 UTC  (15+ messages)
` [PATCH v16 01/14] s390/vfio-ap: fix memory leak in mdev remove callback
` [PATCH v16 02/14] s390/vfio-ap: use new AP bus interface to search for queue devices
` [PATCH v16 03/14] s390/vfio-ap: move probe and remove callbacks to vfio_ap_ops.c
` [PATCH v16 04/14] s390/vfio-ap: manage link between queue struct and matrix mdev
` [PATCH v16 05/14] s390/vfio-ap: introduce shadow APCB
` [PATCH v16 06/14] s390/vfio-ap: refresh guest's APCB by filtering APQNs assigned to mdev
` [PATCH v16 07/14] s390/vfio-ap: allow assignment of unavailable AP queues to mdev device
` [PATCH v16 08/14] s390/vfio-ap: allow hot plug/unplug of AP resources using "
` [PATCH v16 09/14] s390/vfio-ap: reset queues after adapter/domain unassignment
` [PATCH v16 10/14] s390/zcrypt: driver callback to indicate resource in use
` [PATCH v16 11/14] s390/vfio-ap: implement in-use callback for vfio_ap driver
` [PATCH v16 12/14] s390/vfio-ap: sysfs attribute to display the guest's matrix
` [PATCH v16 13/14] s390/zcrypt: notify drivers on config changed and scan complete callbacks
` [PATCH v16 14/14] s390/vfio-ap: update docs to include dynamic config support

[PATCH v3 0/8] Lazily allocate memslot rmaps
 2021-05-10 16:37 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [PATCH v3 2/8] KVM: x86/mmu: Factor out allocating memslot rmap
` [PATCH v3 5/8] KVM: x86/mmu: Add a field to control memslot rmap allocation

[patch 0/4] VMX: configure posted interrupt descriptor when assigning device
 2021-05-07 22:08 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [patch 4/4] KVM: VMX: update vcpu posted-interrupt "

[PATCH v3 0/9] KVM: arm64: Initial host support for the Apple M1
 2021-05-10 16:19 UTC  (11+ messages)
` [PATCH v3 1/9] irqchip/gic: Split vGIC probing information from the GIC code
` [PATCH v3 2/9] KVM: arm64: Handle physical FIQ as an IRQ while running a guest
` [PATCH v3 3/9] KVM: arm64: vgic: Be tolerant to the lack of maintenance interrupt
` [PATCH v3 4/9] KVM: arm64: vgic: Let an interrupt controller advertise lack of HW deactivation
` [PATCH v3 5/9] KVM: arm64: vgic: move irq->get_input_level into an ops structure
` [PATCH v3 6/9] KVM: arm64: vgic: Implement SW-driven deactivation
` [PATCH v3 7/9] KVM: arm64: timer: Refactor IRQ configuration
` [PATCH v3 8/9] KVM: arm64: timer: Add support for SW-based deactivation
` [PATCH v3 9/9] irqchip/apple-aic: Advertise some level of vGICv3 compatibility

[PATCH 0/2] KVM: x86: Fixes for SEV-ES state tracking
 2021-05-10 16:10 UTC  (4+ messages)
` [PATCH 2/2] KVM: x86: Allow userspace to update tracked sregs for protected guests

[PATCH 0/8] KVM: VMX: Implement nested TSC scaling
 2021-05-10 16:08 UTC  (27+ messages)
` [PATCH 1/8] KVM: VMX: Add a TSC multiplier field in VMCS12
` [PATCH 2/8] KVM: X86: Store L1's TSC scaling ratio in 'struct kvm_vcpu_arch'
` [PATCH 3/8] KVM: X86: Pass an additional 'L1' argument to kvm_scale_tsc()
` [PATCH 4/8] KVM: VMX: Adjust the TSC-related VMCS fields on L2 entry and exit
` [PATCH 5/8] KVM: X86: Move tracing outside write_l1_tsc_offset()
` [PATCH 6/8] KVM: VMX: Make vmx_write_l1_tsc_offset() work with nested TSC scaling
` [PATCH 7/8] KVM: VMX: Expose TSC scaling to L2
` [PATCH 8/8] KVM: selftests: x86: Add vmx_nested_tsc_scaling_test

[for-6.1 v3 0/3] virtiofsd: Add support for FUSE_SYNCFS request
 2021-05-10 15:58 UTC  (4+ messages)
` [for-6.1 v3 2/3] virtiofsd: Track mounts
` [for-6.1 v3 3/3] virtiofsd: Add support for FUSE_SYNCFS request

more iommu dead code removal
 2021-05-10 15:54 UTC  (9+ messages)
` [PATCH 1/6] iommu: remove the unused dev_has_feat method
` [PATCH 2/6] iommu: remove the unused iommu_aux_get_pasid interface
` [PATCH 3/6] vfio: remove the unused mdev iommu hook
` [PATCH 4/6] iommu: remove iommu_aux_{attach,detach}_device
` [PATCH 5/6] iommu: remove IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_AUX
` [PATCH 6/6] iommu: remove iommu_dev_feature_enabled

[PATCH kvm-unit-tests v3 0/8] arm/arm64: Prepare for target-efi
 2021-05-10 15:45 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH kvm-unit-tests v3 4/8] arm/arm64: mmu: Stop mapping an assumed IO region

[PATCH v6 0/2] fallback for emulation errors
 2021-05-10 14:48 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH v6 1/2] kvm: x86: Allow userspace to handle "
` [PATCH v6 2/2] selftests: kvm: Allows "

[PATCH 0/2] KVM: arm64: Fixup PC updates on exit to userspace
 2021-05-10 15:14 UTC  (8+ messages)
` [PATCH 1/2] KVM: arm64: Move __adjust_pc out of line
` [PATCH 2/2] KVM: arm64: Commit pending PC adjustemnts before returning to userspace

[PATCH 00/53] Get rid of UTF-8 chars that can be mapped as ASCII
 2021-05-10 14:33 UTC  (14+ messages)
` [PATCH 52/53] docs: virt: kvm: avoid using UTF-8 chars

[kvm-unit-tests PATCH 0/4] s390x: cpumodel: Add sclp checks
 2021-05-10 15:00 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH 1/4] s390x: sclp: Only fetch read info byte 134 if cpu entries are above it
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH 2/4] lib: s390x: sclp: Extend feature probing
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH 3/4] s390x: cpumodel: FMT4 SCLP test
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH 4/4] s390x: cpumodel: FMT2 SCLP implies test

[kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 0/6] s390x: uv: Extend guest test and add host test
 2021-05-10 13:51 UTC  (7+ messages)
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 1/6] s390x: uv-guest: Add invalid share location test
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 2/6] s390x: Add more Ultravisor command structure definitions
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 3/6] s390x: uv: Add UV lib
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 4/6] s390x: Test for share/unshare call support before using them
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 5/6] s390x: uv-guest: Test invalid commands
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 6/6] s390x: Add UV host test

[PATCH 0/6] sched,delayacct: Some cleanups
 2021-05-10 12:06 UTC  (8+ messages)
` [PATCH 2/6] sched: Rename sched_info_{queued,dequeued}
` [PATCH 5/6] delayacct: Add static_branch in scheduler hooks
` [PATCH 7/6] delayacct: Add sysctl to enable at runtime

[PATCH] KVM: x86: hyper-v: Task srcu lock when accessing kvm_memslots()
 2021-05-10 11:15 UTC  (4+ messages)

[PATCH] Revert "irqbypass: do not start cons/prod when failed connect"
 2021-05-10 11:01 UTC  (13+ messages)

Question on guest enable msi fail when using GICv4/4.1
 2021-05-10  9:59 UTC  (8+ messages)

[PATCH v5 0/2] fallback for emulation errors
 2021-05-10  9:37 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [PATCH v5 1/2] kvm: x86: Allow userspace to handle "

[GIT PULL] KVM/arm64 updates for 5.9
 2021-05-10  8:43 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [PATCH 15/56] KVM: arm64: Add build rules for separate VHE/nVHE object files

[RESEND PATCH v4 00/10] KVM: x86/pmu: Guest Architectural LBR Enabling
 2021-05-10  8:15 UTC  (12+ messages)
` [RESEND PATCH v4 01/10] perf/x86/intel: Fix the comment about guest LBR support on KVM
` [RESEND PATCH v4 02/10] perf/x86/lbr: Simplify the exposure check for the LBR_INFO registers
` [RESEND PATCH v4 03/10] KVM: vmx/pmu: Add MSR_ARCH_LBR_DEPTH emulation for Arch LBR
` [RESEND PATCH v4 04/10] KVM: vmx/pmu: Add MSR_ARCH_LBR_CTL "
` [RESEND PATCH v4 05/10] KVM: vmx/pmu: Add Arch LBR emulation and its VMCS field
` [RESEND PATCH v4 06/10] KVM: x86: Expose Architectural LBR CPUID leaf
` [RESEND PATCH v4 07/10] KVM: x86: Refresh CPUID on writes to MSR_IA32_XSS
` [RESEND PATCH v4 08/10] KVM: x86: Report XSS as an MSR to be saved if there are supported features
` [RESEND PATCH v4 09/10] KVM: x86: Refine the matching and clearing logic for supported_xss
` [RESEND PATCH v4 10/10] KVM: x86: Add XSAVE Support for Architectural LBRs
` [RESEND kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2] x86: Update guest LBR tests for Architectural LBR

[PATCH 0/2] update virtio id table
 2021-05-10  8:10 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH 1/2] virtio: update virtio id table, add transitional ids
` [PATCH 2/2] vDPA/ifcvf: reuse pre-defined macros for device ids and vendor ids

[PATCH v2 00/11] KVM: arm64: Move PC/ELR/SPSR/PSTATE updatess to EL2
 2021-05-10  7:59 UTC  (9+ messages)
` [PATCH v2 03/11] KVM: arm64: Make kvm_skip_instr() and co private to HYP

[PATCH 0/4] x86: Don't invoke asm_exc_nmi() on the kernel stack
 2021-05-10  7:59 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH 1/4] x86/xen/entry: Rename xenpv_exc_nmi to noist_exc_nmi

[PATCH 0/6] KVM: arm64: selftests: Fix get-reg-list
 2021-05-10  6:40 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH 4/6] KVM: arm64: selftests: get-reg-list: Provide config selection option

[PATCH v2] KVM: selftests: Print a message if /dev/kvm is missing
 2021-05-10  6:28 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH] vfio/pci: Sanity check IGD OpRegion Size
 2021-05-10  6:12 UTC  (5+ messages)

[PATCH v3 15/17] target/ppc/kvm: Replace alloca() by g_malloc()
 2021-05-10  5:38 UTC  (2+ messages)

[syzbot] KASAN: use-after-free Read in nfc_llcp_put_ssap
 2021-05-09 19:52 UTC 

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