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[PATCH 0/6] x86/sev-es: Fixes for SEV-ES guest support
 2021-05-19 11:33 UTC  (8+ messages)
` [PATCH 3/6] x86/sev-es: Use __put_user()/__get_user

[PATCH v18 00/18] KVM RISC-V Support
 2021-05-19 11:18 UTC  (28+ messages)
` [PATCH v18 01/18] RISC-V: Add hypervisor extension related CSR defines
` [PATCH v18 02/18] RISC-V: Add initial skeletal KVM support
` [PATCH v18 03/18] RISC-V: KVM: Implement VCPU create, init and destroy functions
` [PATCH v18 04/18] RISC-V: KVM: Implement VCPU interrupts and requests handling
` [PATCH v18 05/18] RISC-V: KVM: Implement KVM_GET_ONE_REG/KVM_SET_ONE_REG ioctls
` [PATCH v18 06/18] RISC-V: KVM: Implement VCPU world-switch
` [PATCH v18 07/18] RISC-V: KVM: Handle MMIO exits for VCPU
` [PATCH v18 08/18] RISC-V: KVM: Handle WFI "
` [PATCH v18 09/18] RISC-V: KVM: Implement VMID allocator
` [PATCH v18 10/18] RISC-V: KVM: Implement stage2 page table programming
` [PATCH v18 11/18] RISC-V: KVM: Implement MMU notifiers
` [PATCH v18 12/18] RISC-V: KVM: Add timer functionality
` [PATCH v18 13/18] RISC-V: KVM: FP lazy save/restore
` [PATCH v18 14/18] RISC-V: KVM: Implement ONE REG interface for FP registers
` [PATCH v18 15/18] RISC-V: KVM: Add SBI v0.1 support
` [PATCH v18 16/18] RISC-V: KVM: Document RISC-V specific parts of KVM API
` [PATCH v18 17/18] RISC-V: KVM: Move sources to drivers/staging directory
` [PATCH v18 18/18] RISC-V: KVM: Add MAINTAINERS entry

[kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 0/3] s390x: cpumodel: Add sclp checks
 2021-05-19 10:43 UTC  (8+ messages)
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 1/3] s390x: sclp: Only fetch read info byte 134 if cpu entries are above it
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 2/3] lib: s390x: sclp: Extend feature probing
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 3/3] s390x: cpumodel: FMT2 and FMT4 SCLP test

[PATCH v2 00/10] KVM: Implement nested TSC scaling
 2021-05-19 10:15 UTC  (16+ messages)
` [PATCH v2 01/10] math64.h: Add mul_s64_u64_shr()
` [PATCH v2 02/10] KVM: X86: Store L1's TSC scaling ratio in 'struct kvm_vcpu_arch'
` [PATCH v2 03/10] KVM: X86: Add kvm_scale_tsc_l1() and kvm_compute_tsc_offset_l1()
` [PATCH v2 06/10] KVM: X86: Add functions that calculate the 02 TSC offset and multiplier
` [PATCH v2 07/10] KVM: X86: Move write_l1_tsc_offset() logic to common code and rename it
` [PATCH v2 08/10] KVM: VMX: Set the TSC offset and multiplier on nested entry and exit

[PATCH 00/10] Documentation build warning fixes
 2021-05-19  8:51 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH 02/10] docs: vcpu-requests.rst: fix reference for atomic ops
` [PATCH 06/10] docs: virt: api.rst: fix a pointer to SGX documentation

[kvm-unit-tests PATCH v3 0/6] s390x: uv: Extend guest test and add host test
 2021-05-19  8:16 UTC  (8+ messages)
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v3 1/6] s390x: uv-guest: Add invalid share location test
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v3 2/6] s390x: Add more Ultravisor command structure definitions
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v3 3/6] s390x: uv: Add UV lib
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v3 4/6] s390x: Test for share/unshare call support before using them
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v3 5/6] s390x: uv-guest: Test invalid commands
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v3 6/6] s390x: Add UV host test

[PATCH v2 0/5] KVM: x86: hyper-v: Conditionally allow SynIC with APICv/AVIC
 2021-05-19  7:58 UTC  (11+ messages)
` [PATCH v2 1/5] KVM: SVM: Drop unneeded CONFIG_X86_LOCAL_APIC check for AVIC
` [PATCH v2 2/5] KVM: VMX: Drop unneeded CONFIG_X86_LOCAL_APIC check from cpu_has_vmx_posted_intr()
` [PATCH v2 3/5] KVM: x86: Use common 'enable_apicv' variable for both APICv and AVIC
` [PATCH v2 4/5] KVM: x86: Invert APICv/AVIC enablement check
` [PATCH v2 5/5] KVM: x86: hyper-v: Deactivate APICv only when AutoEOI feature is in use

[PATCH 00/43] KVM: x86: vCPU RESET/INIT fixes and consolidation
 2021-05-19  5:59 UTC  (34+ messages)
` [PATCH 01/43] KVM: nVMX: Set LDTR to its architecturally defined value on nested VM-Exit
` [PATCH 02/43] KVM: VMX: Set EDX at INIT with CPUID.0x1, Family-Model-Stepping
` [PATCH 03/43] KVM: SVM: Require exact CPUID.0x1 match when stuffing EDX at INIT
` [PATCH 04/43] KVM: SVM: Fall back to KVM's hardcoded value for EDX at RESET/INIT
` [PATCH 05/43] KVM: x86: Split out CR0/CR4 MMU role change detectors to separate helpers
` [PATCH 06/43] KVM: x86: Properly reset MMU context at vCPU RESET/INIT
` [PATCH 08/43] KVM: SVM: Drop explicit MMU reset at RESET/INIT
` [PATCH 09/43] KVM: SVM: Drop a redundant init_vmcb() from svm_create_vcpu()
` [PATCH 10/43] KVM: VMX: Move init_vmcs() invocation to vmx_vcpu_reset()
` [PATCH 19/43] KVM: x86: Move EDX initialization at vCPU RESET to common code
` [PATCH 20/43] KVM: SVM: Don't bother writing vmcb->save.rip at vCPU RESET/INIT
` [PATCH 22/43] KVM: VMX: Remove direct write to vcpu->arch.cr0 during "
` [PATCH 30/43] KVM: SVM: Drop redundant writes to vmcb->save.cr4 at RESET/INIT
` [PATCH 33/43] KVM: VMX: Refresh list of user return MSRs after setting guest CPUID
` [PATCH 35/43] KVM: x86: Move setting of sregs during vCPU RESET/INIT to common x86

[PATCH v4 1/5] KVM: exit halt polling on need_resched() for both book3s and generic halt-polling
 2021-05-19  2:57 UTC  (8+ messages)
` [PATCH v4 2/5] KVM: X86: Bail out of direct yield in case of under-committed scenarios
` [PATCH v4 3/5] KVM: X86: Fix vCPU preempted state from guest's point of view
` [PATCH v4 4/5] KVM: X86: hyper-v: Task srcu lock when accessing kvm_memslots()
` [PATCH v4 5/5] KVM: LAPIC: Narrow the timer latency between wait_lapic_expire and world switch

[PATCH v6 00/16] KVM: x86/pmu: Add *basic* support to enable guest PEBS via DS
 2021-05-19  1:44 UTC  (41+ messages)
` [PATCH v6 02/16] perf/x86/intel: Handle guest PEBS overflow PMI for KVM guest
` [PATCH v6 04/16] KVM: x86/pmu: Set MSR_IA32_MISC_ENABLE_EMON bit when vPMU is enabled
` [PATCH v6 05/16] KVM: x86/pmu: Introduce the ctrl_mask value for fixed counter
` [PATCH v6 06/16] KVM: x86/pmu: Add IA32_PEBS_ENABLE MSR emulation for extended PEBS
` [PATCH v6 07/16] KVM: x86/pmu: Reprogram PEBS event to emulate guest PEBS counter

[PATCH -next] vfio: platform: reset: add missing iounmap() on error in vfio_platform_amdxgbe_reset()
 2021-05-18 21:46 UTC  (2+ messages)

[Question] Indefinitely block in the host when remove the PF driver
 2021-05-18 19:39 UTC  (4+ messages)

[PATCH 00/15] KVM: x86: RDPID/RDTSCP fixes and uret MSR cleanups
 2021-05-18 19:24 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [PATCH 03/15] KVM: SVM: Inject #UD on RDTSCP when it should be disabled in the guest

[PATCH 1/3] vfio/platform: fix module_put call in error flow
 2021-05-18 19:21 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH 2/3] vfio: centralize module refcount in subsystem layer
` [PATCH 3/3] vfio/platform: remove unneeded parent_module attribute

[PATCH 0/5] KVM: selftests: exercise userfaultfd minor faults
 2021-05-18 19:05 UTC  (7+ messages)
` [PATCH 4/5] KVM: selftests: allow using UFFD minor faults for demand paging
` [PATCH 5/5] KVM: selftests: add shared hugetlbfs backing source type

[RFC PATCH v3 0/8] Add IOPF support for VFIO passthrough
 2021-05-18 18:58 UTC  (18+ messages)
` [RFC PATCH v3 1/8] iommu: Evolve the device fault reporting framework
` [RFC PATCH v3 2/8] vfio/type1: Add a page fault handler
` [RFC PATCH v3 3/8] vfio/type1: Add an MMU notifier to avoid pinning
` [RFC PATCH v3 4/8] vfio/type1: Pre-map more pages than requested in the IOPF handling
` [RFC PATCH v3 5/8] vfio/type1: VFIO_IOMMU_ENABLE_IOPF
` [RFC PATCH v3 6/8] vfio/type1: No need to statically pin and map if IOPF enabled
` [RFC PATCH v3 7/8] vfio/type1: Add selective DMA faulting support
` [RFC PATCH v3 8/8] vfio: Add nested IOPF support

[PATCH v5 0/4] KVM statistics data fd-based binary interface
 2021-05-18 18:40 UTC  (7+ messages)
` [PATCH v5 1/4] KVM: stats: Separate common stats from architecture specific ones

[PATCH Part1 RFC v2 00/20] Add AMD Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP) Guest Support
 2021-05-18 18:11 UTC  (13+ messages)
` [PATCH Part1 RFC v2 05/20] x86/sev: Define SNP Page State Change VMGEXIT structure
` [PATCH Part1 RFC v2 06/20] x86/sev: Define SNP guest request NAE events
` [PATCH Part1 RFC v2 07/20] x86/sev: Define error codes for reason set 1
` [PATCH Part1 RFC v2 08/20] x86/mm: Add sev_snp_active() helper

[PATCH v5 0/7] Lazily allocate memslot rmaps
 2021-05-18 17:34 UTC  (8+ messages)
` [PATCH v5 1/7] KVM: x86/mmu: Deduplicate rmap freeing
` [PATCH v5 2/7] KVM: x86/mmu: Factor out allocating memslot rmap
` [PATCH v5 3/7] KVM: mmu: Refactor memslot copy
` [PATCH v5 4/7] KVM: mmu: Add slots_arch_lock for memslot arch fields
` [PATCH v5 5/7] KVM: x86/mmu: Add a field to control memslot rmap allocation
` [PATCH v5 6/7] KVM: x86/mmu: Skip rmap operations if rmaps not allocated
` [PATCH v5 7/7] KVM: x86/mmu: Lazily allocate memslot rmaps

[PATCH v1 00/11] KVM: s390: pv: implement lazy destroy
 2021-05-18 17:00 UTC  (29+ messages)
` [PATCH v1 01/11] KVM: s390: pv: leak the ASCE page when destroy fails
` [PATCH v1 02/11] KVM: s390: pv: properly handle page flags for protected guests
` [PATCH v1 03/11] KVM: s390: pv: handle secure storage violations "
` [PATCH v1 04/11] KVM: s390: pv: handle secure storage exceptions for normal guests
` [PATCH v1 05/11] KVM: s390: pv: refactor s390_reset_acc
` [PATCH v1 06/11] KVM: s390: pv: usage counter instead of flag
` [PATCH v1 07/11] KVM: s390: pv: add export before import
` [PATCH v1 08/11] KVM: s390: pv: lazy destroy for reboot
` [PATCH v1 09/11] KVM: s390: pv: extend lazy destroy to handle shutdown
` [PATCH v1 10/11] KVM: s390: pv: module parameter to fence lazy destroy
` [PATCH v1 11/11] KVM: s390: pv: add support for UV feature bits

[PATCH v16 00/14] s390/vfio-ap: dynamic configuration support
 2021-05-18 16:54 UTC  (3+ messages)

[PATCH v3 0/9] KVM: arm64: Initial host support for the Apple M1
 2021-05-18 16:51 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH v3 1/9] irqchip/gic: Split vGIC probing information from the GIC code

[kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 0/6] s390x: uv: Extend guest test and add host test
 2021-05-18 13:10 UTC  (4+ messages)
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v2 3/6] s390x: uv: Add UV lib

[PATCH v3 1/5] KVM: exit halt polling on need_resched() for both book3s and generic halt-polling
 2021-05-18 12:03 UTC  (6+ messages)
` [PATCH v3 5/5] KVM: LAPIC: Narrow the timer latency between wait_lapic_expire and world switch

[GIT PULL] KVM/arm64 updates for 5.9
 2021-05-18 11:57 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [PATCH 15/56] KVM: arm64: Add build rules for separate VHE/nVHE object files

[PULL kvm-unit-tests 00/10] arm/arm64: target-efi prep
 2021-05-18 11:35 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH v6 0/3] vfio-ccw: Fix interrupt handling for HALT/CLEAR
 2021-05-18  9:49 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH kvm-unit-tests] access: change CR0/CR4/EFER before TLB flushes
 2021-05-18  8:31 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH v2 0/4] Add guest support for SEV live migration
 2021-05-18  2:01 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [PATCH v2 2/4] mm: x86: Invoke hypercall when page encryption status is changed

[PATCH 0/2] KVM: x86: hyper-v: Conditionally allow SynIC with APICv/AVIC
 2021-05-17 21:56 UTC  (6+ messages)
` [PATCH 1/2] KVM: x86: Invert APICv/AVIC enablement check

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