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There is a null-ptr-deref bug in kvm_dirty_ring_get in virt/kvm/dirty_ring.c
 2021-11-20 10:16 UTC  (3+ messages)
  ` KVM: Warn if mark_page_dirty() is called without an active vCPU

[PATCH v1 00/12] Add riscv kvm accel support
 2021-11-20  7:46 UTC  (13+ messages)
` [PATCH v1 01/12] update-linux-headers: Add asm-riscv/kvm.h
` [PATCH v1 02/12] target/riscv: Add target/riscv/kvm.c to place the public kvm interface
` [PATCH v1 03/12] target/riscv: Implement function kvm_arch_init_vcpu
` [PATCH v1 04/12] target/riscv: Implement kvm_arch_get_registers
` [PATCH v1 05/12] target/riscv: Implement kvm_arch_put_registers
` [PATCH v1 06/12] target/riscv: Support start kernel directly by KVM
` [PATCH v1 07/12] target/riscv: Support setting external interrupt "
` [PATCH v1 08/12] target/riscv: Handle KVM_EXIT_RISCV_SBI exit
` [PATCH v1 09/12] target/riscv: Add host cpu type
` [PATCH v1 10/12] target/riscv: Add kvm_riscv_get/put_regs_timer
` [PATCH v1 11/12] target/riscv: Implement virtual time adjusting with vm state changing
` [PATCH v1 12/12] target/riscv: Support virtual time context synchronization

[RFC PATCH v3 00/29] KVM: arm64: Make CPU ID registers writable by userspace
 2021-11-20  6:39 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [RFC PATCH v3 02/29] KVM: arm64: Save ID registers' sanitized value per vCPU
` [RFC PATCH v3 03/29] KVM: arm64: Introduce struct id_reg_info
` [RFC PATCH v3 29/29] KVM: arm64: selftests: Introduce id_reg_test

[PATCH 00/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Overhaul TDP MMU zapping and flushing
 2021-11-20  4:50 UTC  (29+ messages)
` [PATCH 01/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Use yield-safe TDP MMU root iter in MMU notifier unmapping
` [PATCH 02/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Skip tlb flush if it has been done in zap_gfn_range()
` [PATCH 03/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Remove spurious TLB flushes in TDP MMU zap collapsible path
` [PATCH 04/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Retry page fault if root is invalidated by memslot update
` [PATCH 05/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Check for present SPTE when clearing dirty bit in TDP MMU
` [PATCH 06/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Formalize TDP MMU's (unintended?) deferred TLB flush logic
` [PATCH 07/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Document that zapping invalidated roots doesn't need to flush
` [PATCH 08/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Drop unused @kvm param from kvm_tdp_mmu_get_root()
` [PATCH 09/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Require mmu_lock be held for write in unyielding root iter
` [PATCH 10/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Allow yielding when zapping GFNs for defunct TDP MMU root
` [PATCH 11/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Check for !leaf=>leaf, not PFN change, in TDP MMU SP removal
` [PATCH 12/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Batch TLB flushes from TDP MMU for MMU notifier change_spte
` [PATCH 13/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Drop RCU after processing each root in MMU notifier hooks
` [PATCH 14/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Add helpers to read/write TDP MMU SPTEs and document RCU
` [PATCH 15/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Take TDP MMU roots off list when invalidating all roots
` [PATCH 16/28] KVM: x86/mmu: WARN if old _or_ new SPTE is REMOVED in non-atomic path
` [PATCH 17/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Terminate yield-friendly walk if invalid root observed
` [PATCH 18/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Refactor low-level TDP MMU set SPTE helper to take raw vals
` [PATCH 19/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Zap only the target TDP MMU shadow page in NX recovery
` [PATCH 20/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Use common TDP MMU zap helper for MMU notifier unmap hook
` [PATCH 21/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Add TDP MMU helper to zap a root
` [PATCH 22/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Skip remote TLB flush when zapping all of TDP MMU
` [PATCH 23/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Use "zap root" path for "slow" zap of all TDP MMU SPTEs
` [PATCH 24/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Add dedicated helper to zap TDP MMU root shadow page
` [PATCH 25/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Require mmu_lock be held for write to zap TDP MMU range
` [PATCH 26/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Zap only TDP MMU leafs in kvm_zap_gfn_range()
` [PATCH 27/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Do remote TLB flush before dropping RCU in TDP MMU resched
` [PATCH 28/28] KVM: x86/mmu: Defer TLB flush to caller when freeing TDP MMU shadow pages

[PATCH] KVM: x86/mmu: Handle "default" period when selectively waking kthread
 2021-11-20  1:57 UTC 

[RFC v2 PATCH 00/13] KVM: mm: fd-based approach for supporting KVM guest private memory
 2021-11-20  1:55 UTC  (24+ messages)
` [RFC v2 PATCH 01/13] mm/shmem: Introduce F_SEAL_GUEST
` [RFC v2 PATCH 03/13] KVM: Extend kvm_userspace_memory_region to support fd based memslot
` [RFC v2 PATCH 04/13] KVM: Add fd-based memslot data structure and utils
` [RFC v2 PATCH 05/13] KVM: Implement fd-based memory using new memfd interfaces
` [RFC v2 PATCH 06/13] KVM: Register/unregister memfd backed memslot
` [RFC v2 PATCH 07/13] KVM: Handle page fault for fd based memslot
` [RFC v2 PATCH 08/13] KVM: Rename hva memory invalidation code to cover fd-based offset
` [RFC v2 PATCH 09/13] KVM: Introduce kvm_memfd_invalidate_range
` [RFC v2 PATCH 10/13] KVM: Match inode for invalidation of fd-based slot
` [RFC v2 PATCH 11/13] KVM: Add kvm_map_gfn_range
` [RFC v2 PATCH 12/13] KVM: Introduce kvm_memfd_fallocate_range
` [RFC v2 PATCH 13/13] KVM: Enable memfd based page invalidation/fallocate

[PATCH] KVM: x86/mmu: Use yield-safe TDP MMU root iter in MMU notifier unmapping
 2021-11-20  1:50 UTC 

[PATCH v7 00/45] Add AMD Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP) Guest Support
 2021-11-20  0:28 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [PATCH v7 43/45] virt: Add SEV-SNP guest driver
` [PATCH v7 44/45] virt: sevguest: Add support to derive key

[RFC PATCH 00/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Eager Page Splitting for the TDP MMU
 2021-11-19 23:57 UTC  (16+ messages)
` [RFC PATCH 01/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Rename rmap_write_protect to kvm_vcpu_write_protect_gfn
` [RFC PATCH 02/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Rename __rmap_write_protect to rmap_write_protect
` [RFC PATCH 03/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Automatically update iter->old_spte if cmpxchg fails
` [RFC PATCH 04/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Factor out logic to atomically install a new page table
` [RFC PATCH 05/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Abstract mmu caches out to a separate struct
` [RFC PATCH 06/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Derive page role from parent
` [RFC PATCH 07/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Pass in vcpu->arch.mmu_caches instead of vcpu
` [RFC PATCH 08/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Helper method to check for large and present sptes
` [RFC PATCH 09/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Move restore_acc_track_spte to spte.c
` [RFC PATCH 10/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Abstract need_resched logic from tdp_mmu_iter_cond_resched
` [RFC PATCH 11/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Refactor tdp_mmu iterators to take kvm_mmu_page root
` [RFC PATCH 12/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Split large pages when dirty logging is enabled
` [RFC PATCH 13/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Split large pages during CLEAR_DIRTY_LOG
` [RFC PATCH 14/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Add tracepoint for splitting large pages
` [RFC PATCH 15/15] KVM: x86/mmu: Update page stats when "

[PATCH] selftests:kvm: remove unneeded semicolon
 2021-11-19 23:37 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH v2] x86/sev-es: Fix SEV-ES INS/OUTS instructions for word, dword, and qword
 2021-11-19 23:27 UTC 

[RFC PATCH v4 0/2] s390x: Improvements to SIGP handling [KVM]
 2021-11-19 21:37 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [RFC PATCH v4 1/2] Capability/IOCTL/Documentation
` [RFC PATCH v4 2/2] KVM: s390: Introduce a USER_BUSY capability and IOCTL

[PATCH 0/6] KVM: Dirty Quota-Based VM Live Migration Auto-Converge
 2021-11-19 20:21 UTC  (9+ messages)
` [PATCH 3/6] Add KVM_CAP_DIRTY_QUOTA_MIGRATION and handle vCPU page faults
` [PATCH 4/6] Increment dirty counter for vmexit due to page write fault

[RFC PATCH v3 0/2] s390x: Improvements to SIGP handling [KVM]
 2021-11-19 20:20 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [RFC PATCH v3 2/2] KVM: s390: Extend the USER_SIGP capability

[kvm-unit-tests PATCH v4 0/3] GIC ITS tests
 2021-11-19 18:32 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v4 1/3] arm64: remove invalid check from its-trigger test
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v4 2/3] arm64: enable its-migration tests for TCG
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v4 3/3] arch-run: do not process ERRATA when running under TCG

[kvm-unit-tests PATCH v3 0/3] GIC ITS tests
 2021-11-19 18:30 UTC  (6+ messages)

[v4][PATCH 1/2] KVM: x86: don't print when fail to read/write pv eoi memory
 2021-11-19 16:19 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [v4][PATCH 2/2] KVM: Clear pv eoi pending bit only when it is set

[RFC 0/3] vfio/pci: Enable runtime power management support
 2021-11-19 15:45 UTC  (6+ messages)
` [RFC 3/3] vfio/pci: use runtime PM for vfio-device into low power state

[PATCH 00/11] Fix BUG_ON in vfio_iommu_group_notifier()
 2021-11-19 15:43 UTC  (12+ messages)
` [PATCH 01/11] iommu: Add device dma ownership set/release interfaces

[PATCH-for-6.2? v2 0/3] misc: Spell QEMU all caps
 2021-11-19 15:43 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [PATCH-for-6.2? v2 1/3] docs: "
` [PATCH-for-6.2? v2 2/3] misc: "
` [PATCH-for-6.2? v2 3/3] qga: "

Thoughts of AMX KVM support based on latest kernel
 2021-11-19 15:41 UTC  (9+ messages)

[PATCH v11 kvmtool 0/8] KVMTOOL RISC-V Support
 2021-11-19 12:45 UTC  (9+ messages)
` [PATCH v11 kvmtool 1/8] update_headers: Sync-up ABI headers with Linux-5.16-rc1
` [PATCH v11 kvmtool 2/8] riscv: Initial skeletal support
` [PATCH v11 kvmtool 3/8] riscv: Implement Guest/VM arch functions
` [PATCH v11 kvmtool 4/8] riscv: Implement Guest/VM VCPU "
` [PATCH v11 kvmtool 5/8] riscv: Add PLIC device emulation
` [PATCH v11 kvmtool 6/8] riscv: Generate FDT at runtime for Guest/VM
` [PATCH v11 kvmtool 7/8] riscv: Handle SBI calls forwarded to user space
` [PATCH v11 kvmtool 8/8] riscv: Generate PCI host DT node

[PATCH] RISC-V: KVM: Fix incorrect KVM_MAX_VCPUS value
 2021-11-19 12:20 UTC  (3+ messages)

[PATCH 1/6] vhost: get rid of vhost_poll_flush() wrapper
 2021-11-19 11:32 UTC  (9+ messages)
` [PATCH 2/6] vhost_net: get rid of vhost_net_flush_vq() and extra flush calls
` [PATCH 6/6] vhost_net: use RCU callbacks instead of synchronize_rcu()

[PATCH 0/4] KVM: x86/pmu: An insightful refactoring of vPMU code
 2021-11-19 11:10 UTC  (6+ messages)
` [PATCH 3/4] KVM: x86/pmu: Reuse find_perf_hw_id() and drop find_fixed_event()

[PATCH 00/15] KVM: X86: Miscellaneous cleanups
 2021-11-19 10:42 UTC  (8+ messages)
` [PATCH 15/15] KVM: X86: Always set gpte_is_8_bytes when direct map

[PATCH v2 0/3] KVM: s390: Some gaccess cleanup
 2021-11-19 10:01 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [PATCH v2 1/3] KVM: s390: gaccess: Refactor gpa and length calculation
` [PATCH v2] KVM: s390: gaccess: Refactor access address range check
` [PATCH v2 3/3] KVM: s390: gaccess: Cleanup access to guest frames

[PATCH v3 00/12] KVM: x86/xen: Add in-kernel Xen event channel delivery
 2021-11-19  9:23 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [PATCH v3 08/12] KVM: Propagate vcpu explicitly to mark_page_dirty_in_slot()

[PATCH-for-6.2?] docs: Spell QEMU all caps
 2021-11-19  9:19 UTC  (3+ messages)

[PATCH 00/15] Currently disabling dirty logging with the TDP MMU is extremely slow. On a 96 vCPU / 96G VM it takes ~45 seconds to disable dirty logging with the TDP MMU, as opposed to ~3.5 seconds with the legacy MMU. This series optimizes TLB flushes and introduces in-place large page promotion, to bring the disable dirty log time down to ~2 seconds
 2021-11-19  9:02 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [PATCH 11/15] KVM: x86/MMU: Refactor vmx_get_mt_mask

[PATCH] Fix SEV-ES INS/OUTS instructions for word, dword, and qword
 2021-11-19  8:36 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH] vfio/pci: Fix OpRegion read
 2021-11-19  8:14 UTC 

[PATCH v1 3/5] KVM: x86: nVMX: VMCS12 field's read/write respects field existence bitmap
 2021-11-19  7:32 UTC  (12+ messages)

[kvm-unit-tests PATCH] x86/vmx: Deprecate VMX_VMCS_ENUM.MAX_INDEX check in vmread/vmwrite test
 2021-11-19  7:15 UTC 

[PATCH v2] RISC-V: Enable KVM in RV64 and RV32 defconfigs as a module
 2021-11-19  7:10 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH v2 0/4] KVM: x86/pmu: Refactoring code by reusing pmc->eventsel for fixed_counters
 2021-11-19  6:48 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [PATCH v2 1/4] KVM: x86/pmu: Setup pmc->eventsel for fixed PMCs
` [PATCH v2 2/4] KVM: x86/pmu: Refactoring find_arch_event() to pmc_perf_hw_id()
` [PATCH v2 3/4] KVM: x86/pmu: Reuse pmc_perf_hw_id() and drop find_fixed_event()
` [PATCH v2 4/4] KVM: x86/pmu: Add pmc->intr to refactor kvm_perf_overflow{_intr}()

[PATCH 00/15] KVM: X86: Fix and clean up for register caches
 2021-11-19  0:49 UTC  (6+ messages)
` [PATCH 13/15] KVM: SVM: Add and use svm_register_cache_reset()

[GIT PULL] KVM changes for Linux 5.16-rc2
 2021-11-18 20:49 UTC  (2+ messages)

[kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 00/10] MTTCG sanity tests for ARM
 2021-11-18 18:46 UTC  (11+ messages)
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 01/10] docs: mention checkpatch in the README
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 02/10] arm/flat.lds: don't drop debug during link
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 03/10] Makefile: add GNU global tags support
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 04/10] run_tests.sh: add --config option for alt test set
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 05/10] lib: add isaac prng library from CCAN
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 06/10] arm/tlbflush-code: TLB flush during code execution
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 07/10] arm/locking-tests: add comprehensive locking test
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 08/10] arm/barrier-litmus-tests: add simple mp and sal litmus tests
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 09/10] arm/run: use separate --accel form
` [kvm-unit-tests PATCH v8 10/10] arm/tcg-test: some basic TCG exercising tests

[PATCH] MAINTAINERS: Update Atish's email address
 2021-11-18 18:22 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH V2 mlx5-next 12/14] vfio/mlx5: Implement vfio_pci driver for mlx5 devices
 2021-11-18 18:15 UTC  (12+ messages)

[RFC 00/19] KVM: x86/mmu: Optimize disabling dirty logging
 2021-11-18 18:14 UTC  (13+ messages)
` [RFC 07/19] KVM: x86/mmu: Factor wrprot for nested PML out of make_spte
` [RFC 11/19] KVM: x86/mmu: Factor shadow_zero_check "

[PATCH v2] KVM: x86: check PIR even for vCPUs with disabled APICv
 2021-11-18 17:56 UTC  (5+ messages)

[PATCH v3] KVM: MMU: update comment on the number of page role combinations
 2021-11-18 16:49 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PULL 0/6 for-6.2] AMD SEV patches
 2021-11-18 16:37 UTC  (2+ messages)

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