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* [arnd-asm-generic:syscall-tbl-6.9] BUILD REGRESSION e0d7a2fe9b74052a280531e773ebaba59e2d523f
@ 2024-05-13  9:59 kernel test robot
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From: kernel test robot @ 2024-05-13  9:59 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Arnd Bergmann; +Cc: linux-arch

tree/branch: syscall-tbl-6.9
branch HEAD: e0d7a2fe9b74052a280531e773ebaba59e2d523f  arm64: use generic syscall table generation rules

Error/Warning reports:

Error/Warning: (recently discovered and may have been fixed)

arch/arm64/include/asm/vdso/compat_gettimeofday.h:27:31: error: use of undeclared identifier '__NR_compat32_gettimeofday'
arch/arm64/include/asm/vdso/compat_gettimeofday.h:44:31: error: use of undeclared identifier '__NR_compat32_clock_gettime64'
arch/arm64/include/asm/vdso/compat_gettimeofday.h:61:31: error: use of undeclared identifier '__NR_compat32_clock_gettime'
arch/arm64/include/asm/vdso/compat_gettimeofday.h:78:31: error: use of undeclared identifier '__NR_compat32_clock_getres_time64'
arch/arm64/include/asm/vdso/compat_gettimeofday.h:95:31: error: use of undeclared identifier '__NR_compat32_clock_getres'
kernel/fork.c:3087:2: warning: #warning clone3() entry point is missing, please fix [-Wcpp]
make[3]: *** No rule to make target 'arch/um/include/generated/asm/bpf_perf_event.h', needed by 'all'.

Unverified Error/Warning (likely false positive, please contact us if interested):

arch/riscv/kernel/syscall_table.c: asm/syscall_table.h is included more than once.
{standard input}:465: Warning: overflow in branch to .L44; converted into longer instruction sequence

Error/Warning ids grouped by kconfigs:

|-- alpha-allnoconfig
|   `-- kernel-fork.c:warning:warning-clone3()-entry-point-is-missing-please-fix
|-- sh-ecovec24-romimage_defconfig
|   `-- kernel-fork.c:warning:warning-clone3()-entry-point-is-missing-please-fix
|-- sh-edosk7760_defconfig
|   `-- kernel-fork.c:warning:warning-clone3()-entry-point-is-missing-please-fix
|-- sh-randconfig-001-20240513
|   |-- kernel-fork.c:warning:warning-clone3()-entry-point-is-missing-please-fix
|   `-- standard-input:Warning:overflow-in-branch-to-.L44-converted-into-longer-instruction-sequence
|-- sh-se7206_defconfig
|   `-- kernel-fork.c:warning:warning-clone3()-entry-point-is-missing-please-fix
|-- sh-shx3_defconfig
|   `-- kernel-fork.c:warning:warning-clone3()-entry-point-is-missing-please-fix
|-- sparc-randconfig-002-20240513
|   `-- kernel-fork.c:warning:warning-clone3()-entry-point-is-missing-please-fix
`-- sparc64-randconfig-002-20240513
    `-- kernel-fork.c:warning:warning-clone3()-entry-point-is-missing-please-fix
|-- arm64-allmodconfig
|   |-- arch-arm64-include-asm-vdso-compat_gettimeofday.h:error:use-of-undeclared-identifier-__NR_compat32_clock_getres
|   |-- arch-arm64-include-asm-vdso-compat_gettimeofday.h:error:use-of-undeclared-identifier-__NR_compat32_clock_getres_time64
|   |-- arch-arm64-include-asm-vdso-compat_gettimeofday.h:error:use-of-undeclared-identifier-__NR_compat32_clock_gettime
|   |-- arch-arm64-include-asm-vdso-compat_gettimeofday.h:error:use-of-undeclared-identifier-__NR_compat32_clock_gettime64
|   `-- arch-arm64-include-asm-vdso-compat_gettimeofday.h:error:use-of-undeclared-identifier-__NR_compat32_gettimeofday
|-- um-allnoconfig
|   `-- make:No-rule-to-make-target-arch-um-include-generated-asm-bpf_perf_event.h-needed-by-all-.
`-- x86_64-allnoconfig
    `-- arch-riscv-kernel-syscall_table.c:asm-syscall_table.h-is-included-more-than-once.

elapsed time: 726m

configs tested: 179
configs skipped: 3

tested configs:
alpha                             allnoconfig   gcc  
alpha                            allyesconfig   gcc  
alpha                               defconfig   gcc  
arc                              allmodconfig   gcc  
arc                               allnoconfig   gcc  
arc                              allyesconfig   gcc  
arc                                 defconfig   gcc  
arc                   randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
arc                   randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
arm                              allmodconfig   gcc  
arm                               allnoconfig   clang
arm                              allyesconfig   gcc  
arm                       aspeed_g5_defconfig   gcc  
arm                                 defconfig   clang
arm                      footbridge_defconfig   clang
arm                            hisi_defconfig   gcc  
arm                         lpc18xx_defconfig   clang
arm                   randconfig-001-20240513   clang
arm                   randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
arm                   randconfig-003-20240513   clang
arm                   randconfig-004-20240513   gcc  
arm                         socfpga_defconfig   gcc  
arm64                            allmodconfig   clang
arm64                             allnoconfig   gcc  
arm64                               defconfig   gcc  
arm64                 randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
arm64                 randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
arm64                 randconfig-003-20240513   clang
arm64                 randconfig-004-20240513   clang
csky                             allmodconfig   gcc  
csky                              allnoconfig   gcc  
csky                             allyesconfig   gcc  
csky                                defconfig   gcc  
csky                  randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
csky                  randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
hexagon                          allmodconfig   clang
hexagon                           allnoconfig   clang
hexagon                          allyesconfig   clang
hexagon                             defconfig   clang
hexagon               randconfig-001-20240513   clang
hexagon               randconfig-002-20240513   clang
i386                             allmodconfig   gcc  
i386                              allnoconfig   gcc  
i386                             allyesconfig   gcc  
i386         buildonly-randconfig-001-20240513   clang
i386         buildonly-randconfig-002-20240513   clang
i386         buildonly-randconfig-003-20240513   gcc  
i386         buildonly-randconfig-004-20240513   clang
i386         buildonly-randconfig-005-20240513   gcc  
i386         buildonly-randconfig-006-20240513   gcc  
i386                                defconfig   clang
i386                  randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
i386                  randconfig-002-20240513   clang
i386                  randconfig-003-20240513   gcc  
i386                  randconfig-004-20240513   clang
i386                  randconfig-005-20240513   gcc  
i386                  randconfig-006-20240513   gcc  
i386                  randconfig-011-20240513   gcc  
i386                  randconfig-012-20240513   clang
i386                  randconfig-013-20240513   clang
i386                  randconfig-014-20240513   gcc  
i386                  randconfig-015-20240513   gcc  
i386                  randconfig-016-20240513   clang
loongarch                        allmodconfig   gcc  
loongarch                         allnoconfig   gcc  
loongarch                           defconfig   gcc  
loongarch             randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
loongarch             randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
m68k                             allmodconfig   gcc  
m68k                              allnoconfig   gcc  
m68k                             allyesconfig   gcc  
m68k                                defconfig   gcc  
m68k                        m5307c3_defconfig   gcc  
m68k                       m5475evb_defconfig   gcc  
microblaze                       allmodconfig   gcc  
microblaze                        allnoconfig   gcc  
microblaze                       allyesconfig   gcc  
microblaze                          defconfig   gcc  
mips                              allnoconfig   gcc  
mips                             allyesconfig   gcc  
mips                        bcm63xx_defconfig   clang
mips                     loongson1b_defconfig   clang
mips                    maltaup_xpa_defconfig   gcc  
nios2                            allmodconfig   gcc  
nios2                             allnoconfig   gcc  
nios2                            allyesconfig   gcc  
nios2                               defconfig   gcc  
nios2                 randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
nios2                 randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
openrisc                          allnoconfig   gcc  
openrisc                         allyesconfig   gcc  
openrisc                            defconfig   gcc  
parisc                           alldefconfig   gcc  
parisc                           allmodconfig   gcc  
parisc                            allnoconfig   gcc  
parisc                           allyesconfig   gcc  
parisc                              defconfig   gcc  
parisc                randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
parisc                randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
parisc64                            defconfig   gcc  
powerpc                          allmodconfig   gcc  
powerpc                           allnoconfig   gcc  
powerpc                          allyesconfig   clang
powerpc                     powernv_defconfig   gcc  
powerpc               randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
powerpc               randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
powerpc               randconfig-003-20240513   gcc  
powerpc64             randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
powerpc64             randconfig-002-20240513   clang
powerpc64             randconfig-003-20240513   clang
riscv                            allmodconfig   clang
riscv                             allnoconfig   gcc  
riscv                            allyesconfig   clang
riscv                               defconfig   clang
riscv                 randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
riscv                 randconfig-002-20240513   clang
s390                             allmodconfig   clang
s390                              allnoconfig   clang
s390                             allyesconfig   gcc  
s390                                defconfig   clang
s390                  randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
s390                  randconfig-002-20240513   clang
sh                               allmodconfig   gcc  
sh                                allnoconfig   gcc  
sh                               allyesconfig   gcc  
sh                                  defconfig   gcc  
sh                ecovec24-romimage_defconfig   gcc  
sh                        edosk7760_defconfig   gcc  
sh                    randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
sh                    randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
sh                           se7206_defconfig   gcc  
sh                             shx3_defconfig   gcc  
sparc                            allmodconfig   gcc  
sparc                             allnoconfig   gcc  
sparc                               defconfig   gcc  
sparc64                          allmodconfig   gcc  
sparc64                          allyesconfig   gcc  
sparc64                             defconfig   gcc  
sparc64               randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
sparc64               randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
um                               allmodconfig   clang
um                                allnoconfig   clang
um                               allyesconfig   gcc  
um                                  defconfig   clang
um                             i386_defconfig   gcc  
um                    randconfig-001-20240513   clang
um                    randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
um                           x86_64_defconfig   clang
x86_64                            allnoconfig   clang
x86_64                           allyesconfig   clang
x86_64       buildonly-randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
x86_64       buildonly-randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  
x86_64       buildonly-randconfig-003-20240513   gcc  
x86_64       buildonly-randconfig-004-20240513   clang
x86_64       buildonly-randconfig-005-20240513   clang
x86_64       buildonly-randconfig-006-20240513   gcc  
x86_64                              defconfig   gcc  
x86_64                randconfig-001-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-002-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-003-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-004-20240513   gcc  
x86_64                randconfig-005-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-006-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-011-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-012-20240513   gcc  
x86_64                randconfig-013-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-014-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-015-20240513   gcc  
x86_64                randconfig-016-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-071-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-072-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-073-20240513   clang
x86_64                randconfig-074-20240513   gcc  
x86_64                randconfig-075-20240513   gcc  
x86_64                randconfig-076-20240513   gcc  
x86_64                          rhel-8.3-rust   clang
xtensa                            allnoconfig   gcc  
xtensa                randconfig-001-20240513   gcc  
xtensa                randconfig-002-20240513   gcc  

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2024-05-13  9:59 [arnd-asm-generic:syscall-tbl-6.9] BUILD REGRESSION e0d7a2fe9b74052a280531e773ebaba59e2d523f kernel test robot

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