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From: Marcel Brouillet <>
Subject: Re: Bcachefs interest. Good or not for my use case ? documentation ?
Date: Mon, 17 May 2021 15:18:42 +0000	[thread overview]
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I realize that my mailbox was overquota at the times I sent this email. 
I feel terribly sorry if someone spent time answering and I didn't 
receive the answer. I looked for a mailinglist archive and 
didn't find any. If there was an answer, would anyone be so kind to 
forward it again to me ?

Thank you. And thank you for coding. I'm sure it makes a difference, if 
not for me, for the community.


On 26/04/2021 10:55, Marcel Brouillet wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying this email list, and I hope this isn't considered rude 
> posting here.
> ==> I am interested in Bcachefs for personal use. I have found (and 
> sponsor) the Patreon page. I am having a hard time understanding if 
> this is for me, or if I should stick with FS types that are shipped 
> with Ubuntu. It's hard to understand what all it's features are and if 
> they are adequate for my usage.
> The documentation that I found so far is and 
> but it's not easy for me to grasp the 
> benefits over the hassle of experimental.
> ==>_My usage is : for personal use, build a raid storage space for all 
> my media (pictures, sound) and files (administration, legal, scans), 
> on the following hardware:
> - two 5Tb 2.5" HDD Sata
> - one 1Tb SSD
> - some external USB3 5Tb HDD and/or cloud storage (I plan on using 
> rsync or similar, possibly storing md5sum of each file in xattr)
> ==> My understanding is that using Bcachefs
>    + I become one additional tester of the software. Do you need that?
>    + I can dedicate a partition of the SSD to cache R/W to the HDD
>    RAID. Will I see the difference for 5Mb pictures rarely accessed (at
>    CPU-timescale)? I'm not running a high I/O server, it's for desktop 
> use…
>    - It will be a pain for me to compile it in the kernel. I'm running
>    vanilla Ubuntu. I found this :
> I noticed
>    automount doesn't work.
>     - physical storage format is not finalized. Is there a risk I loose
>    everything, do I need to compile updates regularly? what happens
>    when physical format changes?…
>     - if anything goes wrong, I can't just plug the HDDs on another 
> system.
>     - isn't there a strain of the SSD that, at some point, will kill it?
>    If it dies, and my system is on it (on an ext4 partition) I loose
>    access to my data until I rebuild a system with Bcachefs kernel 
> support.
>     - would it make sense to have the external HDD be part of the RAID,
>    so to automate syncing on the backup drive ?
> I'm also fine with vanilla ext4 with software Raid-1 and rsync. What 
> would you recommend ? Irrespective of me using it or not, I like to 
> continue sponsoring the development, with my modest income.
> Best,
> Marcel (Paris, France)

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