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From: "Michael N. Moran" <>
To: "" <>
Subject: [PATCH BlueZ 1/1] mesh: Add strings for SIG Model IDs.
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2020 00:28:12 -0400
Message-ID: <> (raw)

This patch adds a utility function returning a string
describing a SIG Model ID and uses this function
for in the mesh-cfgclient in the list-nodes command
output and in the display of received composition data.

  tools/mesh/cfgcli.c |  3 ++-
  tools/mesh/remote.c |  5 ++--
  tools/mesh/util.c   | 64 
  tools/mesh/util.h   |  1 +
  4 files changed, 70 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tools/mesh/cfgcli.c b/tools/mesh/cfgcli.c
index e36c8dca5..f6f465c6c 100644
--- a/tools/mesh/cfgcli.c
+++ b/tools/mesh/cfgcli.c
@@ -263,7 +263,8 @@ static uint32_t print_mod_id(uint8_t 
*data, bool vendor, const char *offset)
   	if (!vendor) {
  		mod_id = get_le16(data);
-		bt_shell_printf("%sModel ID\t%4.4x\n", offset, mod_id);
+		bt_shell_printf("%sModel ID\t%4.4x \"%s\"\n",
+			offset, mod_id,sig_model_string(mod_id));
  		mod_id = VENDOR_ID_MASK | mod_id;
  	} else {
  		mod_id = get_le16(data + 2);
diff --git a/tools/mesh/remote.c b/tools/mesh/remote.c
index c74f0bec1..ba3e50d3f 100644
--- a/tools/mesh/remote.c
+++ b/tools/mesh/remote.c
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
  #include "tools/mesh/keys.h"
  #include "tools/mesh/mesh-db.h"
  #include "tools/mesh/remote.h"
+#include "tools/mesh/util.h"
   #define abs_diff(a, b) ((a) > (b) ? (a) - (b) : (b) - (a))
  @@ -293,8 +294,8 @@ static void print_model(void *model, 
void *user_data)
   	if (mod_id >= VENDOR_ID_MASK) {
  		mod_id &= ~VENDOR_ID_MASK;
-		bt_shell_printf("\t\t\t" COLOR_GREEN "SIG model: %4.4x\n"
-							COLOR_OFF, mod_id);
+		bt_shell_printf("\t\t\t" COLOR_GREEN "SIG model: %4.4x 
+							COLOR_OFF, mod_id,sig_model_string(mod_id));
  diff --git a/tools/mesh/util.c b/tools/mesh/util.c
index 7176cc562..4603a6261 100644
--- a/tools/mesh/util.c
+++ b/tools/mesh/util.c
@@ -138,3 +138,67 @@ void swap_u256_bytes(uint8_t *u256)
  		u256[i] ^= u256[31 - i];
+const char*	sig_model_string(uint16_t sig_model_id)
+	switch (sig_model_id) {
+	case 0x0000: return "Configuration Server";
+	case 0x0001: return "Configuration Client";
+	case 0x0002: return "Health Server";
+	case 0x0003: return "Health Client";
+	case 0x1000: return "Generic OnOff Server";
+	case 0x1001: return "Generic OnOff Client";
+	case 0x1002: return "Generic Level Server";
+	case 0x1003: return "Generic Level Client";
+	case 0x1004: return "Generic Default Transition Time Server";
+	case 0x1005: return "Generic Default Transition Time Client";
+	case 0x1006: return "Generic Power OnOff Server";
+	case 0x1007: return "Generic Power OnOff Setup Server";
+	case 0x1008: return "Generic Power OnOff Client";
+	case 0x1009: return "Generic Power Level Server";
+	case 0x100A: return "Generic Power Level Setup Server";
+	case 0x100B: return "Generic Power Level Client";
+	case 0x100C: return "Generic Battery Server";
+	case 0x100D: return "Generic Battery Client";
+	case 0x100E: return "Generic Location Server";
+	case 0x100F: return "Generic Location Setup Server";
+	case 0x1010: return "Generic Location Client";
+	case 0x1011: return "Generic Admin Property Server";
+	case 0x1012: return "Generic Manufacturer Property Server";
+	case 0x1013: return "Generic User Property Server";
+	case 0x1014: return "Generic Client Property Server";
+	case 0x1015: return "Generic Property Client";
+	case 0x1100: return "Sensor Server";
+	case 0x1101: return "Sensor Setup Server";
+	case 0x1102: return "Sensor Client";
+	case 0x1200: return "Time Server";
+	case 0x1201: return "Time Setup Server";
+	case 0x1202: return "Time Client";
+	case 0x1203: return "Scene Server";
+	case 0x1204: return "Scene Setup Server";
+	case 0x1205: return "Scene Client";
+	case 0x1206: return "Scheduler Server";
+	case 0x1207: return "Scheduler Setup Server";
+	case 0x1208: return "Scheduler Client";
+	case 0x1300: return "Light Lightness Server";
+	case 0x1301: return "Light Lightness Setup Server";
+	case 0x1302: return "Light Lightness Client";
+	case 0x1303: return "Light CTL Server";
+	case 0x1304: return "Light CTL Setup Server";
+	case 0x1305: return "Light CTL Client";
+	case 0x1306: return "Light CTL Temperature Server";
+	case 0x1307: return "Light HSL Server";
+	case 0x1308: return "Light HSL Setup Server";
+	case 0x1309: return "Light HSL Client";
+	case 0x130A: return "Light HSL Hue Server";
+	case 0x130B: return "Light HSL Saturation Server";
+	case 0x130C: return "Light xyL Server";
+	case 0x130D: return "Light xyL Setup Server";
+	case 0x130E: return "Light xyL Client";
+	case 0x130F: return "Light LC Server";
+	case 0x1310: return "Light LC Setup Server";
+	case 0x1311: return "Light LC Client";
+	default: return "Unknown";
+	}
diff --git a/tools/mesh/util.h b/tools/mesh/util.h
index cca07cf96..7e966bc69 100644
--- a/tools/mesh/util.h
+++ b/tools/mesh/util.h
@@ -27,3 +27,4 @@ uint16_t mesh_opcode_set(uint32_t opcode, 
uint8_t *buf);
  bool mesh_opcode_get(const uint8_t *buf, uint16_t sz, 
uint32_t *opcode, int *n);
  const char *mesh_status_str(uint8_t status);
  void swap_u256_bytes(uint8_t *u256);
+const char*	sig_model_string(uint16_t sig_model_id);

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