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From: David Sterba <>
Subject: Btrfs progs release 5.9
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 15:33:44 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)


btrfs-progs version 5.9 have been released (5.8 skipped).


  * mkfs:
    * switch default to single profile for multi-device filesystem, up to
      now it was raid0 that may not be simple to convert to some other profile
      as raid0 needs a workspace on all device for that
    * new option -R for run-time options (eg. mount time enabled), now
      understands free-space-tree
  * subvolume delete:
    * refuse to delete the default subvolume (kernel will not allow that but
      the error reason is not obvious)
    * warn on EPERM, eg. if send is on progress on the subvolume
  * convert:
    * fix 32bit overflows on large filesystems
    * improved error handling and error messages
    * check free space taking fragmentation into account
  * check:
    * detect and repair wrong inode generation
    * minor improvement in error reporting on roots
  * libbtrfsutils: follow main package versioning (5.9)
    * add pkg-config file definitions
  * python-btrfsutil: follow main package versioning (5.9)
  * inspect tree-stats: print node counts for each level, fanout
  * other:
    * docs:
      * remove obsolete mount options (alloc_start, subvolrootid)
      * deleting default subvolume is not permitted
    * updated or fixed tests
    * .editorconfig updates
    * move files to kernel-shared/
    * CI:
      * updated to use zstd 1.4.5
      * fix reiserfs build
      * more builds with asan, ubsan
    * sb-mod updates
    * build:
      * print .so versions of libraries in configure summary

Git: git://


Anand Jain (1):
      btrfs-progs: sb-mod: add devid to the modifiable list

Boris Burkov (1):
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: support free space tree as -R option

Daniel Xu (2):
      btrfs-progs: add basic .editorconfig
      btrfs-progs: Update with editorconfig hint

David Sterba (50):
      btrfs-progs: docs: remove deprecated alloc_start and subvolrootid
      btrfs-progs: inspect tree-stats: print number of nodes for each level
      btrfs-progs: docs: note when subvolume cannot be deleted
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: clean up default profile settings
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: switch to single as default profile for multiple-devices
      btrfs-progs: tests: rename mkfs/021-rootdir-size to 022
      btrfs-progs: docs: update profiles
      btrfs-progs: tests: add helper to print skipped operations
      btrfs-progs: tests: fsck/037-freespacetree-repair workaround for missing kernel fix
      btrfs-progs: tree-stats: print average fanout for each level
      btrfs-progs: check: rename global_info
      btrfs-progs: check: replace local fs_info by global fs_info in main.c
      btrfs-progs: check: replace local fs_info by global fs_info in mode-common.c
      btrfs-progs: check: replace local fs_info by global fs_info in mode-lowmem.c
      btrfs-progs: check: drop unused fs_info
      btrfs-progs: tests: skip cli-tests/014 in travis
      btrfs-progs: add flat include switch to send.h
      btrfs-progs: move extent-cache.c to common/
      btrfs-progs: move utils-lib.c to common/
      btrfs-progs: move send-dump.c to cmds/receive-dump.c
      btrfs-progs: move send-stream.c to common/
      btrfs-progs: move send-utils.c to common/
      btrfs-progs: move free-space-tree.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: move extent_io.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: move extent-tree.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: move print-tree.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: move disk-io.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: move file.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: move ctree.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: move inode.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: move transaction.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: move volumes.c to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: merge find-root.c and btrfs-find-root.c
      btrfs-progs: ci: updated zstd version to 1.4.5
      btrfs-progs: ci: fix libreiserfs build
      btrfs-progs: ci: enable free-space-tree for all mkfs tests
      btrfs-progs: ci: install clang unconditionally
      btrfs-progs: tests: add case for deleting default subvolume
      btrfs-progs: subvolume delete: print message for EPERM, possible send in progress
      btrfs-progs: tests: add case for send vs subvolume deletion
      btrfs-progs: sb-mod: add dev_item prefix for sb::device members
      btrfs-progs: sb-mod: add remaining dev_item members
      btrfs-progs: sb-mod: add syntax to the help text
      btrfs-progs: build: print versions for all subprojects in summary
      btrfs-progs: ci: add sanitizer coverage
      libbtrfsutil: let python-btrfsutil version follow main package version
      btrfs-progs: build: provide variables for main package version
      libbtrfsutil: set pkg-config Version to follow main package
      btrfs-progs: update CHANGES for 5.9
      Btrfs progs v5.9

Forza-tng (1):
      btrfs-progs: docs: update limits for minimal device size

Marcos Paulo de Souza (4):
      btrfs-progs: convert: make ASSERT not truncate cctx.total_bytes value
      btrfs-progs: docs: remove nonexistent nousebackuproot option
      btrfs-progs: make btrfs_lookup_dir_index in parity with kernel code
      btrfs-progs: convert: show more info when reserve_space fails

Nikolay Borisov (1):
      btrfs-progs: check: fix error reporting on root inode

Qu Wenruo (9):
      btrfs-progs: convert: prevent 32bit overflow for cctx->total_bytes
      btrfs-progs: tests: add convert test case for multiply overflow
      btrfs-progs: convert: handle errors better in ext2_copy_inodes()
      btrfs-progs: convert: update error message to reflect original fs unmodified cases
      btrfs-progs: convert: report available space before conversion happens
      btrfs-progs: remove the unused variable in check_chunks_and_extents_lowmem()
      btrfs-progs: check/lowmem: add inode transid detect and repair support
      btrfs-progs: check/original: add inode transid detect and repair support
      btrfs-progs: tests: add test image to fsck/043 for inode transid repair

Rafostar (1):
      btrfs-progs: scrub: make scrub status summary easier to read

Sheng Mao (1):
      libbtrfsutil: add pkg-config spec file

Sidong Yang (2):
      btrfs-progs: subvolume: check deleting default subvolume
      btrfs-progs: docs: add qgroup examples

gandalf3 (1):
      btrfs-progs: docs: fix typo in btrfs restore message

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