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From: David Sterba <>
Subject: Btrfs progs release 5.11
Date: Fri,  5 Mar 2021 14:36:05 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)


btrfs-progs version 5.11 have been released.


  * fix device path canonicalization for device mapper devices
  * receive: remove workaround for setting capabilities, all stable kernels
    have been patched
  * receive: fix duplicate mount path detection
  * rescue: new subcommand create-control-device
  * device stats: minor fix for plain text format output
  * build: detect if e2fsprogs support 64bit timestamps
  * build: drop libmount, required functionality has been reimplemented
  * mkfs: warn when raid56 is used
  * balance convert: warn when raid56 is used
  * other
    * new and updated tests
    * documentation updates
      * seeding device
      * raid56 status
    * CI updates
      * docker images for various distros

Git: git://


Anand Jain (1):
      btrfs-progs: fix return code for failed replace start

Boris Burkov (1):
      btrfs-progs: receive: fix btrfs_mount_root substring bug

Daniel Xu (1):
      btrfs-progs: rescue: add create-control-device subcommand

David Sterba (26):
      btrfs-progs: tests: replace which by type -p
      btrfs-progs: tests: randomize device name in mkfs/005-long-device-name-for-ssd
      btrfs-progs: tests: wait for dm device in test mkfs/005
      btrfs-progs: fix device mapper path canonicalization
      btrfs-progs: reimplement find_mount_fsroot without libmount
      Revert "btrfs-progs: INSTALL: update build dependencies"
      btrfs-progs: remove workarounds for libmount and static build
      Revert "btrfs-progs: build: add libmount dependency"
      btrfs-progs: change formatting for plain text lines
      btrfs-progs: convert: check for extra timespec support in e2fsprogs
      btrfs-progs: ci: check for local copy of branch tar before downloading
      btrfs-progs: ci: add docker build and test scripts
      btrfs-progs: ci: add openSUSE Tumbleweed image
      btrfs-progs: ci: add openSUSE Leap 15.2 image
      btrfs-progs: ci: add CentOS 7 image
      btrfs-progs: ci: add CentOS 8 image
      btrfs-progs: docs: add section about seeding device
      btrfs-progs: tests: add test for seeding device mounts
      btrfs-progs: tests: use force when decompressing images
      btrfs-progs: ci: add README
      btrfs-progs: link nested from the main one
      btrfs-progs: balance: use --force to override timeout for raid56 conversions
      btrfs-progs: docs: add raid1c34 profiles to balance convert
      btrfs-progs: docs: add section about raid56
      btrfs-progs: update CHANGES for 5.11
      Btrfs progs v5.11

Filipe Manana (1):
      btrfs-progs: receive: remove workaround for setting capabilities

Josef Bacik (2):
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: add a warning label for RAID5/6
      btrfs-progs: balance convert: add a warning and countdown for RAID56 conversion

Marek Behún (1):
      btrfs-progs: do not fail when offset of a ROOT_ITEM is not -1

Nikolay Borisov (2):
      btrfs-progs: tests: cli/003 verify that the path is not an image
      btrfs-progs: remove duplicate checks from cmd_filesystem_resize

Qu Wenruo (2):
      btrfs-progs: check: detect and warn about tree blocks crossing 64K page boundary
      btrfs-progs: tests: check the result log for critical warnings

chrysn (1):
      btrfs-progs: doc: snapshot -r and -i can be used together

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