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From: David Sterba <>
Subject: Btrfs progs release 5.14
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2021 16:52:06 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)


btrfs-progs version 5.14 have been released.

Changes since rc1: one more bugfix for 'fi us' misreporting missing devices.


* convert:
  * new option --uuid to copy, generate or set a given uuid
  * improve output
* mkfs:
  * allow to create degenerate raid0 (on 1 device) and raid10 (on 2 devices)
* image:
  * improved error messages
  * fix some alignment of restored image
* subvol delete: allow to delete by id when path is not resolvable
* check:
  * require alignment of nodesize for 64k page systems
  * detect and fix invalid block groups
* libbtrfs (deprecated):
  * remove most exported symbols, leave only a few that are used by snapper
  * no version change (still 0.1)
  * remove btrfs-list.h, btrfsck.h
* fixes:
  * reset generation of space v1 if v2 is used
  * fi us: don't wrongly report missing device size when partition is not readable
* other:
  * build: experimental features
  * build: better detection of 64bit timestamp support for ext4
  * corrupt-block: block group items
  * new and updated tests
  * refactoring
* experimental features:
  * new image dump format, with data

Git: git://


David Sterba (48):
      btrfs-progs: convert: new option to copy or specify uuid
      btrfs-progs: tests: add test for convert --uuid option
      btrfs-progs: convert: rename context volume_name to label
      btrfs-progs: remove stale command declarations
      btrfs-progs: convert: update default output
      btrfs-progs: build: add configure time option to enable experimental features
      btrfs-progs: corupt-block: leave only long option for --block-group
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: allow degenerate raid0/raid10
      btrfs-progs: tests: add mkfs test for raid0/1 and raid10/2
      btrfs-progs: copy some raid_attr helpers from kernel
      btrfs-progs: add and use bit masks for RAID1 and RAID56 profiles
      btrfs-progs: parse profile name from the raid table
      btrfs-progs: split parsing helpers from utils.c
      btrfs-progs: move number and range parsing helpers to parse-utils.c
      btrfs-progs: factor out profile parsing to common utils
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: use common parser of bg profiles
      btrfs-progs: factor out compression type name parsing to common utils
      btrfs-progs: unify GPL header comments
      btrfs-progs: rename parse_qgroupid
      btrfs-progs: factor out plain qgroupid parsing
      btrfs-progs: move parse_qgroupid to parse utils
      btrfs-progs: qgroup create: accept only valid qgroupid
      btrfs-progs: move btrfs_tree_search2_ioctl_supported to fsfeatures.c
      btrfs-progs: use raid attr table in group_profile_max_safe_loss
      btrfs-progs: rename and move group_profile_max_safe_loss
      btrfs-progs: tests: do dm target detection by one
      btrfs-progs: tests: allow alternate name for dm target detection
      btrfs-progs: tests: properly load dm-thin in mkfs/017
      btrfs-progs: tests: add templates for most common test types
      btrfs-progs: move qgroup.h to cmds/
      btrfs-progs: merge qgroup.c into cmds/qgroup.c
      btrfs-progs: unexport local qgroup helpers
      btrfs-progs: add prefixes to exported qgroup helpers
      btrfs-progs: remove prefix from all static qgroup helpers
      btrfs-progs: move all private definitions to cmds/qgroup.c
      btrfs-progs: move send.h to kernel-shared/
      btrfs-progs: remove stale declaration from send.h
      btrfs-progs: move props.h to cmds/
      btrfs-progs: merge props.c to cmds/property.c
      btrfs-progs: move btrfsck.h to check/
      btrfs-progs: open code btrfs_list_get_path_rootid
      btrfs-progs: tests: add more API coverage to library-test
      btrfs-progs: libbtrfs: drop btrfs-list.h, raid56.h and btrfsck.h
      btrfs-progs: libbtrfs: cleanup libbtrfs.sym exports
      btrfs-progs: libbtrfs: hide unused symbols, same version
      btrfs-progs: read partition size from sysfs as fallback
      btrfs-progs: update CHANGES for 5.14
      Btrfs progs v5.14

Josef Bacik (22):
      btrfs-progs: corrupt-block: add ability to corrupt block group items
      btrfs-progs: check: detect and fix invalid used for block groups
      btrfs-progs: tests: add image with a corrupt block group item
      btrfs-progs: propagate fs root errors in lowmem mode
      btrfs-progs: propagate extent item errors in lowmem mode
      btrfs-progs: check btrfs_super_used in lowmem check
      btrfs-progs: tests: fix running check mode lowmem tests
      btrfs-progs: check blocks in btrfs_next_sibling_block
      btrfs-progs: check: do not double add unaligned extent records
      btrfs-progs: check: do not infinite loop on corrupt keys with lowmem mode
      btrfs-progs: check: detect and fix problems with super_bytes_used
      btrfs-progs: tests: add image with an invalid super bytes_used
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: use an associative array for init blocks
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: get rid of MKFS_SUPER_BLOCK
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: use blocks_nr to determine the super used bytes
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: set nritems based on root items written
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: add helper for writing empty tree nodes
      btrfs-progs: make sure track_dirty and ref_cows is set properly
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: add the block group item in make_btrfs()
      btrfs-progs: add add_block_group_free_space helper
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: generate free space tree at make_btrfs() time
      btrfs-progs: add the incompat flag for extent tree v2

Li Zhang (1):
      btrfs-progs: build: fix detection of ext4 i_{a,c,a}time_extra

Qu Wenruo (15):
      btrfs-progs: mkfs: set super_cache_generation to 0 if we're using free space tree
      btrfs-progs: subvol delete: try to delete subvolume by id when its path can't be resolved
      btrfs-progs: tests: also check subpage warning for check_image cases
      btrfs-progs: tests: don't check subpage related warnings for simple fsck tests
      btrfs-progs: require full nodesize alignement for subpage support
      btrfs-progs: image: introduce framework for more dump versions
      btrfs-progs: image: introduce -d option to dump data
      btrfs-progs: image: reduce memory requirements for decompression
      btrfs-progs: image: fix restored image size misalignment
      btrfs-progs: move btrfs_format_csum() to common/utils.[ch]
      btrfs-progs: slightly enhance btrfs_format_csum()
      btrfs-progs: check: output proper csum values for --check-data-csum
      btrfs-progs: use btrfs_key for btrfs_check_node() and btrfs_check_leaf()
      btrfs-progs: backport btrfs_check_leaf() from kernel
      btrfs-progs: backport btrfs_check_node() from kernel

Sidong Yang (1):
      btrfs-progs: props: init compression prop_handlers with field name

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