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From: Dominique MARTINET <>
To: "Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)" <>,
Cc:,,, Yu Kuai <>,
	Kent Overstreet <>
Subject: Major btrfs fiemap slowdown on file with many extents once in cache (RCU stalls?) (Was: [PATCH 1/3] filemap: Correct the conditions for marking a folio as accessed)
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 16:29:05 +0900	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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Hi Willy, linux-btrfs@vger,

Matthew Wilcox (Oracle) wrote on Sun, Jun 19, 2022 at 04:11:41PM +0100:
> We had an off-by-one error which meant that we never marked the first page
> in a read as accessed.  This was visible as a slowdown when re-reading
> a file as pages were being evicted from cache too soon.  In reviewing
> this code, we noticed a second bug where a multi-page folio would be
> marked as accessed multiple times when doing reads that were less than
> the size of the folio.

when debugging an unrelated issue (short reads on btrfs with io_uring
and O_DIRECT[1]), I noticed that my horrible big file copy speeds fell
down from ~2GB/s (there's compression and lots of zeroes) to ~100MB/s
the second time I was copying it with cp.

I've taken a moment to bisect this and came down to this patch.


Dropping caches (echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches) restore the speed,
so there appears to be some bad effect to having the file in cache for
To be fair that file is pretty horrible:
# compsize bigfile
Processed 1 file, 194955 regular extents (199583 refs), 0 inline.
Type       Perc     Disk Usage   Uncompressed Referenced  
TOTAL       15%      3.7G          23G          23G       
none       100%      477M         477M         514M       
zstd        14%      3.2G          23G          23G       

Here's what perf has to say about it on top of this patch when running
`cp bigfile /dev/null` the first time:

98.97%     0.00%  cp       [kernel.kallsyms]    [k]
  - 93.40% ksys_read
     - 93.36% vfs_read
        - 93.25% new_sync_read
           - 93.20% filemap_read
              - 83.38% filemap_get_pages
                 - 82.76% page_cache_ra_unbounded
                    + 59.72% folio_alloc
                    + 13.43% read_pages
                    + 8.75% filemap_add_folio
                      0.64% xa_load
                   0.52% filemap_get_read_batch
              + 8.75% copy_page_to_iter
  - 4.73% __x64_sys_ioctl
     - 4.72% do_vfs_ioctl
        - btrfs_fiemap
           - 4.70% extent_fiemap
              + 3.95% btrfs_check_shared
              + 0.70% get_extent_skip_holes

and second time:
99.90%     0.00%  cp       [kernel.kallsyms]    [k]
  - 94.62% __x64_sys_ioctl
     - extent_fiemap
        - 50.01% get_extent_skip_holes
           - 50.00% btrfs_get_extent_fiemap
              - 49.97% count_range_bits
        + 28.72% lock_extent_bits
        + 15.55% __clear_extent_bit
  - 5.21% ksys_read
     + 5.21% vfs_read

(if this isn't readable, 95% of the time is spent on fiemap the second
time around)

I've also been observing RCU stalls on my laptop with the same workload
(cp to /dev/null), but unfortunately I could not reproduce in qemu so I
could not take traces to confirm they are caused by the same commit but
given the workload I'd say that is it?
I can rebuild a kernel for my laptop and confirm if you think it should
be something else.

I didn't look at the patch itself (yet) so have no suggestion at this
point - it's plausible the patch fixed something and just exposed slow
code that had been there all along so it might be better to look at the
btrfs side first, I don't know.
If you don't manage to reproduce I'll be happy to test anything thrown
at me at the very least.

Dominique Martinet | Asmadeus

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