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[PATCH v5 00/13] Provide SEV-SNP support for running under an SVSM
 2024-06-14 20:47 UTC  (20+ messages)
` [PATCH v5 01/13] x86/irqflags: Provide native versions of the local_irq_save()/restore()
` [PATCH v5 02/13] x86/sev: Check for the presence of an SVSM in the SNP Secrets page
` [PATCH v5 03/13] x86/sev: Use kernel provided SVSM Calling Areas
` [PATCH v5 04/13] x86/sev: Perform PVALIDATE using the SVSM when not at VMPL0
` [PATCH v5 05/13] x86/sev: Use the SVSM to create a vCPU when not in VMPL0
` [PATCH v5 06/13] x86/sev: Provide SVSM discovery support
` [PATCH v5 07/13] x86/sev: Provide guest VMPL level to userspace
` [PATCH v5 08/13] virt: sev-guest: Choose the VMPCK key based on executing VMPL
` [PATCH v5 09/13] configfs-tsm: Allow the privlevel_floor attribute to be updated
` [PATCH v5 10/13] fs/configfs: Add a callback to determine attribute visibility
` [PATCH v5 11/13] x86/sev: Take advantage of configfs visibility support in TSM
` [PATCH v5 12/13] x86/sev: Extend the config-fs attestation support for an SVSM
` [PATCH v5 13/13] x86/sev: Allow non-VMPL0 execution when an SVSM is present

[PATCH v3 00/14] arm64: Support for running as a guest in Arm CCA
 2024-06-14 18:57 UTC  (39+ messages)
` [PATCH v3 01/14] arm64: rsi: Add RSI definitions
` [PATCH v3 02/14] arm64: Detect if in a realm and set RIPAS RAM
` [PATCH v3 03/14] arm64: realm: Query IPA size from the RMM
` [PATCH v3 04/14] arm64: Mark all I/O as non-secure shared
` [PATCH v3 05/14] fixmap: Allow architecture overriding set_fixmap_io
` [PATCH v3 06/14] arm64: Override set_fixmap_io
` [PATCH v3 07/14] arm64: Make the PHYS_MASK_SHIFT dynamic
` [PATCH v3 08/14] arm64: Enforce bounce buffers for realm DMA
` [PATCH v3 09/14] arm64: Enable memory encrypt for Realms
` [PATCH v3 10/14] arm64: Force device mappings to be non-secure shared
` [PATCH v3 11/14] efi: arm64: Map Device with Prot Shared
` [PATCH v3 12/14] arm64: realm: Support nonsecure ITS emulation shared
` [PATCH v3 13/14] arm64: rsi: Interfaces to query attestation token
` [PATCH v3 14/14] virt: arm-cca-guest: TSM_REPORT support for realms

[PATCH][v2] virt: tdx-guest: Don't free decrypted memory
 2024-06-14 16:13 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCHv11 00/19] x86/tdx: Add kexec support
 2024-06-14 14:06 UTC  (32+ messages)
` [PATCHv11 05/19] x86/relocate_kernel: Use named labels for less confusion
` [PATCHv11 11/19] x86/tdx: Convert shared memory back to private on kexec
` [PATCHv11 18/19] x86/acpi: Add support for CPU offlining for ACPI MADT wakeup method
` [PATCH v7 0/3] x86/snp: Add kexec support
  ` [PATCH v7 2/3] x86/boot/compressed: Skip Video Memory access in Decompressor for SEV-ES/SNP

[PATCHv12 00/19] x86/tdx: Add kexec support
 2024-06-14  9:59 UTC  (20+ messages)
` [PATCHv12 01/19] x86/acpi: Extract ACPI MADT wakeup code into a separate file
` [PATCHv12 02/19] x86/apic: Mark acpi_mp_wake_* variables as __ro_after_init
` [PATCHv12 03/19] cpu/hotplug: Add support for declaring CPU offlining not supported
` [PATCHv12 04/19] cpu/hotplug, x86/acpi: Disable CPU offlining for ACPI MADT wakeup
` [PATCHv12 05/19] x86/relocate_kernel: Use named labels for less confusion
` [PATCHv12 06/19] x86/kexec: Keep CR4.MCE set during kexec for TDX guest
` [PATCHv12 07/19] x86/mm: Make x86_platform.guest.enc_status_change_*() return errno
` [PATCHv12 08/19] x86/mm: Return correct level from lookup_address() if pte is none
` [PATCHv12 09/19] x86/tdx: Account shared memory
` [PATCHv12 10/19] x86/mm: Add callbacks to prepare encrypted memory for kexec
` [PATCHv12 11/19] x86/tdx: Convert shared memory back to private on kexec
` [PATCHv12 12/19] x86/mm: Make e820__end_ram_pfn() cover E820_TYPE_ACPI ranges
` [PATCHv12 13/19] x86/mm: Do not zap page table entries mapping unaccepted memory table during kdump
` [PATCHv12 14/19] x86/acpi: Rename fields in acpi_madt_multiproc_wakeup structure
` [PATCHv12 15/19] x86/acpi: Do not attempt to bring up secondary CPUs in kexec case
` [PATCHv12 16/19] x86/smp: Add smp_ops.stop_this_cpu() callback
` [PATCHv12 17/19] x86/mm: Introduce kernel_ident_mapping_free()
` [PATCHv12 18/19] x86/acpi: Add support for CPU offlining for ACPI MADT wakeup method
` [PATCHv12 19/19] ACPI: tables: Print MULTIPROC_WAKEUP when MADT is parsed

[PATCH] virt: tdx-guest: Fix the decrypted failure memory free
 2024-06-14  4:48 UTC  (5+ messages)
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SVSM Development Call June 12th, 2024
 2024-06-13  7:41 UTC  (2+ messages)
` [svsm-devel] "

[PATCH 1/1] Documentation: hyperv: Add overview of Confidential Computing VM support
 2024-06-13  1:01 UTC  (3+ messages)

Confidential Computing call May 10: RTMR ABI & TEE I/O
 2024-06-12 21:18 UTC  (11+ messages)

SVSM Development Call - June 12th, 2024
 2024-06-12 12:29 UTC  (5+ messages)
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[PATCH] x86/tdx: Generate SIGBUS on userspace MMIO
 2024-06-12  9:50 UTC  (9+ messages)
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[PATCH v3 00/43] arm64: Support for Arm CCA in KVM
 2024-06-10 13:42 UTC  (44+ messages)
` [PATCH v3 01/43] KVM: Prepare for handling only shared mappings in mmu_notifier events
` [PATCH v3 02/43] kvm: arm64: pgtable: Track the number of pages in the entry level
` [PATCH v3 03/43] kvm: arm64: Include kvm_emulate.h in kvm/arm_psci.h
` [PATCH v3 04/43] arm64: RME: Handle Granule Protection Faults (GPFs)
` [PATCH v3 05/43] arm64: RME: Add SMC definitions for calling the RMM
` [PATCH v3 06/43] arm64: RME: Add wrappers for RMI calls
` [PATCH v3 07/43] arm64: RME: Check for RME support at KVM init
` [PATCH v3 08/43] arm64: RME: Define the user ABI
` [PATCH v3 09/43] arm64: RME: ioctls to create and configure realms
` [PATCH v3 10/43] kvm: arm64: Expose debug HW register numbers for Realm
` [PATCH v3 11/43] arm64: kvm: Allow passing machine type in KVM creation
` [PATCH v3 12/43] arm64: RME: Keep a spare page delegated to the RMM
` [PATCH v3 13/43] arm64: RME: RTT tear down
` [PATCH v3 14/43] arm64: RME: Allocate/free RECs to match vCPUs
` [PATCH v3 15/43] arm64: RME: Support for the VGIC in realms
` [PATCH v3 16/43] KVM: arm64: Support timers in realm RECs
` [PATCH v3 17/43] arm64: RME: Allow VMM to set RIPAS
` [PATCH v3 18/43] arm64: RME: Handle realm enter/exit
` [PATCH v3 19/43] KVM: arm64: Handle realm MMIO emulation
` [PATCH v3 20/43] arm64: RME: Allow populating initial contents
` [PATCH v3 21/43] arm64: RME: Runtime faulting of memory
` [PATCH v3 22/43] KVM: arm64: Handle realm VCPU load
` [PATCH v3 23/43] KVM: arm64: Validate register access for a Realm VM
` [PATCH v3 24/43] KVM: arm64: Handle Realm PSCI requests
` [PATCH v3 25/43] KVM: arm64: WARN on injected undef exceptions
` [PATCH v3 26/43] arm64: Don't expose stolen time for realm guests
` [PATCH v3 27/43] arm64: rme: allow userspace to inject aborts
` [PATCH v3 28/43] arm64: rme: support RSI_HOST_CALL
` [PATCH v3 29/43] arm64: rme: Allow checking SVE on VM instance
` [PATCH v3 30/43] arm64: RME: Always use 4k pages for realms
` [PATCH v3 31/43] arm64: rme: Prevent Device mappings for Realms
` [PATCH v3 32/43] arm_pmu: Provide a mechanism for disabling the physical IRQ
` [PATCH v3 33/43] arm64: rme: Enable PMU support with a realm guest
` [PATCH v3 34/43] kvm: rme: Hide KVM_CAP_READONLY_MEM for realm guests
` [PATCH v3 35/43] arm64: RME: Propagate number of breakpoints and watchpoints to userspace
` [PATCH v3 36/43] arm64: RME: Set breakpoint parameters through SET_ONE_REG
` [PATCH v3 37/43] arm64: RME: Initialize PMCR.N with number counter supported by RMM
` [PATCH v3 38/43] arm64: RME: Propagate max SVE vector length from RMM
` [PATCH v3 39/43] arm64: RME: Configure max SVE vector length for a Realm
` [PATCH v3 40/43] arm64: RME: Provide register list for unfinalized RME RECs
` [PATCH v3 41/43] arm64: RME: Provide accurate register list
` [PATCH v3 42/43] arm64: kvm: Expose support for private memory
` [PATCH v3 43/43] KVM: arm64: Allow activating realms

[PATCH v6 00/10] x86/sev: KEXEC/KDUMP support for SEV-ES guests
 2024-06-10 10:30 UTC  (12+ messages)
` [PATCH v6 01/10] x86/kexec/64: Disable kexec when SEV-ES is active
` [PATCH v6 02/10] x86/sev: Save and print negotiated GHCB protocol version
` [PATCH v6 03/10] x86/sev: Set GHCB data structure version
` [PATCH v6 04/10] x86/sev: Setup code to park APs in the AP Jump Table
` [PATCH v6 05/10] x86/sev: Park APs on AP Jump Table with GHCB protocol version 2
` [PATCH v6 06/10] x86/sev: Use AP Jump Table blob to stop CPU
` [PATCH v6 07/10] x86/sev: Add MMIO handling support to boot/compressed/ code
` [PATCH v6 08/10] x86/sev: Handle CLFLUSH MMIO events
` [PATCH v6 09/10] x86/kexec/64: Support kexec under SEV-ES with AP Jump Table Blob
` [PATCH v6 10/10] x86/sev: Exclude AP jump table related code for SEV-SNP guests

CCC Kernel SIG / Device Security call today 2024/06/07
 2024-06-07 14:03 UTC 

[PATCHv11 11/19] x86/tdx: Convert shared memory back to private on kexec
 2024-06-06 12:39 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [PATCHv11.1 "

SVSM Development Call June 5th, 2024
 2024-06-06  7:24 UTC  (2+ messages)
` [svsm-devel] "

[PATCH v7 1/3] efi/x86: Fix EFI memory map corruption with kexec
 2024-06-06  1:52 UTC  (27+ messages)

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