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* [PATCH 00/57] Rid W=1 warnings from Staging
@ 2021-04-14 18:10 Lee Jones
  2021-04-14 18:10 ` [PATCH 25/57] staging: sm750fb: sm750_accel: Provide description for 'accel' and fix function naming Lee Jones
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From: Lee Jones @ 2021-04-14 18:10 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: lee.jones
  Cc: linux-kernel, ac100, Alexander A. Klimov, Allen Pais,
	Anders Blomdell, Andrea Merello, Andres Klode, Andrey Shvetsov,
	Arve Hjønnevåg, Christian Brauner, Comedi,
	David A. Schleef, dri-devel, Fabio Aiuto, Florian Schilhabel,
	Forest Bond, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Herman.Bruyninckx,
	H Hartley Sweeten, Hridya Valsaraju, Ian Abbott, Ilya Petrov,
	Jacob Feder, Jerry chuang, Joel Fernandes, John B. Wyatt IV,
	Jonathan Cameron, J.P. Mellor, karthik alapati, Kees Cook,
	Kernel Team, Klaas.Gadeyne, Larry Finger, Lars-Peter Clausen,
	linux-fbdev, linux-iio, linux-pwm, linux-staging, linux-tegra,
	Marc Dietrich, Marco Cesati, Martijn Coenen, Michael Hennerich,
	Michael Straube, Mori Hess, Nícolas F. R. A. Prado,
	Peter Hurley, Philipp Zabel, Pierre-Hugues Husson, Robert Love,
	Romain Perier, Ross Schmidt, Spencer E. Olson, Stanley,
	Sudip Mukherjee, Sumera Priyadarsini, Suren Baghdasaryan,
	Teddy Wang, Thierry Reding, Thomas Gleixner, Todd Kjos,
	Truxton Fulton, Uwe Kleine-König, Wim.Meeussen,
	Zhansaya Bagdauletkyzy

This set is part of a larger effort attempting to clean-up W=1
kernel builds, which are currently overwhelmingly riddled with
niggly little warnings.

Lee Jones (57):
  staging: r8192U_core: Remove two unused variables 'ret' and
  staging: android: ashmem: Supply description for 'new_range'
  staging: comedi_8254: Fix descriptions for 'i8254' and 'iobase'
  staging: r8192U_core: Do not use kernel-doc formatting for !kernel-doc
  staging: r819xU_phy: Remove some local variables from the stack
  staging: r819xU_cmdpkt: Remove functionless method
  staging: wlan-ng: cfg80211: Move large struct onto the heap
  staging: rtw_ioctl_set: Move 'channel_table' to the only place it's
  staging: rtl8188eu: core: rtw_ieee80211: Fix incorrectly documented
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme: Remove a bunch of unused variables
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme_ext: Deal with a bunch of unused
  staging: rtl8712: rtl871x_mp_ioctl: Remove a bunch of unused tables
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_recv: Mark debug variable as
  staging: rtl8188eu: core: rtw_security: Fix some formatting and
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_security: Demote non-conformant
    kernel-doc header
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_sta_mgt: Remove unused variable 'psta'
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_sta_mgt: Return error value directly
  staging: octeon: ethernet-tx: Fix formatting issue in function header
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_wlan_util: Remove unused variable
  staging: rtl8712: rtl871x_mp_ioctl: Move a large data struct onto the
  staging: iio: frequency: ad9834: Provide missing description for
  staging: nvec: Fix a bunch of kernel-doc issues
  staging: ks7010: ks_hostif: Remove a bunch of unused variables
  staging: fwserial: Demote a whole host of kernel-doc abuses
  staging: sm750fb: sm750_accel: Provide description for 'accel' and fix
    function naming
  staging: most: net: Fix some kernel-doc formatting issues
  staging: vt6655: upc: Suppress set but not used warning in macro
  staging: rtl8192u: ieee80211_softmac: Move a large data struct onto
    the heap
  staging: most: dim2: Provide missing descriptions and fix doc-rot
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_ieee80211: Remove seemingly pointless
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme: 'retry' is only used if REJOIN is
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme_ext: 'evt_seq' is only used if
    CHECK_EVENT_SEQ is set
  staging: most: i2c: Fix a little doc-rot
  staging: most: dim2: hal: Fix one kernel-doc header and demote two
    non-conforming ones
  staging: most: dim2: hal: Demote non-conformant kernel-doc headers
  staging: axis-fifo: axis-fifo: Fix some formatting issues
  staging: rtl8188eu: os_dep: ioctl_linux: Move 2 large data buffers
    into the heap
  staging: fbtft: fb_ili9320: Remove unused variable 'ret'
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_ieee80211: Fix incorrectly named
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: odm_NoiseMonitor: Remove unused variable and
    dead code
  staging: rtl8188eu: os_dep: mon: Demote non-conforming kernel-doc
  staging: rtl8188eu: os_dep: rtw_android: Demote kernel-doc abuse
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: rtl8723b_hal_init: Remove unused variable and
    dead code
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: rtl8723b_phycfg: Fix a bunch of misnamed
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: sdio_halinit: 'start' is only used if debug
    is enabled
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: sdio_ops: Mark used 'err' as __maybe_unused
    and remove another
  staging: rtl8723bs: os_dep: ioctl_cfg80211: 'ack' is used when debug
    is enabled
  staging: comedi: drivers: jr3_pci: Remove set but unused variable
  staging: comedi: drivers: ni_tio: Fix slightly broken kernel-doc and
    demote others
  staging: comedi: drivers: ni_routes: Demote non-conforming kernel-doc
  staging: axis-fifo: axis-fifo: Fix function naming in the
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: odm_NoiseMonitor: Remove unused variable
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme_ext: Move very large data buffer
    onto the heap
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: rtl8723b_hal_init: Mark a bunch of debug
    variables as __maybe_unused
  staging: comedi: drivers: ni_mio_common: Move 'range_ni_E_ao_ext' to
    where it is used
  staging: comedi: drivers: comedi_isadma: Fix misspelling of
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: sdio_halinit: Remove unused variable 'ret'

 drivers/staging/android/ashmem.c              |   1 +
 drivers/staging/axis-fifo/axis-fifo.c         |  18 +--
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/comedi_8254.c  |   3 +-
 .../staging/comedi/drivers/comedi_isadma.c    |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/jr3_pci.c      |   3 +-
 .../staging/comedi/drivers/ni_mio_common.c    |   9 --
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_routes.c    |   6 +-
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_stc.h       |   9 +-
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_tio.c       |  12 +-
 drivers/staging/fbtft/fb_ili9320.c            |   3 +-
 drivers/staging/fwserial/fwserial.c           |  46 +++----
 drivers/staging/iio/frequency/ad9834.c        |   5 +-
 drivers/staging/ks7010/ks_hostif.c            |  14 +-
 drivers/staging/most/dim2/dim2.c              |  23 ++--
 drivers/staging/most/dim2/hal.c               |  10 +-
 drivers/staging/most/i2c/i2c.c                |  12 +-
 drivers/staging/most/net/net.c                |   6 +-
 drivers/staging/nvec/nvec.c                   |   7 +-
 drivers/staging/octeon/ethernet-tx.c          |   1 -
 drivers/staging/qlge/qlge_main.c              |   4 +-
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/core/rtw_ieee80211.c    |   2 +-
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/core/rtw_ioctl_set.c    |   8 ++
 drivers/staging/rtl8188eu/core/rtw_security.c |  10 +-
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/include/rtw_mlme_ext.h  |   8 --
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/os_dep/ioctl_linux.c    |  12 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8188eu/os_dep/mon.c        |   6 +-
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/os_dep/rtw_android.c    |   2 +-
 .../rtl8192u/ieee80211/ieee80211_softmac.c    |   9 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8192u/r8192U_core.c        |  11 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8192u/r819xU_cmdpkt.c      |  41 ------
 drivers/staging/rtl8192u/r819xU_phy.c         |  48 +++++--
 drivers/staging/rtl8712/rtl871x_mp_ioctl.c    |  29 ++--
 drivers/staging/rtl8712/rtl871x_mp_ioctl.h    | 127 ------------------
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_ieee80211.c    |   6 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_mlme.c     |  17 +--
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_mlme_ext.c |  19 +--
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_recv.c     |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_security.c |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_sta_mgt.c  |  10 +-
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_wlan_util.c    |   4 +-
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/hal/odm_NoiseMonitor.c  |   9 +-
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/hal/rtl8723b_hal_init.c |  21 +--
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/hal/rtl8723b_phycfg.c   |  10 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/hal/sdio_halinit.c  |   8 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/hal/sdio_ops.c      |   7 +-
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/os_dep/ioctl_cfg80211.c |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/sm750fb/sm750_accel.c         |   4 +-
 drivers/staging/vt6655/upc.h                  |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/wlan-ng/cfg80211.c            |  30 +++--
 49 files changed, 256 insertions(+), 404 deletions(-)

Cc: "Alexander A. Klimov" <>
Cc: Allen Pais <>
Cc: Anders Blomdell <>
Cc: Andrea Merello <>
Cc: Andres Klode <>
Cc: Andrey Shvetsov <>
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Cc: Christian Brauner <>
Cc: Comedi <>
Cc: "David A. Schleef" <>
Cc: Fabio Aiuto <>
Cc: Florian Schilhabel <>
Cc: Forest Bond <>
Cc: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
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Cc: Ian Abbott <>
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Cc: Joel Fernandes <>
Cc: "John B. Wyatt IV" <>
Cc: Jonathan Cameron <>
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Cc: karthik alapati <>
Cc: Kees Cook <>
Cc: Kernel Team <>
Cc: Larry Finger <>
Cc: Lars-Peter Clausen <>
Cc: Lee Jones <>
Cc: Marc Dietrich <>
Cc: Marco Cesati <>
Cc: Martijn Coenen <>
Cc: Michael Hennerich <>
Cc: Michael Straube <>
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Cc: Thomas Gleixner <>
Cc: Todd Kjos <>
Cc: Truxton Fulton <>
Cc: "Uwe Kleine-König" <>
Cc: Zhansaya Bagdauletkyzy <>

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2021-04-14 18:10 [PATCH 00/57] Rid W=1 warnings from Staging Lee Jones
2021-04-14 18:10 ` [PATCH 25/57] staging: sm750fb: sm750_accel: Provide description for 'accel' and fix function naming Lee Jones
2021-04-14 18:11 ` [PATCH 38/57] staging: fbtft: fb_ili9320: Remove unused variable 'ret' Lee Jones
2021-04-16  7:27 ` [PATCH 00/57] Rid W=1 warnings from Staging Fabio Aiuto
2021-04-16  7:31   ` Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-04-27  9:31 ` Greg Kroah-Hartman

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