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From: Dominique Martinet <>
To: David Howells <>
Cc: Eric Van Hensbergen <>,
	Latchesar Ionkov <>,,,
Subject: Re: [PATCH] 9p: Convert to new fscache API
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 13:48:26 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20201118124826.GA17850@nautica> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

David Howells wrote on Wed, Nov 18, 2020:
> Here's a rough draft of a patch to convert 9P to use the rewritten fscache
> API.  It compiles, but I've no way to test it.  This is built on top of my
> fscache-iter branch:

Thanks, I'm ashamed I hadn't found time to work on this it's a great
I can get some test running with this.

What's the current schedule/plan for the fscache branch merging? Will
you be trying this merge window next month?

Couple more questions below

> Notes:
>  (*) I've switched to use ITER_XATTR rather than ITER_BVEC in some places.
>  (*) I've added a pair of helper functions to get the cookie:
> 	v9fs_inode_cookie()
> 	v9fs_session_cache()
>      These return NULL if CONFIG_9P_FSCACHE=n.
>  (*) I've moved some of the fscache accesses inline.  Using the above helper
>      functions, it all compiles away due to NULL pointer checks in the header
>      file if fscache is disabled.
>  (*) 9P's readpage and readpages now just jump into the netfs helpers, as does
>      write_begin.  v9fs_req_issue_op() initiates the I/O on behalf of the
>      helpers.
>  (*) v9fs_write_begin() now returns the subpage and v9fs_write_end() goes back
>      out to the head page.  thp_size() is also used.  This should mean you
>      handle transparent huge pages (THPs) and can turn that on.
>  (*) I have made an assumption that 9p_client_read() and write can handle I/Os
>      larger than a page.  If this is not the case, v9fs_req_ops will need
>      clamp_length() implementing.

There's a max driven by the client's msize (client->msize - P9_IOHDRSZ ;
unfortunately msize is just guaranted to be >= 4k so that means the
actual IO size would be smaller in that case even if that's not intended
to be common)

>  (*) The expand_readahead() and clamp_length() ops should perhaps be
>      implemented to align and trim with respect to maximum I/O size.
>  (*) iget and evict acquire and relinquish a cookie.
>  (*) open and release use and unuse that cookie.
>  (*) writepage writes the dirty data to the cache.
>  (*) setattr resizes the cache if necessary.
>  (*) The cache needs to be invalidated if a 3rd-party change happens, but I
>      haven't done that.

There's no concurrent access logic in 9p as far as I'm aware (like NFS
does if the mtime changes for example), so I assume we can keep ignoring

>  (*) With these changes, 9p should cache local changes too, not just data
>      read.
>  (*) If 9p supports DIO writes, it should invalidate a cache object with
>      FSCACHE_INVAL_DIO_WRITE when one happens - thereby stopping caching for
>      that file until all file handles on it are closed.

Not 100% sure actually there is some code about it but comment says it's
disabled when cache is active; I'll check just found another problem
with some queued patch that need fixing first...

> I forgot something: netfs_subreq_terminated() needs to be called when
> the read is complete.  If p9_client_read() is synchronous, then that
> would be here,

(it is synchronous; I'll add that suggestion)


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