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From: Allison Collins <>
To: Amir Goldstein <>,
	"Darrick J. Wong" <>
	linux-fsdevel <>,
	xfs <>, Eryu Guan <>,
	Eric Sandeen <>
Subject: Re: [Lsf-pc] [LSF/MM/BPF TOPIC] FS Maintainers Don't Scale
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2020 20:20:37 -0700
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On 1/31/20 12:30 AM, Amir Goldstein wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 7:25 AM Darrick J. Wong <> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I would like to discuss how to improve the process of shepherding code
>> into the kernel to make it more enjoyable for maintainers, reviewers,
>> and code authors.  Here is a brief summary of how we got here:
>> Years ago, XFS had one maintainer tending to all four key git repos
>> (kernel, userspace, documentation, testing).  Like most subsystems, the
>> maintainer did a lot of review and porting code between the kernel and
>> userspace, though with help from others.
>> It turns out that this didn't scale very well, so we split the
>> responsibilities into three maintainers.  Like most subsystems, the
>> maintainers still did a lot of review and porting work, though with help
>> from others.
>> It turns out that this system doesn't scale very well either.  Even with
>> three maintainers sharing access to the git trees and working together
>> to get reviews done, mailing list traffic has been trending upwards for
>> years, and we still can't keep up.  I fear that many maintainers are
>> burning out.  For XFS, the biggest pain point (AFAICT) is not assembly and
>> testing of the git trees, but keeping up with the mail and the reviews.
>> So what do we do about this?  I think we (the XFS project, anyway)
>> should increase the amount of organizing in our review process.  For
>> large patchsets, I would like to improve informal communication about
>> who the author might like to have conduct a review, who might be
>> interested in conducting a review, estimates of how much time a reviewer
>> has to spend on a patchset, and of course, feedback about how it went.
>> This of course is to lay the groundwork for making a case to our bosses
>> for growing our community, allocating time for reviews and for growing
>> our skills as reviewers.
> Interesting.
> Eryu usually posts a weekly status of xfstests review queue, often with
> a call for reviewers, sometimes with specific patch series mentioned.
> That helps me as a developer to monitor the status of my own work
> and it helps me as a reviewer to put the efforts where the maintainer
> needs me the most.
> For xfs kernel patches, I can represent the voice of "new blood".
> Getting new people to join the review effort is quite a hard barrier.
> I have taken a few stabs at doing review for xfs patch series over the
> year, but it mostly ends up feeling like it helped me (get to know xfs code
> better) more than it helped the maintainer, because the chances of a
> new reviewer to catch meaningful bugs are very low and if another reviewer
> is going to go over the same patch series, the chances of new reviewer to
> catch bugs that novice reviewer will not catch are extremely low.
That sounds like a familiar experience.  Lots of times I'll start a 
review, but then someone else will finish it before I do, and catch more 
things along the way.  So I sort of feel like if it's not something I 
can get through quickly, then it's not a very good distribution of work 
effort and I should shift to something else. Most of the time, I'll 
study it until I feel like I understand what the person is trying to do, 
and I might catch stuff that appears like it may not align with that 
pursuit, but I don't necessarily feel I can deem it void of all 
unforeseen bugs.

> However, there are quite a few cleanup and refactoring patch series,
> especially on the xfs list, where a review from an "outsider" could still
> be of value to the xfs community. OTOH, for xfs maintainer, those are
> the easy patches to review, so is there a gain in offloading those reviews?
> Bottom line - a report of the subsystem review queue status, call for
> reviewers and highlighting specific areas in need of review is a good idea.
> Developers responding to that report publicly with availability for review,
> intention and expected time frame for taking on a review would be helpful
> for both maintainers and potential reviewers.
I definitely think that would help delegate review efforts a little 
more.  That way it's clear what people are working on, and what still 
needs attention.

> Thanks,
> Amir.
>> ---
>> I want to spend the time between right now and whenever this discussion
>> happens to make a list of everything that works and that could be made
>> better about our development process.
>> I want to spend five minutes at the start of the discussion to
>> acknowledge everyone's feelings around that list that we will have
>> compiled.
>> Then I want to spend the rest of the session breaking up the problems
>> into small enough pieces to solve, discussing solutions to those
>> problems, and (ideally) pushing towards a consensus on what series of
>> small adjustments we can make to arrive at something that works better
>> for everyone.
>> --D
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