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From: Mimi Zohar <>
To: THOBY Simon <>,
	"" <>,
	BARVAUX Didier <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH v4 0/5] IMA: restrict the accepted digest algorithms for
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 13:47:08 -0400	[thread overview]
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Hi Simon,

On Tue, 2021-07-27 at 16:33 +0000, THOBY Simon wrote:
> IMA protects files by storing a hash (or a signature thereof) of their
> content in the security.ima xattr. While the security.ima xattr itself
> is protected by EVM with either a HMAC or a digital signature, no
> mechanism is currently in place to ensure that the security.ima xattr
> was generated with a strong digest algorithm, as was outlined in

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> One important point is safeguarding users from mislabelling their
> files when using userland utilities to update their files, as this
> is the kind of behavior one can observe with evmctl (`evmctl ima_hash`
> defaults to sha1). Another group that may be interested is those
> that have deployed IMA years ago, possibly using algorithms that
> was then deemed sufficiently collision-resistant, but that proved
> to be weak with the passage of time (note that this could also
> happen in the future with algorithms considered safe today).
> This patch provides a migration path of sorts for these users.
> This patch series gives users the ability to restrict the algorithms
> accepted by their system, both when writing/updating xattrs, and
> when appraising files, while retaining a permissive behavior by default
> to preserve backward compatibility.
> To provide these features, alter the behavior of setxattr to
> only accept hashes built in the kernel, instead of any hash listed
> in the kernel (complete list crypto/hash_info.c). In addition, the
> user can define in his IMA policy the list of digest algorithms
> allowed for writing to the security.ima xattr. In that case,
> only algorithms present in that list are accepted for writing.
> In addition, users may opt-in to whitelisting the hash
> algorithms accepted when appraising thanks to the new
> "appraise_hash" IMA policy option.
> By default IMA will keep accepting any hash algorithm, but specifying
> that option will make appraisal of files hashed with another algorithm
> fail.
> Even when using this option to restrict accepted hashes, a migration
> to a new algorithm is still possible. Suppose your policy states you
> must migrate from 'old_algo' (e.g. sha1) to 'new_algo' (e.g. one of
> sha256/384/512). You can upgrade without relaxing the hash requirements:
> alter your policy rules from 'appraise_hash=old_algo' to
> 'appraise_hash=old_algo,new_algo', update the "ima_hash" parameter to
> 'new_algo', reboot, relabel all your files with 'new_algo', alter your
> policy_rule from 'appraise_hash=old_algo,new_algo' to
> 'appraise_hash=new_algo', reboot again and you're done.
> Agreed, it's quite a lot of churn - I don't know if this can be reduced -
> but this is technically doable.

Perhaps update the last line?



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2021-07-27 17:47 ` Mimi Zohar [this message]

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