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From: Hans Verkuil <>
To: Peilin Ye <>
Subject: Re: [Linux-kernel-mentees] [PATCH] v4l2-tpg: Fix global-out-of-bounds read in precalculate_color()
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2020 12:12:28 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <20200821094813.GB480216@PWN>

On 21/08/2020 11:48, Peilin Ye wrote:
> Hi Mr. Verkuil,
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 04:26:28PM +0200, Hans Verkuil wrote:
>> Hi Peilin,
>> On 10/08/2020 07:05, Peilin Ye wrote:
>>> precalculate_color() is reading out of `sin` since `tpg->hue` is not being
>>> properly checked. Fix it. `cos` is safe, as long as `tpg->hue` is higher
>>> than or equal to -192.
>> Thank you for this patch, but there is something I don't understand, namely
>> just *how* tpg->hue can be out-of-range.
>> From what I can see vivid sets hue via tpg_s_hue() when the V4L2_CID_HUE control
>> is set. But that control has a range of -128...128, so ctrl->val should always be in
>> that range.
>> I would really like to know 1) what the value of tpg->hue actually is when it goes
>> out of range, and 2) who is changing it to that value. Can you do a bit more digging?
> The value of `tpg->hue` was -20551. It came from the userspace, see the
> "\xb9\xaf" on line 500 of the reproducer:
>   NONFAILING(memcpy((void*)0x20000200, "/dev/video6\000\000", 13));
>   res = syscall(__NR_openat, 0xffffffffffffff9cul, 0x20000200ul, 2ul, 0ul);
>   if (res != -1)
>     r[0] = res;
>   NONFAILING(memcpy((void*)0x20000140,
>                     "\x4d\x43\x66\x34\xfd\x89\xb9\xaf\x0d\x59\xa2\x83\x4c\xfd"
>                      ^^^^    ^^^^    ^^^^    ^^^^^^^^
>                     "\x3e\x64\x7c\x96\xcd\x59\xf2\x3a\x18\xa3\x81\x49\x22\xc0"
>                     "\xc1\xbf\x02\xa5\x50\x5f\xcb\x48\x92\x0e\xf3\xdc\xff\x85"
>                     "\xb7\x84\x21\xab\xef\x31\x3d\xb1\xb6\x5d\xbf\x07\x8e\xee"
>                     "\x5e\x7c\x73\x32\xf4\x9d\x1e\x62\x6b\x6a\xa0\x74\x73\xe6"
>                     "\xca\x1b\xdb\x7a\xca\x76\xd8\x37\xb8\xd9",
>                     80));
>   syscall(__NR_write, r[0], 0x20000140ul, 8ul);
> I guess the root cause is a race condition in the vivid test driver,
> which completely corrupted `tpg`. I see bytes like "\x4d", "\x66" and
> "\xfd" around `tpg->hue`, too.
> The reproducer does two things: the above write() on /dev/video6, and a
> preadv() on /dev/video3:
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000800 = 0x20000000);
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000808 = 0x1f);
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000810 = 0);
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000818 = 0);
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000820 = 0);
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000828 = 0);
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000830 = 0);
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000838 = 0);
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000840 = 0);
>   NONFAILING(*(uint64_t*)0x20000848 = 0);
>   syscall(__NR_preadv, r[1], 0x20000800ul, 5ul, 0ul);
> I commented out this preadv(), then the reproducer didn't cause any
> crash. Unfortunately I don't know the code well enough in order to
> figure out exactly why...At this point of time I'd like to send you an
> v2 as you suggested, it should work as a mitigation.

Arrgh! I know what this is. /dev/video6 corresponds to the Metadata output
device of vivid, and that metadata format sets brightness, contrast,
saturation and hue:

struct vivid_meta_out_buf {
        u16     brightness;
        u16     contrast;
        u16     saturation;
        s16     hue;

vivid_meta_out_process() calls tpg_s_* functions to set these values. But
this is wrong, it should set the corresponding V4L2 controls instead since
calling these tpg_s_* functions bypasses all range checks. It also will
not update the controls themselves, so they are out-of-sync with the actual
values. I.e. the test pattern generator uses different values compared to
the values in the controls.

So two patches are needed:

1) a patch for include/media/tpg/v4l2-tpg.h where tpg_s_hue will clamp the
hue value to the valid range. This to prevent anyone else from setting invalid
hue values in the tpg.

2) a patch for drivers/media/test-drivers/vivid/vivid-meta-out.c where,
instead of calling the tpg_s_* functions in vivid_meta_out_process(), it
calls instead:

        v4l2_ctrl_s_ctrl(dev->brightness, meta->brightness);
        v4l2_ctrl_s_ctrl(dev->contrast, meta->contrast);

Do patch 2 first and test with syzkaller to check that by going through the
controls this issue is resolved. Since with that approach the tpg should
always get valid hue values.



> Thank you for the suggestion!
> Peilin Ye

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