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* [PATCH v3] Documentation: kunit: Add CLI args for kunit_tool
@ 2022-07-24 18:47 Sadiya Kazi
  2022-07-25  8:58 ` Bagas Sanjaya
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From: Sadiya Kazi @ 2022-07-24 18:47 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: brendanhiggins, davidgow, skhan, corbet, mairacanal
  Cc: Sadiya Kazi, linux-kselftest, kunit-dev, linux-doc, linux-kernel

Run_wrapper.rst was missing some command line arguments. Added
additional args in the file.

Signed-off-by: Sadiya Kazi <>
Changes since v2:
-Added a code block for —kconfig_add argument to make the styling consistent
-Slightly changed the words for —arch argument
-Changed QEMU to qemu wherever applicable for the cli args
-Changed the style for ``-smp 8``
-Changed "Might be repeated" to "may be repeated” for kernel_args

 Documentation/dev-tools/kunit/run_wrapper.rst | 61 ++++++++++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 60 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/Documentation/dev-tools/kunit/run_wrapper.rst b/Documentation/dev-tools/kunit/run_wrapper.rst
index 5e560f2c5fca..ed3715fef32d 100644
--- a/Documentation/dev-tools/kunit/run_wrapper.rst
+++ b/Documentation/dev-tools/kunit/run_wrapper.rst
@@ -233,7 +233,7 @@ Command-Line Arguments
 kunit_tool has a number of other command-line arguments which can
-be useful for our test environment. Below the most commonly used
+be useful for our test environment. Below are the most commonly used
 command line arguments:
 - ``--help``: Lists all available options. To list common options,
@@ -257,3 +257,62 @@ command line arguments:
             added or modified. Instead, enable all tests
             which have satisfied dependencies by adding
             ``CONFIG_KUNIT_ALL_TESTS=y`` to your ``.kunitconfig``.
+- ``--kunitconfig``: Specifies the path or the directory of the ``.kunitconfig``
+  file. For example:
+  - ``lib/kunit/.kunitconfig`` can be the path of the file.
+  - ``lib/kunit`` can be the directory in which the file is located.
+  This file is used to build and run with a predefined set of tests
+  and their dependencies. For example, to run tests for a given subsystem.
+- ``--kconfig_add``: Specifies additional configuration options to be
+  appended to the ``.kunitconfig`` file. For example:
+  .. code-block::
+	./tools/testing/kunit/ run --kconfig_add CONFIG_KASAN=y
+- ``--arch``: Runs tests on the specified architecture. The architecture
+  argument is same as the Kbuild ARCH environment variable.
+  For example, i386, x86_64, arm, um, etc. Non-UML architectures run on qemu.
+  Default is `um`.
+- ``--cross_compile``: Specifies the Kbuild toolchain. It passes the
+  same argument as passed to the ``CROSS_COMPILE`` variable used by
+  Kbuild. This will be the prefix for the toolchain
+  binaries such as GCC. For example:
+  - ``sparc64-linux-gnu-`` if we have the sparc toolchain installed on
+    our system.
+  - ``$HOME/toolchains/microblaze/gcc-9.2.0-nolibc/microblaze-linux/bin/microblaze-linux``
+    if we have downloaded the microblaze toolchain from the 0-day
+    website to a specified path in our home directory called toolchains.
+- ``--qemu_config``: Specifies the path to a file containing a
+  custom qemu architecture definition. This should be a python file
+  containing a `QemuArchParams` object.
+- ``--qemu_args``: Specifies additional qemu arguments, for example, ``-smp 8``.
+- ``--jobs``: Specifies the number of jobs (commands) to run simultaneously.
+  By default, this is set to the number of cores on your system.
+- ``--timeout``: Specifies the maximum number of seconds allowed for all tests to run.
+  This does not include the time taken to build the tests.
+- ``--kernel_args``: Specifies additional kernel command-line arguments. May be repeated.
+- ``--run_isolated``: If set, boots the kernel for each individual suite/test.
+  This is useful for debugging a non-hermetic test, one that
+  might pass/fail based on what ran before it.
+- ``--raw_output``: If set, generates unformatted output from kernel. Possible options are:
+   - ``all``: To view the full kernel output, use ``--raw_output=all``.
+   - ``kunit``: This is the default option and filters to KUnit output. Use ``--raw_output`` or ``--raw_output=kunit``.
+- ``--json``: If set, stores the test results in a JSON format and prints to `stdout` or
+  saves to a file if a filename is specified.

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2022-07-24 18:47 [PATCH v3] Documentation: kunit: Add CLI args for kunit_tool Sadiya Kazi
2022-07-25  8:58 ` Bagas Sanjaya
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