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From: Roberto Fastec <>
To: LVM general discussion and development <>
Subject: Re: [linux-lvm] Replace Drive in RAID6
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2021 07:41:15 +0100	[thread overview]
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If you can't for some reasons succeed 
we @ 
can recover it with very low flat rates

BEWARE if one drive went failed and ALL the drives have the same age
nothing can guarantee that none of the other drives is worn too

the HINT is to clone all the drives as we do on regular base 

then work with the clones

if you wanna exchange info's, the +39348******* number on the website has WhatsApp

Kind regards
Roberto G.
Technical Manager

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Il giorno 3 nov 2021, 07:06, alle ore 07:06, Adam Puleo <> ha scritto:
>One of my drives failed in my RAID6 and I’m trying to replace it
>without success.
>I’m trying to rebuild the failed drive (/dev/sda): lvchange --rebuild
>/dev/sda vg_data
>But I’m receiving the error: vg_data/lv_data must be active to perform
>this operation.
>I have tried to activate the logical volume without success.
>How do I go about activating the volume so that I can rebuild the
>failed drive?
># lvs -a -o name,segtype,devices
>LV                       Type   Devices                                
>lv_data                  raid6 
>[lv_data_rimage_0]       error                                         
>[lv_data_rimage_1]       linear /dev/sdc1(1)                           
>[lv_data_rimage_2]       linear /dev/sdb1(1)                           
>[lv_data_rimage_3]       linear /dev/sdf1(1)                           
>[lv_data_rimage_4]       linear /dev/sde1(2)                           
>[lv_data_rmeta_0]        error                                         
>[lv_data_rmeta_1]        linear /dev/sdc1(0)                           
>[lv_data_rmeta_2]        linear /dev/sdb1(0)                           
>[lv_data_rmeta_3]        linear /dev/sdf1(0)                           
>[lv_data_rmeta_4]        linear /dev/sde1(0)                           
># lvs -a
>LV                       VG            Attr       LSize   Pool Origin
>Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
>lv_data                  vg_data       rwi---r--- 990.00g              
>[lv_data_rimage_0]       vg_data       vwi-a-r-r- 330.00g              
>[lv_data_rimage_1]       vg_data       Iwi-a-r-r- 330.00g              
>[lv_data_rimage_2]       vg_data       Iwi-a-r-r- 330.00g              
>[lv_data_rimage_3]       vg_data       Iwi-a-r-r- 330.00g              
>[lv_data_rimage_4]       vg_data       Iwi-a-r-r- 330.00g              
>[lv_data_rmeta_0]        vg_data       ewi-a-r-r-   4.00m              
>[lv_data_rmeta_1]        vg_data       ewi-a-r-r-   4.00m              
>[lv_data_rmeta_2]        vg_data       ewi-a-r-r-   4.00m              
>[lv_data_rmeta_3]        vg_data       ewi-a-r-r-   4.00m              
>[lv_data_rmeta_4]        vg_data       ewi-a-r-r-   4.00m              
>linux-lvm mailing list
>read the LVM HOW-TO at

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linux-lvm mailing list
read the LVM HOW-TO at

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