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From: Heinz Mauelshagen <>
Subject: Re: [linux-lvm] size of lvm metadata
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 17:21:58 +0200	[thread overview]
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the first PE starts at offset 2048 sectors of size 512 bytes by default, 
i.e. the LVM MDA (metadata area)
is ~1MiB big (because the MDA starts at offset 1 page into the device).  
If you plan for large numbers of LVs or expect very scattered 
allocations which both grow the metadata, you may want to create a
bigger MDA using vgcreate's option --metadatasize (also see 
/etc/lvm/lvm.conf description on

On 9/16/20 5:50 PM, Tomas Dalebjörk wrote:
> hi  > > I am trying to understand how big the lvm metadata is > > in the 
vgcfgbackup file, I can see extent_size = 8192 dev_size = > 204800 
pe_start = 2048 pe_count 24 > > pe_count(24) * extent_size(8192) = 
196608 bytes usable space of the > total dev_size(204800) metadata size? 
= dev_size(204800) - 196608 = > 8192 > > but... pe_start is 2048? so 
what is pe_start here? cant be > sectors(512)? bytes? well than ther be 
not aligned > > so where starts the actual data? and where ends the lvm 

At offset 2048 sectors (1MiB into the device) / MDA ends at sector 2047.

Mind that lvm2 metadata is text formatted (see /etc/lvm/backup/$VGName 
for one)
and thus varies in size (the MDA is used as a ring buffer for 2 copies 
of the MDA to
support atomic updates).  As pointed out above when refering to 
'vgcreate --metadatasize',
in more elaborate setups you may run out of MDA space.


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