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From: "Aneesh Kumar K.V" <>
To: Vaibhav Jain <>,
Cc: Vaibhav Jain <>
Subject: Re: [ndctl PATCH v2 2/6] libncdtl: Add initial support for NVDIMM_FAMILY_PAPR_SCM dimm family
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 13:25:47 +0530	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

Vaibhav Jain <> writes:

> Add necessary scaffolding in libndctl for dimms that support papr_scm
> specification[1]. Since there can be platforms that support
> Open-Firmware[2] but not the papr_scm specification, hence the changes
> proposed first add support for probing if the dimm bus supports
> Open-Firmware. This is done via querying for sysfs attribute 'of_node'
> in dimm device sysfs directory. If available newly introduced member
> 'struct ndctl_bus.has_of_node' is set. During the probe of the dimm
> and execution of add_dimm(), the newly introduced add_of_pmem_dimm()
> is called if dimm bus reports supports Open-Firmware.
> Function add_of_pmem_dimm() queries the 'compatible' device tree
> attribute and based on its value assign NVDIMM_FAMILY_PAPR_SCM to the
> dimm command family. In future, based on the contents of 'compatible'
> attribute more of_pmem dimm families can be queried.
> We also add support for parsing the dimm flags for
> NVDIMM_FAMILY_PAPR_SCM supporting nvdimms as described at [3]. A newly
> introduced function parse_papr_scm_flags() reads the contents of this
> flag file and sets appropriate flag bits in 'struct
> ndctl_dimm.flags'.

The mixing of of_pmem and papr_scm is confuring here considering we have
two different driver in the kernel. If both can be handled by the same
code them possibly function that indicate both? ie, replace
add_of_pmem_dimm() with something more generic?

> Also we advertise support for monitor mode by allocating a file
> descriptor to the dimm 'flags' file and assigning it to 'struct
> ndctl_dimm.health_event_fd'.
> The dimm-ops implementation for NVDIMM_FAMILY_PAPR_SCM is
> available in global variable 'papr_scm_dimm_ops' which points to
> skeleton implementation in newly introduced file 'lib/papr_scm.c'.

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