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v4.10-rc6 boot regression on Intel desktop, does not boot after cold boots, boots after reboot
 2017-02-17 17:05 UTC  (23+ messages)
      ` v4.10-rc8 (-rc6) "

[PATCH v2 00/22] PCI: Support for configurable PCI endpoint
 2017-02-17 17:04 UTC  (31+ messages)
` [PATCH v2 01/22] PCI: endpoint: Add EP core layer to enable EP controller and EP functions
` [PATCH v2 02/22] Documentation: PCI: Guide to use PCI Endpoint Core Layer
` [PATCH v2 03/22] PCI: endpoint: Introduce configfs entry for configuring EP functions
` [PATCH v2 04/22] Documentation: PCI: Guide to use pci endpoint configfs
` [PATCH v2 05/22] Documentation: PCI: Add specification for the *pci test* function device
` [PATCH v2 06/22] PCI: endpoint: functions: Add an EP function to test PCI
` [PATCH v2 07/22] Documentation: PCI: Add binding documentation for pci-test endpoint function
` [PATCH v2 08/22] PCI: dwc: designware: Add EP mode support
` [PATCH v2 09/22] dt-bindings: PCI: Add dt bindings for pci designware EP mode
` [PATCH v2 10/22] PCI: dwc: dra7xx: Facilitate wrapper and msi interrupts to be enabled independently
` [PATCH v2 11/22] PCI: dwc: dra7xx: Add EP mode support
` [PATCH v2 12/22] dt-bindings: PCI: dra7xx: Add dt bindings for pci dra7xx EP mode
` [PATCH v2 13/22] PCI: dwc: dra7xx: Workaround for errata id i870
` [PATCH v2 14/22] dt-bindings: PCI: dra7xx: Add dt bindings to enable legacy mode
` [PATCH v2 15/22] PCI: Add device IDs for DRA74x and DRA72x
` [PATCH v2 16/22] misc: Add host side pci driver for pci test function device
` [PATCH v2 17/22] Documentation: misc-devices: Add Documentation for pci-endpoint-test driver
` [PATCH v2 18/22] tools: PCI: Add a userspace tool to test PCI endpoint
` [PATCH v2 19/22] tools: PCI: Add sample test script to invoke pcitest
` [PATCH v2 20/22] Documentation: PCI: Add userguide for PCI endpoint test function
` [PATCH v2 21/22] MAINTAINERS: add PCI EP maintainer
` [PATCH v2 22/22] ARM: DRA7: clockdomain: Change the CLKTRCTRL of CM_PCIE_CLKSTCTRL to SW_WKUP

Pointers for writing a good PCIe driver
 2017-02-17 17:00 UTC  (9+ messages)

[PATCH v6 0/8] Runtime PM for Thunderbolt on Macs
 2017-02-17 16:06 UTC  (9+ messages)
` [PATCH v6 1/8] PCI: Recognize Thunderbolt devices
` [PATCH v6 2/8] PCI: Allow runtime PM on Thunderbolt ports
` [PATCH v6 3/8] PCI: pciehp: Reinstate runtime PM on Thunderbolt hotplug ports

[PATCH 0/3] pci/hotplug/pnv-php: More bug fixes
 2017-02-17 11:13 UTC  (15+ messages)
` [PATCH 1/3] pci/hotplug/pnv-php: Remove WARN_ON() in pnv_php_put_slot()
` [PATCH 2/3] pci/hotplug/pnv-php: Disable surprise hotplug capability on conflicts
` [PATCH 3/3] pci/hotplug/pnv-php: Disable MSI and PCI device properly

[PATCH] PCI,pciehp: Don't handle PDC for cards with attention button
 2017-02-17  6:12 UTC 

PCI: altera: Fix TLP completion status
 2017-02-17  1:32 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH] "

PCI: altera: Fix TLP completion status
 2017-02-17  0:20 UTC  (3+ messages)
` [PATCH] PCI: altera: Check "

[PATCH V2] PCI: add QCOM root port quirks for ACS
 2017-02-16 22:18 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH 1/2] PCI: add QCOM root port quirks for ACS
 2017-02-16 22:09 UTC  (7+ messages)
` [PATCH 2/2] iommu: add warning when sharing groups

[GIT PULL] PCI fixes for v4.10
 2017-02-16 14:51 UTC 

[PATCH 00/10] PCI: dwc: Rework and cleanup designware driver
 2017-02-16 14:49 UTC  (13+ messages)
` [PATCH 01/10] PCI: dwc: designware: Move the register defines to designware header file
` [PATCH 02/10] PCI: dwc: *all*: Add platform_set_drvdata
` [PATCH 03/10] PCI: dwc: *all*: Rename cfg_read/cfg_write to read/write
` [PATCH 04/10] PCI: dwc: designware: Get device pointer at the start of dw_pcie_host_init
` [RFT PATCH 05/10] PCI: dwc: *all*: Split *struct pcie_port* into host only and core structures
` [PATCH 06/10] PCI: dwc: designware: Parse *num-lanes* property in dw_pcie_setup_rc
` [PATCH 07/10] PCI: dwc: designware: Fix style errors in pcie-designware.c
` [PATCH 08/10] PCI: dwc: Split pcie-designware.c into host and core files
` [PATCH 09/10] PCI: dwc: Create a new config symbol to enable pci dwc host
` [PATCH 10/10] PCI: dwc: Remove dependency of designware to CONFIG_PCI

[PATCH v2 3/5] pci: set msi_domain_ops as __ro_after_init
 2017-02-16 14:38 UTC  (7+ messages)

[PATCH 1/4] PCI: add DT bindings for Cortina Gemini PCI Host Bridge
 2017-02-16 14:08 UTC  (4+ messages)
` [PATCH 2/4] PCI: add driver for Cortina Gemini "

[PATCH 0/4] PCI: dwc: cleanup designware driver
 2017-02-16 13:29 UTC  (5+ messages)
` [PATCH 1/4] PCI: dwc: designware: Add new *ops* for cpu addr fixup
` [PATCH 2/4] PCI: dwc: dra7xx: Populate cpu_addr_fixup ops
` [PATCH 3/4] PCI: dwc: all: Modify dbi accessors to take dbi_base as argument
` [PATCH 4/4] PCI: dwc: all: Modify dbi accessors to access data of 4/2/1 bytes

[RESENT PATCH] PCI/MSI: Fix msi_desc->affinity memory leak when freeing MSI IRQs
 2017-02-16 12:47 UTC  (3+ messages)

PCI: altera: Fix TLP completion status
 2017-02-16 10:07 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH 00/37] PCI: Support for configurable PCI endpoint
 2017-02-16 10:00 UTC  (10+ messages)
` [PATCH 30/37] dt-bindings: PCI: dra7xx: Add dt bindings to enable legacy mode
` [PATCH 37/37] ARM: dts: DRA7: Add pcie1 dt node for EP mode

[PATCH v4 0/3] i.MX7 PCI support
 2017-02-16  9:18 UTC  (9+ messages)
` [PATCH v4 3/3] PCI: imx6: Add code to support i.MX7D

[PATCH V6 0/5] LPC: legacy ISA I/O support
 2017-02-16  8:59 UTC  (16+ messages)
` [PATCH V6 1/5] LIB: Indirect ISA/LPC port IO introduced
` [PATCH V6 4/5] LPC: Support the device-tree LPC host on Hip06/Hip07

[PATCH] PCI: rockchip: fix wrong setting of vendor ID
 2017-02-16  7:29 UTC 

[PATCH] ACPI: skip boot interrupt rerouting when index is zero
 2017-02-15 23:41 UTC 

[PATCH v1] PCI: Sort the list of devices with D3 delay quirk by ID
 2017-02-15 23:05 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH V3 0/4] PCI: exynos: use the PHY generic framework
 2017-02-15 22:33 UTC  (9+ messages)
    ` [PATCH V3 2/4] phy: phy-exynos-pcie: Add support for Exynos PCIe phy
    ` [PATCH V3 4/4] PCI: exynos: support the using PHY generic framework

[PATCH] PCI: always build pci-host-common on ARM64
 2017-02-15 22:01 UTC  (3+ messages)

[PATCH] Revert: "PCI: Add ACS quirk for all Cavium devices"
 2017-02-15 16:57 UTC  (4+ messages)

two small PCI documentation fixups
 2017-02-15 16:37 UTC  (4+ messages)
` [PATCH 1/2] PCI: update pci.txt to talk about pci_alloc_irq_vectors
` [PATCH 2/2] PCI: update MSI/MSI-X bits in PCIEBUS-HOWTO

[PATCH] PCI/PME: Restore pcie_pme_driver.remove
 2017-02-15 16:06 UTC  (4+ messages)

[PATCH] PCI-DW: ARM64: check the result of hos_init
 2017-02-15  9:13 UTC  (3+ messages)

[PATCH] pciutils: Add test case for pci atomic ops
 2017-02-15  9:10 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH] PCI: Ignore requested alignment for IOV BARs
 2017-02-15  6:50 UTC 

[PATCH v9 0/3] PCI: Introduce a way to enforce all MMIO BARs not to share PAGE_SIZE
 2017-02-15  6:45 UTC  (4+ messages)
` [PATCH v9 1/3] PCI: A fix for caculating bridge window's size and alignment
` [PATCH v9 2/3] PCI: Add a macro to set default alignment for all PCI devices
` [PATCH v9 3/3] PCI: Don't extend device's size when using default alignment for all devices

[PATCH 0/6] PCI/ASPM: Add PCIe L1 PM substate support
 2017-02-14 23:45 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH] PCI: Add cavium acs pci quirk
 2017-02-14 15:07 UTC  (3+ messages)

[PATCH 12/12] MIPS: PCI: Fix IP27 for the PCI_PROBE_ONLY case
 2017-02-14 14:56 UTC  (4+ messages)

[PATCH] PCI: Xilinx NWL: Remove mask for messages not supported by AXI
 2017-02-14 14:42 UTC  (4+ messages)

RFC on No ACS Support and SMMUv3 Support
 2017-02-14 13:53 UTC  (9+ messages)

PCI / PM: Crashes in PME scan during system suspend
 2017-02-14 11:26 UTC  (2+ messages)

[PATCH v5 0/8] Runtime PM for Thunderbolt on Macs
 2017-02-13 22:57 UTC  (8+ messages)
` [PATCH v5 7/8] thunderbolt: Power down controller when idle
` [PATCH v5 3/8] PCI: Don't block runtime PM for Thunderbolt host hotplug ports

[Resend PATCH 1/2 v3] pci-hyperv: properly handle pci bus remove
 2017-02-13 19:02 UTC  (3+ messages)

[PATCH] pci-hyperv: Use device serial number as PCI domain
 2017-02-13 18:10 UTC 

[GIT PULL] PCI fixes for v4.10
 2017-02-13 12:10 UTC  (3+ messages)

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