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From: Alan Mikhak <>
To: Gustavo Pimentel <>
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Subject: Re: [PATCH RFC] dmaengine: dw-edma: Decouple dw-edma-core.c from struct pci_dev
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2020 11:55:32 -0700	[thread overview]
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On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 11:17 AM Gustavo Pimentel
<> wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> > > I like your approach, it separates the PCIe glue logic from the eDMA
> > > itself.
> > > I would suggest that pcitest would have multiple options that could be
> > > triggered, for instance:
> > >  1 - Execute Endpoint DMA (read/write) remotely with Linked List feature
> > > (from the Root Complex side)
> > >  2 - Execute Endpoint DMA (read/write) remotely without Linked List
> > > feature (from the Root Complex side)
> > >  3 - Execute Endpoint DMA (read/write) locally with Linked List feature
> > >  4 - Execute Endpoint DMA (read/write) locally without Linked List
> > > feature
> > >
> >
> > I have all of the above four use cases in mind as well. At the moment,
> > only #4 is possible with pcitest.
> >
> > Use case #3 would need a new command line option for pcitest such as -L
> > to let its user specify linked list operationwhen used with dma in
> > conjunction with the existing -D option.
> >
> > Use cases #1 and #2 would need another new command line option such as -R
> > to specify remotely initiated dma operation in conjunction with -D option.
> >
> > New code in pci-epf-test and pci_endpoint_test drivers would be needed
> > to support use cases #1, #2, and #3. However, use case #4 should be
> > possible without modification to pci-epf-test or pci_endpoint_test as long
> > as the dmaengine channels become available on the endpoint side.
> I would suggest something like this:
> -L option, local DMA triggering
> -R option, remote DMA triggering
> -W <n> option, to select the DMA write channel n => (0 ... 7) to be
> used
> -R <n> option, to select the DMA read channel n => (0 ... 7) to be
> used
> -K option, to use or not the linked list feature (K presence enables
> the LL use)
> -T <n> option, to select which type of DMA transfer to be used => (n = 0
> - scatter-gather mode, 1 - cyclic mode)
> -N <n> option, to define the number of cyclic transfers to perform in
> total
> -C <n> option, to define the size of each chunk to be used
> -t <time> option, to define a timeout for the DMA operation

That looks like a more complete set of command line options.

> Also, the use of this options (especially when using the remote DMA
> option) should be checked through the pci_epc_get_features(), which means
> probably we need to pass the EP features capabilities to the
> pci_endpoint_test Driver, perhaps using some sets of registers on located
> on BAR0 or other.

That is a great point. There may be changes required below pci-epf-test
in the endpoint framework stack.

> > At the moment, pci-epf-test grabs the first available dma channel on the
> > endpoint side and uses it for either read, write, or copy operation. it is not
> > possible at the moment to specify which dma channel to use on the pcitest
> > command line. This may be possible by modifying the command line option
> > -D to also specify the name of one or more dma channels.
> I'm assuming that behavior is due to your code, right? I'm not seen that
> behavior on the Kernel tree.
> Check my previous suggestion, it should be something similar to what is
> been done while you select the MSI/MSI-X interrupt to trigger.

I believe this behavior exists in the kernel tree because the call to
dma_request_chan_by_mask() always specifies channel zero. The user
of pcitest has no way of specifying which one of the available dma channels
to use.

> > Also, pci-epf-test grabs the dma channel at bind time and holds on to it
> > until unloaded. This denies the use of the dma channel to others on the
> > endpoint side. However, it seems possible to grab and release the dma
> > channel only for the duration of each read, write, or copy test. These are
> > improvements that can come over time. It is great that pci-epf-test was
> > recently updated to include support for dma operations which makes such
> > improvements possible.
> Check my previous suggestion. I think by having a timeout for the DMA
> operation we can provide a way to release the dma channel.
> Or we could provide some kind of heart beat, once again through some
> register in a BAR.

I believe this behavior exists in the kernel tree because the call to
dma_request_chan_by_mask() happens during the execution of
pci_epf_test_bind() and the call to dma_release_channel() happens
during the execution of pci_epf_test_unbind(). As long as pci-epf-test
is bound, I cannot use another program such as dmatest from the
endpoint-side command prompt to exercise the same channel.

What I was suggesting is perhaps pci-epf-test can be modified to
acquire and release the channel on each call to pci_epf_test_read(),
...write(), or ...copy() when the pcitest user specifies -D option.

> > > Relative to the implementation of the options 3 and 4, I wonder if the
> > > linked list memory space and size could be set through the DT or by the
> > > configfs available on the pci-epf-test driver.
> > >
> >
> > Although these options could be set through DT or by configfs, another
> > option is to enable the user of pcitest to specify such parameters on
> > the command line when invoking each test from the host side.
> That would be an easy and quick solution, but so far as I know there is a
> movement in the Kernel to avoid any configuration through module
> parameters. So I'm afraid that you have to choose by DT or configfs
> strategy. Kishon can help you on this matter, by telling you what he
> prefers.

Thanks for that reminder. I will check before getting too invested in a
specific implementation. Just to clarify, I was suggesting giving the
user of pcitest a way to specify which one of the available dma channel to
use on each invocation of pcitest, not what dma channels are available on
the endpoint side. I assumed the strategy for which dma channels do
become present and available on endpoint would be by DT or configfs.

> Regards,
> Gustavo

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